What to Consider When Opting for Breast Augmentation

Maybe you are considering cosmetic surgery on your breasts because you have a naturally small chest, asymmetrical breasts, or perhaps you have lost some perkiness after having children – whatever the reason for your decision to pursue surgery you should consider every aspect of the process, including the results and recovery.

Whether you are still just thinking about getting a boob job or you are already starting the process, here are some important things to consider on your journey.

Keep your expectations realistic

Cosmetic surgery can work wonders, but it cannot achieve miracles. Be prepared to compromise on your ideal breast size and do not get your heart set on an exact procedure or incision location. The doctor will measure and examine you thoroughly through a process called tissue-based planning. From these measurements, they will give you recommendations and talk you through what is best for you. Obviously, you should be realistic about how large you can go in one surgery – if you have A cups then your skin will probably not be able to stretch enough to accommodate DDs straight away.

Prepare to go back into surgery

It is unlikely you will have to go back under the knife any time soon, but every surgery comes with possible complications and unpredictable variables – it is not unheard of that a patient has to have some adjustments following their procedure. You may also need to have your procedure tweaked a later down the line but advancements in technology mean that implants are lasting a lot longer than in previous generations.

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What for gravity to do what it does

Following surgery, you may feel like your implants are very high up on your chest but give it time and the swelling will go down and the bottom part of your breast will fill out, causing the nipple to tilt upwards in a more natural way.

Accept the limitations put on you during recovery

Depending on the type of procedure and also depending on how your body heals, the doctor will put certain restrictions on your activity. Your doctor is the best for advice on when you can return to work or resume your daily chores, but it is always advisable to stay away from any strenuous exercise. It is important to keep your heart rate below 100 bpm during the first two weeks and it could be up to six weeks before you can return to your usual exercise regime.

Do not worry about your nipples

It is completely normal for you to lose sensation in your nipples after your procedure, but it is also equally normal for your nipples to become hypersensitive. The nerves that lead to the nipple are stretched over the implant, which can affect the sensation in either of these ways.

And Finally…

Sexy underwear should be put on hold

You should not wear bras with padding or underwire for at least the first six weeks. These types of undergarments can affect the healing process and cause irritation.