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Thank you for showing your interest in writing a Family guest post for MOM News Daily. We are happy that you want to associate with us to publish your post. Our platform is open for writers, experts, or parents to write helpful tips related to the family.

Our family write for us program is looking for bloggers who want to write quality content for us.

Family is one of the most precious gifts in a person’s life. If you are planning to start a family or you are a parent, then it’s imperative to learn about how to build family relationships. You can choose to establish healthy family dynamics and help your children have a bright future by making deliberate choices.

Mom News Daily focuses to help parents in learning family dynamics that affect their bonding and quality of relationships with family members. We have the opportunity for writers who want to share their thoughts and experiences on family with our valuable readers.

What We Cover in Family Blog?

We accept submissions that can add value to the knowledge of our visitors. A guest post that our readers praise and get benefited by reading. You can write for us family guest post on the following topics:

Family planning: Family planning refers to the process in which a couple or individual decides the number of children they want, as well as the spacing and timing of their births.

Nuclear family: Nuclear families relate to families consisting of a married couple with one or more children. Simply put, it is the type of family that only comprises parents and their kids.

Working parent: Working parent refers to the mother or father who is involved in full-time work for earning money. In some cases, both the parents engage in work-life.

Work-family conflict: Work-family conflicts are situations caused by the conflicting demands in an individual’s work and family. It becomes difficult for the person to balance the work-life interface.

Parent: Parents are the one who looks after a child in humans. As parents, both mother and father are responsible for raising a child. They promote the physical and mental well-being of a child.

Family therapy: Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that deals with families and couples in close relationships to help them grow and improve. It is also knowns as family system therapy.

Family law: Family law is also called the law of domestic relations. It is the set of protocols that are implemented to look after domestic relationships and family matters.

Family support: Family support corresponds to assistance given to a member with a disability, who may be an infant, an adult, or even the family’s parent.

Family economics: Family economics is the study of a family’s total economic activity. It is the concept of studying the economic decision-making of a household as an integral entity.

Household: A household is a group of family members who share meals and lives under the same roof. Depending upon the size and number of individuals, a household can contain one large family or multiple families.

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We are looking forward to receiving guest post submissions on topics related to the family. Posts that can help our readers to cope up with challenges that they face in balancing their work and family time.

The Family section of the website is designed to work as a guiding source for the parents & individuals. By shortlisting the Best family blog, we aim to deliver reliable and quality information to our readers. Thus, if you want to share tips related to family aspects, then do not take time to connect with us.

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Our platform is best for you if you want to convey your thoughts to a large audience. MOM News Daily has numerous regular visitors who love to seek knowledge and information through our published blogs.

Moreover, we also mention the name of the guest post writer at the end of the published blog. This way, the readers get to know about you. Therefore, writers also send us their short biography that we mention at the end of the post.

With MOM News Daily, you can share incidents, observations, tricks, and ways that lead to a happy and healthy family life. However, at the same time, we expect you to write original and unique content only.

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Guest Post Guidelines:

Here is the list of mandatory requirements that you must pay attention to while writing the guest post:

  1. Make sure to write unique content. It should not contain any copied information and must not be published on any other site.
  2. Do not forget to address the topic. It means the content should be related to your subject.
  3. You can write the guest post on family within the word limit of 1800 to 2000 words.
  4. We only accept the submission as the Google Doc at our official email address. Also, during the review process, MOM News Daily can edit your content if needed.
  5. It is mandatory to ensure that your content does not violate copyright concerns.
  6. Once you have submitted the post to us, you are not allowed to send it to other sites for publishing or review purposes.
  7. We expect you to include reliable links, facts, and studies data to add more to the credibility of the content.
  8. The writer must include bullets and sub-headings in their content for ease of scannability.
  9. For better emphasis, the use of bold, underline, and italics characters are allowed in the content. It will also increase the readability of content.
  10. No affiliate linking is allowed. Writers can only use one link to back the site.
  11. The guest post title should not be greater than 10 words.
  12. MOM News Daily can change the title, content or add any affiliate links in the guest post if required.
  13. Do keep in mind that MOM News Daily does not pay any to the guest posters. It means writers will not get any compensation for their posts.
  14. After your guest post is published on the MOM News Daily website, it becomes our property.
  15. Your guest post will be published on social media handles also. However, with this, you cannot expect an increase in visitors to your social media blog.
  16. For promoting the post, you can publish few words (Approx 10 words) of the guest post along with a link to the post on social media channels.
  17. Writers will have to send us a short biography. For credit, we will mention their name at the end of the post.
  18. Ensure whatever pictures and videos you include in the content are yours, or if they are not yours, you should have valid proof to use them.
  19. MOM News Daily has the authority to delete your post after one year of publishing.
  20. MOM News Daily is responsible for the Search Engine Optimization of your post and can edit it if required.

How to Submit a Guest Post to a Family Site?

You can submit your family blog guest post to us simply by dropping an email at our mail ID. You can choose any of the above-mentioned topics for writing the post. But to for approval, your content must be unique, informative, and appropriate.

We will evaluate your content to decide if it contains helpful information for our readers or not. If it fits our requirements, then we will publish it on our website. For this, you will have to wait for approximately 15 days.

However, before you send us your guest post, make sure you have gone through our requirements. Once we receive your content, we will assume that you agree to our terms & conditions.

Free guest post not allow at the moment, we only take sponsored article

You can forward your post to [email protected]. And to receive our response.

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