6 Tips to Make Sure Your Baby is Comfortable Inside the Cradle

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As parents, we tend to provide all comfort to our babies. We strive to make them feel good, make a comfortable home, and try to see them happy. From the day they are born, we change our lives for their good.

The bad thing in the story is that babies often cry and feel uncomfortable. That’s because the world they are in at the moment is entirely new to them. They spent nine months inside the womb, where it is dark, quiet, and wet, only to transition into a noisy, bright place.

From time to time, they get distracted and frightened by the things around them. They also feel hungry, sleepy, and thirsty, and all of these things will display in the form of crying. They know no other language than crying, so they don’t feel terrible when speaking it; they simply need some of the things we mentioned.

Your job as a parent is to create as comfortable an environment as possible around them. The baby spends most of the time inside the cradle, so make sure they feel comfortable. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips on improving the baby’s surroundings. Read on and see what you can do.

1. Don’t spend a fortune on high-tech cradles

You’ll find state-of-the-art cradles that are technologically advanced, which also come at a high price. Parents think these cradles will provide more for their children while they are only an improved version of the simple baby bed.

They do have tons of features that parents find amusing, but the baby needs nothing of these tech gadgets. The only thing that the baby needs at that moment is its mother. Her smell, voice, and warmth, so don’t spend extra dollars on things you probably don’t need.

2. Make sure the mattress is firm but comfortable

A baby is tiny and weighs only so much. No matter how soft the mattress is, they won’t make a hole inside to make it uncomfortable for them, but they still prefer a flat surface that is bacteria and viruses-free.

Get them a firm but comfortable mattress covered with linen, perfect for making the baby comfortable. If they suddenly move their little hands and feet, and the mattress is soft enough to allow their bodies to move, they’ll get scared and start crying.

3. Install a dreamcatcher right above the cradle

Dream catchers were made to protect people, children, and babies from having bad dreams. They date back for millennia and are still used today. Even if you don’t believe in the powerful spirits that come with dreamcatchers, you can still install one over your baby’s bed because they are entertaining.

Babies love seeing things that move. The dreamcatcher moves under the air breeze and entertains your child. Babies can’t see far away and can’t tell colors, but a moving object right over their bed will make them joyful for the entire time until they fall asleep again.

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4. Often talk to them or sing them songs

While being in the womb, your baby only had the chance to listen to your voice and the voice of the people around you. You probably sang songs when you were happy, and your baby would have felt that happiness. You two are connected, so when you’re happy, they are like the other way around.

Sing the songs and talk to them with a calming voice. If you’re stressed, they will be too, and if you’re happy, they will be too. If you want them to be comfortable and happy, make sure you’re comfortable too.

5. Hang a piece of your clothes on the outside

Another thing that shows the connection between the baby and the mother is the smell. Your baby is used to the smell of your skin, and they feel comfortable when they can sense your scent. Many mothers will leave a shirt they’ve been wearing for the day by the bed.

The smell will feel the cradle, and they’ll be happy to feel that scent. It will make your baby feel like they are not alone and abandoned. Sometimes babies cry because they feel alone, and the smell will prevent this feeling.

6. Keep the air fresh and avoid essential oils

As adults, we love the smell of some essential oils, but babies are not fond of them. They prefer fresh, clean air. Create a breeze in the room where the cradle is, and you’ll see how your baby quickly falls asleep.

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Your baby still hasn’t got the right sense of what smells are. Their nostrils are still not completely developed, and although they can smell and make a difference, they still don’t differentiate between bad and good smells entirely. Keep them the happiest by only providing fresh, breathable air.