5 Most Impressive Styles For Baby Girl’s First Christmas Dresses

Your baby girl’s first Christmas is coming. This is such an important milestone for the whole family, and especially for the little one. The awaited yearly holiday photoshoot is approaching, and there is a lot of pressure into choosing that first outfit your baby is going to wear. This article aims at relieving some of that stress, and to help you style the best baby girl’s first Christmas dresses.

Cute baby girl Christmas dresses are the best way to show off your little girl every holiday season. But don’t settle for just one dress as there are so many events to assist and photos to take. Family reunion, friend’s party, work event, home dinner, and Christmas photoshoot are some of the places where your girl can showcase her cute holiday outfits.

1. Casual Dress With Christmas Print

A casual dress is perfect for any small event like visiting family and friends or a play date. However, since it’s the holiday season, what better way to keep up with the spirit than by bringing Christmas to the dress. Prints are the perfect way to infuse any dress with a little bit of the holiday’s magic. There are many patterns to choose from: reindeers, Santa Claus, candy cane, snowflakes, amongst others. With Christmas prints, you can elevate any casual dress to a full-on holiday item.

2. Dress In Christmas Theme Colors

Your baby’s first Christmas dress must make you think of the holidays at first sight. Red, green, and white are the iconic mix that reminds us of Christmas. Find these colors in any combination in a dress and you have got a winner. If you think the three colors in one garment are a bit cheesy, then there is some good news. You can either choose a central color, and add little bits of the other two, or just stick to one. As long as the dress pops and the colors are bright, your baby girl will look fabulous and all eyes will be on her. Another tip to dress to impress is to accessorize. When you bring accessories to the mix, try to complement the colors you’re using. Some ideal options for a baby girl are a head bow, some thick tights, or a winter hat.

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3. Santa Claus Costume Dress

Santa Claus is without a doubt the most iconic character from the holidays. What better way to celebrate your baby girl’s first Christmas dresses than by having her be a cute little Miss Claus. Costume dresses in the resemblance of Santa are done with a red thick velvety fabric. The finishing details are some puffy white details around the hem of the sleeves, skirt, and collar. Don’t forget to add the traditional Santa’s hat, and boots for a complete look. If you feel adventurous, there are other cute elements that can make for a great finish. A symbolic present bag or a reindeer plushie will bring forth the maximum level of cuteness.

4. Sparkling Santa Claus Inspired Party Dress

The holidays bring about family gatherings, work events, friend’s parties, and many other wonderful activities. It is a necessity to have at least one fancy dress ready for such occasions. Following in the footsteps of the Christmas spirit, we can recycle the lovely holiday’s colors in an elevated way. Adding a dash of glitz will surely infuse any garment with that touch of glamour it needs for bigger events. Some options include a red or white dress with golden or silver details. Also sequins in the dress color, whether green or red will look fantastic. This fancy dress is also the perfect choice for your family’s photoshoot if you’re going for the classic style of pictures. Christmas cards will never look better once your baby girl will be in them with a touch of glamour.

5. Sweater Dress Knitted In Xmas Pattern

Ugly sweaters are a well-known clothing item everyone must have ready to wear for Christmas. But, what about if instead of a sweater, you step it up and find your baby girl an adorable knitted dress. The garment can keep her warm, make her look cute, and keep on the knitted sweater Christmas traditions. For a more Christmassy look, find a sweater dress with the classical colors: red, green, and white. An added bonus would be a knitted Christmas pattern. Some cute ideas include snowflakes, reindeers, and Christmas trees.

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The Bottom Line

Select the best styles for your baby girl’s Christmas dresses. From a casual piece for day-to-day activities to a more elevated design with lots of sparkle for bigger events, get a few options this holiday. Nothing is more important than your baby’s first Christmas dresses to celebrate the milestone of having come into your wonderful family.