Skincare at Any Age: Why One Size Does Not Fit All

Your skin changes over time, and so should your skincare! As we age our skin loses its natural vitality, and it is not uncommon to experience changes such as dryness, dullness, and pigmentation.

Using the same products in your 40s as you did in your 20s isn’t going to give you the best results. Instead, look for skincare that is targeted to your specific skin type and any concerns you have.

Why is it so important to mix up your skincare as you age? Here are just a few ways your skin can change over the years:

Sun Damage

It can take time for sun damage to reveal itself. If a teenager gets sunburnt, they may not think twice about it. But, over time, exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging. It can also increase your risk of skin cancer.

Sunscreen should be on your must-have list regardless of how old you are, as prevention is better than cure.

Age spots are caused by a build-up of melanin, a pigmentation that’s found in the skin. While most common in those over 40, sunspots may appear earlier. The culprit? The sun’s UV rays can speed up the process of age spots forming.

Adult Acne

Acne isn’t exclusive to teenagers. Hormones, excess oil, and medications can lead to adult acne, and this can occur at any age. Make sure you look for adult acne treatments, as those marketed to teens are designed for younger skin and are not always the best fit for adult breakouts.

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Often, aging skin will be thinner and drier, making it more prone to damage caused by exfoliants. If you are experiencing adult acne on a recurring basis, a visit to a physician is recommended. There may be an underlying cause that requires treatment.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of the aging process. When elastin and collagen start to deplete, the skin can lose its suppleness and strength. Sun exposure can speed up the signs of visible aging, and as the years pass by you may start to notice wrinkles forming around your eyes, forehead, and mouth.

Wrinkles and fine lines often go hand in hand with dryness, and this is a sign that you should introduce more intensive skincare. A day cream and richer night cream can be complemented by serums and a dedicated eye product.

Sagging Skin

Another unfortunate side effect of aging is sagging skin. This is caused by a loss of elasticity and is common on the face and neck. There are skincare products designed for sagging skin, which will often have firming properties.

Firming, anti-aging, smoothing, hydrating, and brightening are all on our list of features to look for as you age. These properties will not only help to plump the skin and reduce sagging, but can minimize fine lines, and revitalize a tired complexion.

Skincare at Any Age

As we age our skin faces new challenges. To keep your skin looking its best, the products you choose should change over time. For example, teen acne is different from adult acne, and aging skin is usually drier and thinner than younger skin.

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For those under 30, prevention can be beneficial. Use sunscreen regularly and keep your skin hydrated to reduce the risk of developing age spots. For those over 40, look for products that restore the skin with firming, anti-aging, and nourishing properties.