6 Tips To Prepare For A Newborn Photoshoot

Having a baby is something to be celebrated since there’s a new member of the family that’ll surely bring a smile to everyone’s faces, especially when they coo for the first time. With that, you may want to consider having a newborn photoshoot to immortalize their stage as they grow.

Newborn Photoshoot 101

With a newborn baby, you’d be surprised how they can go from small to large within a blink of an eye. So, to enjoy their shortest stage of life, having a photoshoot would be a great and fun idea. You can do it with a professional or at-home studio wherein you dress them up in the cutest outfits.

Moreover, listed below are the tips on how you can prepare for a newborn photoshoot:

1. Search For The Comfiest Clothing

A newborn is one of the most sensitive skin you can ever see. You can expect rashes to pop over their body when you allow other types of fabric to get in touch with their body. Therefore, you need to be careful about your clothing choices to ensure you won’t develop rashes or allergies.

Ideally, you should look for hypoallergenic newborn clothing with pure cotton as its fabric. For the photoshoot, you can look for knotted gowns as they allow your baby to look at its comfiest state.

Moreover, you can look for clothing that matches the theme you’d like to go for. In this way, every photo would go well together.

2. Schedule Your Session Early

Most photographers conduct newborn photoshoots when the baby is around 5-14 days old. With that short time frame, you may have difficulty booking a session, especially with a popular photographer.

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To secure your photoshoot, you should consider giving them a call around your second trimester. In this way, they can immediately let you know if there are any spots left or if you should look for an alternative.

3. Prepare The Outfits Ahead of Time

Before you go to the studio for a newborn photoshoot, you should prepare the outfits by laying them individually on the bed and arranging them according to the theme you’re going for. In this way, you can check if you have any missing pieces or if there’s anything you’d like to add such as socks or a headpiece.

Also, wash the clothes before the photoshoot day to ensure it’ll not cause your baby to develop any skin reactions. New clothes may tend to accumulate dirt, which can harm your baby’s skin.

4. Provide Photo Inspirations

Describing to your photographer how you’d like your newborn photoshoot to look with just storytelling may be difficult, especially since you have different perspectives. To allow both of you to be on the same page, you should provide a photo inspiration of the image you’re going for.

As you provide inspiration, take it as an opportunity to explore your options by looking for a theme you’d like to perform. You can choose to change the color or add a few elements you’d like to have.

5. Feed Your Baby Before The Session

Your schedule with the photoshoot is only limited to a few minutes since they need to cater to other newborns as well. With the time you’re allowed to work with, you don’t want to waste those minutes feeding your baby.

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To make the most out of your session, you should feed your baby 20-30 minutes before the shoot and try to keep them awake as much as possible. As a result, they’ll be tired and sleepy, allowing you to capture the best photo.

If your baby tends to wake up occasionally, you might want to bring a pacifier if you use one. This should allow your newborn to stay calm during the shoot. Just ensure you keep the pacifier clean all the time.

6. Prepare Your Baby

Telling your baby they’re about to go into a photoshoot won’t help since they don’t understand what’s happening at all, so you should do all the preparations for them.

During the day, you should slightly loosen their diaper to prevent red marks, which can be highly noticeable, especially for their naked poses. During bath time, you should also wash or sponge clean their hair to prevent them from getting shiny. Moreover, avoid applying lotion as it can make their skin sparkly as well.


Having a newborn photoshoot may be stressful, especially when you need to prepare for the things you should bring. But once you get to see the photos, all of the stress and hard work would be worth it. It’s something that’ll stay with you forever to cherish the celebration of their birth.

Just don’t forget to have fun during the photoshoot and prepare to add yourselves to the photos as well to make it more memorable.