How to Improve Skin Dullness and Whitening

Healthy skin tone is generally white and red. The skin tone is mainly determined by these three factors: the number of melanin particles, vegetables (carotene in carrots), and the amount of itchy hemoglobin. If you have high levels of itchy hemoglobin, you will look ruddy. By the age of 20 or over, many of us will have dull yellow skin and look very unhealthy and nutritious. I believe that many people have the distress of skin dullness. After trying countless whitening products, it is in vain. How to restore the skin to a smooth and supple state? The following will introduce effective methods for skin whitening.

First of all, we need to know the structure of the healthy skin. The skin is made up of three parts: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, which can constantly regenerate. The epidermis is divided into five layers, namely the stratum corneum, the transparent layer, the granular layer, the spinous layer, and the basal layer. The division cycle of basal cells is about 19 days, and the new cells produced move upward into the spinous layer. It takes about 14 days for the spinous layer to migrate through the bottom cells to the uppermost layer of the granular layer, then migrates to the surface of the stratum corneum for another 14 days, totally for about 28 days.

In general, the metabolism of the epidermis is vigorous, while the metabolism of the dermis is slow. The normal epidermal metabolism cycle for adults is 28 days. After 25 years of age, it starts to slow down and gradually extends to 60 days. The slow metabolism of the epidermis will cause the accumulation of dead skin, dull and rough skin, deposits of stains, and weakened healing and repair capabilities.

Therefore, after the age of 25, you not only need to take good care of skincare but also use other medical beauty equipment for in-depth targeted care. The epidermis is the most metabolized tissue, usually from 10 pm to 2 am. During this period, take appropriate rest and relax the skin is part and parcel.

What is the manifestation of skin dullness?

Generally, dermatologists distinguish the types of skin dullness into sun exposure type, horny hypertrophy type, dry skin type, hypoxic skin type, and oily skin type.

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Sun exposure type: People often shop and do outdoor activities without taking sun protection measures. The skin produces melanin on its own to avoid damage from ultraviolet rays, which can cause dullness.

Horny hypertrophy: It mainly occurs in people with oily skin, because the skin’s metabolism is not smooth. Excessive accumulation of old dead keratin can not replace, making the stratum corneum arranged uneven and rough, causing skin dullness. People with oily skin are less prone to wrinkles. However, with the skin too greasy and horny, once it ages, it will form a deep wrinkle that is not easy to remove. Unsightly skin tone can also make you look ten years older.

Skin dehydration type: Dry skin is prone to scaling, peeling, and insufficient water intake. If the skin lacks water and moisture content for a long time, the skin will look dull and shiny. A long-term lack of water can also cause fine lines and dry lines.

Skin hypoxia type: The complexion is not dark. Due to insufficient oxygen in the blood or anemia, it looks yellow, dark, or bloodless. Poor skin tone may come from malnutrition and partial eclipse, making the human body lack the nutrients needed for hematopoiesis, such as iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Or lack of oxygen in the blood leads to darker blood and affects skin tone.

Why is the skin dull?

Old horny type: Under normal circumstances, the external aging stratum corneum will metabolize. So properly exfoliate to make sure normal metabolism of the stratum corneum, keep the skin smooth and delicate and prevent skin aging. However, be careful not to exfoliate excessively, which will expose the immature keratin, making the texture uneven and causing moisture loss.

Ultraviolet rays: Generally speaking, melanin will fade with the metabolism. However, as the age grows, the metabolism becomes worse, it takes more time to fade the melanin, and the precipitation of melanin makes a dull complexion. In addition to the sunlight, physical and chemical sun protection is also necessary. UVA will penetrate and destroy the dermis layer, invade collagen fibers and elastic fibers, make them deteriorate, and remain in the dermis layer, causing the skin to lose its transparency and panic.

Dry skin: Dry skin is also related to the stratum corneum, which is very fragile. If the skin is well hydrated, the texture will be smooth. And the smooth surface will reflect light evenly, presenting the skin radiance similar to female celebrities. But if the skin is dry, it will cause skin aging, fine lines, and sagging. Then wrinkles are prone to appear. The skin will be as rough and uneven as wrinkled paper, and shadows will appear on light reflections to make the skin darker.

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Poor skin circulation: Blood circulation can improve complexion, and deliver nutrients to the skin to maintain normal metabolism. Once the blood circulation drops, the skin cells and tissues cannot get enough nutrients and oxygen.

Saccharification: The glycation reaction is the main culprit that accelerates the body’s aging. The accumulation of excessive glycation end products will not only cause arteriosclerosis and diabetes but also harden collagen.

Abnormal schedule: Infrequent exercise and staying up late will affect the metabolism of the skin. As melanin accumulates, the skin loses its sense of transparency and presents a grayish and dull tone.

Smoking: Smoking will constrict the capillaries and worsen blood circulation. As a result, the skin is in a state of hypoxia and dull complexion. Cigarettes also destroy vitamin C which can inhibit melanin and help skin renewal. Smoking a cigarette will cause you to lose 25-100mg of vitamin C, reduce the antioxidant power in the body, accelerate skin aging. In addition, smoking will stain the pores and make your skin tone duller.
Pressure: When we are under pressure, our body will be in a state of tension, causing blood vessels to constrict. Poor blood circulation and his face darkened. And when you are overly tired, your skin’s metabolism is slow, and your complexion becomes darker due to the accumulation of keratin. If the skin is dry, the stratum corneum lacks moisture, the skin tone is dull, and the lack of transparency will be more serious.

Incomplete cleansing: When the foundation is on the skin for some time, it will mix with sebum and dust, and then oxidize and deteriorate. If the cleansing is not thorough, the dirt remains on the face, and the skin tone will be dull. The area of the nose where the cortex secretes the most is the place to be the most noticed. When the pores on the nose are attached to dirt, the problem is even more severe. On the other hand, when the oxidized foundation continues to be exposed to ultraviolet rays, it will form lipid peroxides, disrupting the rhythm of skin metabolism.

Tips to improve dull skin

Diet and rest: Poor diet, work and rest can easily cause nutritional imbalances, adversely affect the skin, and cause dull skin. Therefore, you must maintain proper exercise 3 times a week, each time for about 30 minutes. Don’t stay up late. Drink a glass of milk before going to bed to help you fall asleep. And get enough water on weekdays to help the body do circulation and promote metabolism.

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Strengthen cleaning: The air is getting worse and worse, causing more dirt on the face, clogged pores, and poor metabolism. The stratum corneum of the skin is gradually dimming, and the skin is getting dull. It may also cause acne and leave acne scars. So clean your face regularly to remove old dead skin cells and dirt on your face. Clean with a facial cleanser in the morning and evening, and choose a suitable facial cleanser according to your skin type.

Strengthen sun protection: If you want to have the same translucent skin as a female celebrity and resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, you must remember to put on sunscreen. Especially, avoid being outdoors from 10 am to 2 pm. When you go out, remember to wear long-sleeved sunscreen clothes and a sun hat or an umbrella for physical sun protection.

Skin moisturizing: Dry skin can lead to dull skin, so moisturizing is the most fundamental step. If you want to keep moisture, you can use a facial mask to form a closed space on the skin. The upper stratum corneum cells absorb moisture quickly, and the skin will become supple and elastic after application. However, the mask is a skincare product, so it must supplement moisturizing skincare products.

Skin whitening: Whitening and moisturizing must be carried out at the same time. For dull skin, use whitening and translucent skincare products, such as whitening skincare products containing vitamin ingredients.

Facial massage: Massage is also a way to keep reddy translucent skin and promote blood circulation. KINGDO 8 in 1 Red and Blue Facial Massager is a good choice. KINGDO High-Frequency Facial Wand has 8 functions, can effectively export pores dirt, deep makeup removal, reduce wrinkles, import nutrients to the skin, lift & firm skin, remove dark circles, and eliminate edema, calm after sun, etc. It has red and blue light therapy with two export and import heads. When you do your daily skincare routine, you can use the blue light to clean acne and balances oil so that the pores can not be clogged and stretched. Red light therapy can be used with essence, which can double repair, reshape facial collagen, and lift delicate skin.

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