What is a Good Starter Drum Set for Kids?

If you are a parent of a child who wants to learn how to play the drums, you may be confused while purchasing a drum set as to which ones are the best drum sets for kids. There are so many different varieties of drums and kids drum sets for beginners in the market today that it can all become very challenging for you to choose one among them.

A drum set for kids is an essential part of any home music studio, allowing budding musicians to learn how to play the instruments, and it is also a ton of fun. However, there is a lot to consider when buying a drum set for kids. This article takes you through the best drum sets for kids to help you make an informed decision.

11 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2021

No doubts, beginner drum sets are a great way to get your child engaged in music. These instruments can be really fun for kids, and they will help build their musical skills, coordination, and confidence. Therefore, here is the list of the best drum sets for kids in 2021 that is going to make your search easier for buying a starter drum set for your kid:

1. Mendini, 3 Drum Set

The Mendini 3-Piece Drum Set is one of the best drum sets for kids available in the market today. This set is ideal for kids aged 4 and above. This drum set comes with a pair of wooden drumsticks and an instruction guide to help you get started on your first drumming experience. Mendini 3 piece beginner drum set has everything that an aspiring drummer needs to have a good time learning how to play drums. It has a bass drum of 8” x 13”, tom of 6” x 8”, mounted snare of 4” x 10”, and cymbal of 8”.

Features to look for:

  • Comes with a drum throne that can be adjusted.
  • The drum set is compact and takes up very little space.
  • A pair of wooden drum sticks are included.
  • Available in various attractive colors.

2. Gammon 5-Piece Starter Drum Set

It is never too early to start learning an instrument, and the 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit from Gammon is the perfect place to start. Complete with all of the basics including, a drum set, stool, sticks, and practice pad, this kit gives kids everything they need to learn how to make music. Gammon junior drum set not only easy for kids to use, but it is also affordable and portable. It is designed to be easy enough for children as young as 3 and is a suitable 5-year-old kids drum set.

Features to look for:

  • Available in multiple color variants.
  • Comes with cymbals stands sticks hardware.
  • The drum kit is easy to assemble.
  • Reasonable cost.

3. ddrum D120B Junior Set 5 Piece

The ddrum D120 B Junior Set is the world’s first junior drum set that lets any kid play like a rock star, and it is one of the coolest ways to get your children interested in music. This kids drum set for the beginner is the ideal entry-level for children who want to learn how to play drums. The drum set comes with a 14”hi-hat, a snare stand, straight cymbal stand. It offers everything you need to get playing right away, and it is also incredibly affordable! The ddrum D120 B Junior Set 5 Piece comes with a small bass drum perfect for kids and beginners.

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Features to look for:

  • Available in red and black color.
  • The set is compact in design.
  • Have excellent sound quality.
  • Durable hardware.

4. Ludwig Junior Drum Set

Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set is an outstanding product if you are looking for the best junior drum set in the market. This product is an excellent combination of high quality and low price. With top-notch features and outstanding value, this beginner drum kit is a great option for beginning players to start their drumming journey. The set includes a bass drum, rack, and floor toms, snare drum, crash cymbal, and a hi-hat cymbal. The shell is double-braced, and the hardware is durable and built to last.

Features to look for:

  • Best drum set for beginners.
  • The set is available in multiple colors (Wine, black, blue, metallic silver).
  • A complete drum set for kids.
  • The drums are sturdy and well-made.

5. Mendini, 5 Drum Set

The Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set brings all the features of intermediate kids drum sets for 3-5 years into a package that is small enough to fit in any room. It comes with a 5-piece drum set that also comes with the bass drum pedal, which is included in the package. This kit’s tone and performance are excellent. Moreover, Mendini is one of the best kids drum sets for a beginner that combines affordability and comfort to play to provide children with everything they require to get started.

Features to look for:

  • Comes with a pair of drumstick (Wooden).
  • Children 2.5 ft to 5 ft tall are the recommended age group.
  • Cost-effective drum set for kids.
  • Available in a wide range of color options.

6. GP Percussion GP50BL Complete Junior Drum Set

The GP Percussion GP50BL Complete Junior Drum Set is one of the famous kid’s drum sets.  This entry-level drum set features a durable wooden bass drum and cymbal stand, a snare drum, a junior drum throne, as well as all the necessary hardware to be able to play the drums. Being the best kid’s drum set for a beginner, this set is ready to play right out of the box. The drum set has a great-looking color finish, which will look fabulous in any room in your home.

Features to look for:

  • Offers outstanding value for money.
  • The set is easy to set up and easy to play.
  • Comes with high-quality hardware.
  • Convenient for children
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7. Music Alley Kids 3 Piece Beginners Drum Set

The Music Alley Kids 3 Piece Beginners Drum Kit is a compact and affordable 5-year-old kids drum set. It features a 14-inch bass drum, 10″ Cymbal, and 8” mounted tom. It comes with all the necessary hardware for assembly and tuning. With Music Alley kids drum sets for beginners, your children will enjoy the fun colors and cool graphics on the drums, and they will have fun learning how to play. This beginner drum set is crafted from durable material and can endure the test of time.

Features to look for:

  • The drum set has a good sound.
  • Comes with sticks and drum thrones.
  • Available in multiple color options.
  • Suitable for 4 years olds and above.

8. RockJam Junior Drum Set

The RockJam Junior Drum Set is a starter drum kit that includes everything a young drummer needs to get started. It is an ideal choice for children who are just learning the basics of drumming. It comes with a bass drum, a snare drum, a hi-hat, a cymbal, and a stool for the drummer to sit on. This starter drum set is one of the best drum sets for kids who are 3-year-old to 7-year-old to learn the fundamentals of drumming.

Features to look for:

  • It is a lot lighter than other full drum sets.
  • Comes with a decent-quality kick pedal.
  • An adjustable drum throne is also included.
  • It is easy to assemble the drum set.

9. Ashthorpe 5-Piece Junior Drum Set

The Ashthorpe 5-Piece Junior Drum Set is the perfect starter kit for your young aspiring drummer. The set includes a snare drum, bass drum, hi-hat, tom, and cymbals, all of which are designed to be easily played by small hands and have been optimized for easy setup. This is one of the best kid’s drum sets for a beginner that has all the high-quality features you would expect from a full-size drum kit, scaled down for little ones to enjoy.

Features to look for:

  • Available in many color options.
  • Pleasant hardware design.
  • Good quality brass cymbals.
  • Budget-friendly drum set.

10. Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker Drum Set

Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker Drum Set for kids is the most popular and among the best drum sets for kids who are just starting to play drums. With its super compact design, it’s portable, and can be played anywhere. And the 12-inch kick drum also doubles as a drum throne so your little drummer can sit comfortably while they play! With so many great features, the SPL Lil Kicker is the perfect first drum set for your little rock star.

Features to look for:

  • This drum set is available at an affordable price.
  • One of the most sturdy and versatile drums set.
  • It has a great sound of the bass drum and snare.
  • Offers good portability.
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11. Alesis DM6 USB Beginner Electronic Drum Set

If you have been searching for a cost-effective, electronic drum set for kids to get started on, then Alesis DM6 USB is a great option. The DM6 USB has easy-to-use features that make it great for both beginners and advanced drummers. The drum set includes kick pads, hi-hat, snare, 3 tom pads, etc. With the ability to record what they play with the built-in USB interface, your kids will be excited to show you their progress.

Features to look for:

  • It contains 108 quality drum sounds.
  • Comes with 15 programmable drum sets.
  • Enables to connect a smart device.
  • Produces great sound quality.

How to choose the best drum set for kids?

When looking for the best drum set for kids, there are many factors to consider. These factors include the age of the child, their experience playing instruments, how well they will be able to transport the drums, and what the set comes with. Before you make your final decision about which drums to purchase, go through the below-given quick tips to purchase a good starter drum set for kids:

1. While purchasing the best drum set for preschooler

  • Look for a drum set that offers various sound combinations.
  • Toddlers easily get attracted to colorful things, thus choose a drum set with colorful designs or graphics on it.
  • Drum sets with features like attractive phonics or maybe counting will keep your toddler engaged in drumming for a longer period.
  • Choose light-in-weight drum sets for your pre-schooler.

2. While purchasing the best drum set for kids (Age 5 to 8)

  • At this age, you can choose complete drummer sets for kids.
  • Shortlist budget-friendly options that come with all the accessories.
  • Make sure to choose a durable option that your child can play for years to come.
  • Keep sound quality, material of drum, and visual appearance in mind while purchasing.
  • Go for options that offer comfort while playing such as, an adjustable drum throne, adjustable tom position, compact size, etc.


Undoubtedly, there is nothing more fun than playing drums. Your child might enjoy doing it or might want to pursue it as a hobby. Besides being a fun-to-play instrument, a good starter drum set will allow your child to develop their skills and produce their music. When looking for the best drum sets for kids, you want a kit that is durable, versatile, and easy to learn. Hopefully, choosing a drum set from the above-given list will help you to make the best choice for your little one. However, do not forget to ask your child’s preferences while buying kid’s drum sets for beginners.