10 Yoga Exercises & Its Benefits to Keep You in Pink Of Your Health

Exercise has proven its benefits over and again, and yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercise. In addition, people don’t require heavy equipment to try yoga; just by having a mat and knowing the right techniques, you are good to go!

So, without any further ado, let’s look at the yoga exercises you can practice to keep yourself in the pink of health. Check out the following:

1. Bharadvaja’s twist

We all look out for healthy and glowing skin, which can be achieved by trying the right type of asanas. One of the best yoga exercises one can try to keep healthy and nourished at all times is this one. People say, when you have a healthy gut, you can be sure to get glowing skin. And this is true by all means. This yoga exercise will ensure that you have a healthy gut that will improve your skin.

2. Trikonasana

Not only do we need to have healthy skin, but we also need to strive to keep our lungs, heart, and many more other organs healthy. So, if you are thinking about where to begin, you can try out the Trikonasana, as this is the best way to keep internal organs like the heart, lungs, and chest healthy. Through this, you can ensure that you are supplying yourself with enough oxygen, which is overall good for the organs and your skin as well.

However, trying out this asana on your own is not something I’d suggest you do! It’s always best to try such exercises in front of experts to avoid injuries and other health problems. For that, reach out to yoga classes Melbourne, you can attend live sessions if you are a resident of Melbourne, or you can even take online classes from anywhere in the world.

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3. Bhujangasana

There is hardly anyone in this world who can deny the fact that they don’t have any stress. People at all times suffer from stress or not from others. And what better than trying out a yoga exercise to reduce stress and, at the same time, keep yourself internally happy.

Bhujangasana is a great exercise that can help you reduce stress and ensure you are away from anxiety. In fact, through this asana, you are supplying more oxygen to your body and other organs, which helps in the overall rejuvenation of your skin too!

4. Tadasana

Looking out to remove toxins from your body? Well, for that, Tadasana is the best option. People also refer to this asana as the Mountain Pose, which is good for overall health. So, go ahead and try out this pose to relieve yourself from stress and help your organs get the required amount of oxygen too. Tadasana is one of the best asanas that one can try out.

5. Halasan

Our digestive health puts a toll on our overall health a lot. And that needs to be addressed primarily, which is possible if you take the help of yoga exercises. One more exercise that can keep your gut healthy is the Halasan. You can have improved digestive health, which is good for your overall health.

6. Matsyasana

The Matsyasana is often referred to as the fish pose in English. People do this exercise after being familiar with the yoga exercises. Trying out this on your own is not something that one should do on their own as they are a complicated exercise.

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If you suffer from bloating or indigestion, trying out this exercise might be extremely helpful to you. So, get your clothes on and buy yourself a mat to try out this asana, and be sure you will keep your health perfect at all times.

7. Bhujangasana

Over time, our bodies become extremely stiff with the lack of exercise and more. And that’s the time you need to ensure you’re trying out exercises to loosen up the muscles. This exercise is extremely helpful in loosening up your tummy and strengthening your back and spine.

This exercise can help you open up your chest muscles, which is overall good for your health. So, make sure that you are trying out the Bhujangasana to ensure that your spine, tummy, and back muscles are strong, and you are opening up your chest to take in more oxygen.

8. Sarvangasana

People suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol can try out the Sarvangasana. Through this yoga exercise, you can ensure that your arteries and veins get dilated, which will increase the blood flow in your body.

An increase in blood flow also implies that you have healthy and glowing skin! But, overall, the Sarvangasana is a bit difficult. So, ensure that you are trying out the exercise only when you know how to do it. Trying out this without knowing the right technique can lead to injuries.

9. Ustrasana

Women get menstrual cramps, and that can not be completed at all times. However, with the help of a few exercises, you can indeed strengthen your tummy muscles and ensure that you are relieving yourself from pain. Apart from that, if you have any stomach-related problems, that too can be eliminated with the help of Ustrasana.

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Also, the Ustrasana helps in blood circulation to the brain, which is overall good for your internal body. So, go ahead and try out to avail yourself of the benefits.

10. Pavanamuktasana

Do you suffer from acne problems or constipation? Well, for that, the Pavanamuktasana can be extremely beneficial for you. So, ensure that you are trying out this exercise to make sure that you are keeping your gut healthy and eliminating the factor of suffering from constipation.

Final Thoughts

Yoga exercises can be proved to be extremely helpful, and they can keep you in the pink of health. Doing these on a regular basis has proven to be extremely beneficial. However, since these are done with a lot of expertise, trying them out on your own is not advisable. So, I’d suggest you always learn the techniques properly and only then try them out.