The Crib Chronicles: Capturing Your Child’s Earliest Days

Being a parent is truly fantastic. So much joy, mirth, happiness, giggles, cuddles and all the rest. It’s also quite hard sometimes – but those special moments with your little ones make all the worries and stress in the world dissolve.

And some of the most precious moments are your child’s earliest days. But how do you go about capturing these precious seconds?

In this helpful blog, we’re going to explore the crib chronicles and teach you how to capture your bub’s earliest days.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Before your child is even born, you should already have the baby photographer on notice. They can come in the first few days of your new baby’s life, ready to snap those adorable newborn photos.

It’s definitely worth paying for this, because your baby will only be a newborn once, and this phase of their life will be over within the blink of an eye, believe it.

A newborn shoot is a perfect way to capture those precious memories, and you’ll receive photos that will provide a lifetime of memories.

A Photo Album

Once you’ve done your newborn shoot, you’ll receive the photos. These will typically come as a bunch of digital files. But once you have these files you can get your favourite snaps professionally printed.

Once they’re printed, invest in a photo album. This is almost a nostalgic or vintage purchase. Can you remember the last time you looked through a photo album?

Scrolling through your phone or device doesn’t compare to sitting down on the couch, and flipping through a physical album of cherished memories.

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You can also show your child their photos when they grow up. Whether or not they believe they were that small and cute a few short years back is another question.

Framed Photos

You can also use your cute as heck newborn photos to decorate your home. Get some of the best photos professionally framed, and put them up on the wall.

A home with photos and art on the wall truly feels like a place where the heart is.

Some Other Tips to Capture the Precious Moments Now we’ll share a few other tips to capture your child’s earliest days.

A Baby Journal

You can keep a baby journal during the first year or so of your child’s life. Jot down your thoughts, feelings, reflections, concerns and anything and everything that comes to mind about being a new parent.

Then, years later, you can read through your journal and reflect on how much your family has grown and changed. You can even share it with your child at a special moment, like their eighteenth birthday.

A Star Map

Finally, another way you can capture the moment of your baby’s birth is by buying a star map.

Star maps are maps of the stars in your local night sky on a particular date and time. You can provide your child’s birthday and time and receive a personalised star map in the mail.

Then you can hang it in a central location in your home.

While a bit more abstract than the other tips we’ve shared here, this is still a brilliant and luminous way of cherishing the moment of their birth.

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Crib Chronicles Conclusion

To conclude, hire a professional photographer to do a newborn shoot. Then, use the photos to put in a photo album or have professionally framed. Next, keep a baby journal for the first year of your new infant’s life. And finally, purchase a star map to commemorate their day and time of birth.