A Complete Buyer Guide For Your Kids First Shoes

Buying the first shoe for your child is going to be one of the most special moments of your life. You are certainly going to remember this for the whole of your life. This is because it is a special moment for your child. Perhaps one of the biggest by far.

So, you must consider several important points before buying that special shoe for your child. So, here is a complete guide that will help you buy the first shoes for your child.

1. When to purchase those first shoes?

It is important to understand when your child needs his first pair of shoes. Certainly, it is when he starts walking. However, getting your child the first pair of shoes at the very moment when he starts walking is not a wise decision. It would help if you allowed your child to walk barefoot for some time. It has several benefits. This will ensure that your child learns the art of holding a grip on the floor.

Thus, it would help if you got them shoes only when you know that they are walking at a place which is not safe for their feet.

2. Don’t go for poor-quality shoes and Choose Reputable Brands

Yes, they can be available at a lower price. They can also be friendly for your pocket. But these points cannot justify the cost these low-quality shoes may involve. In addition, they can be dangerous for your child’s growth. Poor-quality shoes may cause irritation or pain in your child’s feet. Further, they may not allow your child to walk properly.

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Thus, it is important to choose good-quality shoes for your child. There are several brands of shoes that provide standard quality shoes for kids. Bobux shoes for kids are one of them. One can find several other brands of shoes in the market. It doesn’t matter whether one goes with these bonus shoes for kids or any other brand of shoes. What matters is a pair of shoes for your child which is of good quality.

3. Let their feet breathe.

Your child’s feet are different from that of yours. Thus, his shoes need to be different as well. Shoes made up of leather, plastic or similar materials are not suitable for the growth of your child’s feet. This is because such materials do not allow air to pass through them. At the same time, your child’s feet are growing continuously. They can grow by about 1.5mm in length each month in the initial years. Thus, you need a material that allows air to pass through them for feet to breathe air. For such purposes, shoes made up of clothes are appropriate.

4. Allow the feet to feel light and energetic.

One should understand that children’s feet are weak. They cannot lift them easily if their shoes are not light enough. Thus, go for shoes that are made up of light materials.

5. Changing shoes at frequent intervals is normal.

Children’s feet grow rapidly, as discussed above. However, it doesn’t mean that you get your child a pair of oversized shoes every time he needs one. This will not allow your child to learn to walk properly. On the other hand, small-sized shoes have their demerits. They can lead to pain and irritation in the feet. They may also hinder the growth of your child’s feet. Thus, you must purchase shoes of a suitable size. Changing shoes at frequent intervals is quite normal and wise.

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6. Proper grip and flexibility are equally important.

Shoes with proper grip in the sole can save your child from slipping every time on the floor. This is because it provides appropriate balance to the child. Light rubber soles are very effective for such purposes. These soles also protect water from entering into the shoe on wet floors.

Further, the shoes should be flexible enough. This is important because the soft feet of the child need to bend easily without much effort.

7. Cushions can protect the feet from unnecessary harm.

The soft feet of your child needs extra care. This is because they can damage themselves due to the rough surface of the shoes. One can avoid this by ensuring that the shoes contain cushion pads for extra softness.

Thus, keeping these points in mind can help you purchase the right pair of shoes for your most loved possession.