11 Reasons to Wear a Belly Wrap Postpartum

A postpartum belly wrap is a garment worn around the torso to support and help with abdominal muscles healing after giving birth. When your body goes through an intense experience, like childbirth. It takes time for the core muscles’ tone to return. Postpartum belly wraps are designed to provide gentle compression that will aid in this process. Belly wraps are comfortable, easy to use, and can help with your recovery after giving birth. By providing support for your uterus and abdomen.

Belly bands also provide warmth to the area which helps prevent hemorrhoids. And any other discomfort associated with vaginal bleeding or leaking milk. It’s important you buy one that fits well-too tight or too loose could be uncomfortable and ineffective. In this blog post, we’ll talk about 11 reasons why wearing a belly wrap after childbirth is so important

What is a postpartum belly Wrap?

A postpartum belly wrap is an extra layer that provides compression to the abdomen after pregnancy. As one of the most common cosmetic concerns for new moms. This product gently speeds up recovery time while minimizing changes in their overall shape. The postpartum belly band is the best solution after the birth of a child. It provides comfort and good support for weakened abdominal muscles. They are made from fabric that can be worn around your waist or hips, depending on which area needs extra support.

Postpartum Belly Wraps help with postpartum healing and treatments for diastasis recti (separation of abdominals) and stretch marks. Postpartum belly bands aim to help mothers recover their pre-pregnancy figure more quickly after childbirth. They also improve your overall posture, which helps you to be more comfortable at the same time.

Postpartum belly wraps are an easy solution to help tighten up loose skin and reduce abdominal swelling after pregnancy. If you choose the appropriate size it should fit firmly but not too tight. It can be worn under or over clothes depending on personal preference. Wraps are an improvement on the traditional postpartum girdles. They are more gentle to wear and not so restrictive for your body.

What are the reasons to wear belly wrap?

The reason why you need to wear a postpartum wrap is that it will provide extra support to your stomach muscles and lower back. This will help you feel better while improving circulation from head to toe. The postpartum belly wrap will provide support to the abdominal binders that have been stretched from carrying a growing baby. Below you will find 11 reasons why you should use a belly band and they are:

1. Reduces Swelling & Soreness:

When you give birth the muscles in your belly and other areas are going to be sore. The best way to reduce this is by wearing a postpartum belly wrap. The postpartum belly wraps will help you reduce swelling and soreness. Because it provides support to your lower back and abdomen.

The belly wrap should be worn comfortably around the clock. This will keep you moving fluidly which helps prevent clots from forming. This reduces the pressure on your spine and hips. Which helps vessels carry blood around your body more easily, helping you heal faster.

2. Helps Reduce Postpartum Diastasis Recti:

Wearing a belly band is going to help you reduce your postpartum diastasis recti. Which is a split down the middle of the muscles of your stomach. This will only happen when you are using it after pregnancy and wearing it consistently will make a big difference. This will also help to give the muscles firmness and strength to your stomach that you may have lost after pregnancy. The Belly Bandit is the best postpartum belly band on the market and for good reason.

3. Flattens Abdominal Muscles after C-Section:

During pregnancy, the muscles around the bladder are stretched and this is very common. When you wear a belly band, it will give extra pressure to flatten out these muscles. This is especially important if you have had a c-section because your cesarean incision needs time to heal. Postpartum women should wear this waist belt after c-section surgery, it would be helpful to provide light compression.

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It’s also highly recommended that you put on an abdominal binder. C-Section is not strong enough to handle the surgery. But wearing belly wraps after C-section will improve their strength. And this can be helpful in making them flatter faster. Belly band after C-section is mandatory for at least 6 weeks Postpartum to see noticeable flattening results.

4. Helps Reduce Milk Regurgitation while Lactating:

You will be glad to know that you can continue using belly wrap for postpartum. As it also helps with milk regurgitation. Which is a common problem among many women who are nursing. This overcomes the common over-stretching of abdominal muscles during pregnancy. It can reduce milk regurgitation and also increase milk production by helping you return to your pre-pregnancy weight faster. Which is the reason why it is highly recommended for women who are breastfeeding after giving birth.

5. Decreases Pressure on Pelvic Floor Muscles:

After childbirth, you have increased pressure on your pelvic floor muscles. And this is due to the baby weight that they are holding up. Wearing a belly band will give additional support for these muscles and prevent any kind of leakage. This is very important especially if you’ve had babies in quick succession or if you have experienced stress incontinence. It can also help to reduce and prevent hemorrhoids. A postpartum belly band helps mothers to lose weight and using a postpartum belly bandit will be effective.

6. For round ligament pain:

Round Ligament pain is a problem many pregnant women have to deal with. Round Ligaments are the ones that support your uterus as it grows throughout pregnancy. They stretch and expand as your belly grows. But once you give birth, they go back to their normal size and this process of expansion and contraction can be really painful. The Belly Bandit wrap has also been shown to help round ligament pain because it provides pressure and support across the stomach which takes stress off of those muscles.

7. Improves blood flow circulation:

Wearing a belly band can improve your blood flow and circulation after pregnancy or a C-section. This is because wearing the wrap will make you less active which means that you will be sitting and laying down more often. And this position helps to reduce pain and swelling. Blood flow also becomes difficult when there’s too much pressure on stomach muscles due to the growing belly. This is why you will need to use a post-pregnancy body wrap or band, especially with weeks and months passing by.

8. For the uterus contract back down:

Wearing your belly wrap will contract the uterus. You may not feel like this because of bleeding. But eventually, you will see that it’s contracting down and staying in place. Just as important is that the postpartum belly wrapping will help with the contractions of your uterus. Contractions after pregnancy are extremely important for helping to shrink your uterus back down to its original size before you became pregnant. The Belly Bandit Wrap has a patented design that accelerates this process simplifying healing and recovery time.

9. For Sacroiliac Joint Pain:

This pain in the lower back usually occurs due to the stretching of the ligaments around your pelvis. This can cause discomfort when you stand, sit or even lie down. Wearing a pelvis belt can help because it will provide support to this area and take pressure away from these joints. Which is good for alleviating postpartum back and pelvic pain. Which can be very uncomfortable, especially when you are sitting or standing up because it increases the pressure on your rectal veins.

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10. Support of the Lower Back:

For the lower back, a post-pregnancy belly wrap is good for relieving back pain. And it improves circulation and will give you that needed support. It is also good at reducing lower back pain or hip pain after a gave birth.

Belly bands have been known to be effective in reducing backaches. Those are caused by pregnancy and this is partly because of the extra support they give to your stomach muscles. Postpartum wraps or belly binding also provide the core support after the vaginal delivery. A belly band offers support to the pressure that was put on your lower spine to carry around all of that baby weight.

11. Engage comfortably with daily activities:

Postpartum belly binding is especially helpful after a natural delivery. The reason for this is that some of your muscles may feel sore or tender. This belly band will provide gentle support to the muscles around the uterus and the stomach. It will help you reduce some of this discomfort so that you can engage comfortably with daily activities like walking, sitting, standing, etc. For daily activities, we suggest you wear a belly bandit waist-band because this would be the best postpartum belly band in the market.

Benefits of wearing a Bellyband or Wrap?

A belly band can be used as an alternative to maternity pants or leggings, during and after pregnancy. There are many benefits of wearing a belly band like lose weight after pregnancy, better flow of blood, hip support, etc. Below you will find important benefits of postpartum belly bands and they are:

1. It helps in postpartum belly support:

Belly bands provide belly support to mum after baby birth. Wearing a belly band will make you feel comfortable and provide extra back support. Belly Bandit is the best postpartum belly band for muscle support. This also reduces the sagging of the stomach. Belly bands are generally useful after 3-4 weeks postpartum of pregnancy. Even many waist trainers suggest wearing a belly binder for postpartum recovery.

2. It helps to shape your body core muscles:

Wearing a belly band after pregnancy helps you to do crunches and also shape your core muscles. By wearing a belly bandit you will feel less pain in the lower back area. A postpartum waist trainer suggests wearing belly bands during baby birth to maintain an optimal temperature. It is also helpful in post-pregnancy weight loss. But in the first few weeks after childbirth, you should avoid wearing a postpartum belly band for baby health. And for that TiRain 3-in-1 Postpartum are the best postpartum belly band.

3. It helps to reduce postpartum pain:

If you are wearing a postpartum belly band during the baby birth period, it can help to reduce your postpartum pain. It is because this band provides support to the lower back and reduces stress on the pelvic area. The compression provided by the belly band can be effective in minimizing swelling, cramping, etc. The belly band is ideal for wearing over your maternity jeans. It helps you get through the postpartum phase comfortably and also speeds up your metabolism.

4. Provide special benefits to C-section real moms:

A belly band can help c-section real moms for faster recovery. It provides compression, to reduce the tummy it also helps in breastfeeding. C-section moms are bound to have a difficult time with diaper changes, which can be frustrating. A belly band can help them in hiding the incision scar while improving their self-confidence. By allowing them to feel comfortable wearing their favorite jeans again without any hassles. And TiRain 3-in-1 Postpartum or velcro straps are the best postpartum pelvis belt to support the shape of the body.

5. It supports pelvic floor:

A belly band can help support the pelvic floor after a vaginal delivery. It helps the uterus return to its normal position and function. In the first pregnancy, the pelvic tends to become weak and lose its strength. That’s why a mother started wearing a belly band after delivery to avoid further issues. Similarly, in a previous pregnancy of new mom belly bands were worn to reduce the chances of urinary and fecal incontinence. And for that Velcro straps are the best postpartum belly bands to provide extra compression and good posture to your body.

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What are the types of Belly bands?

There are many different types of belly wraps or bands that vary in uses and styles. Below is a brief list of the most common types of belly wraps you might find on the market today. And the common types of postpartum belly bands are:

1. Belly Bands:

In the case of a Belly Band, you simply wrap it around your waist. There is no Velcro or other technology that might open. So you must manually tighten and release as needed. This method can be difficult especially if postpartum belly skin is still sensitive and delicate. And because there is no snug grip or close fit for this type of band. It may cause the Velcro to snag and pull on clothes as well as surrounding hair. Belly bands are also good for your baby health because it helps to reduce Milk Regurgitation as well.

2. Prenatal or maternity cradles:

The prenatal Cradle is another popular waistband that helps to support the lower back and stomach. It does this by cupping your baby bump/stomach area. While providing you with an ergonomically designed support that also helps to reduce knee, leg, hip, and back pain.

Prenatal Cradle maternity belt wraps snugly around the waist and helps to relieve swelling, cramps, and discomfort. And it is also a perfect gift for pregnant mothers. It has maximum benefits for mothers who want to lose weight.

3. Belly belts:

These belts offer you a perfect combination of stomach and back support. The best belt can be worn before and after childbirth, period to give support to the body muscles. It is also designed to reduce stress on your lower back and help you maintain better posture throughout the day. Furthermore, it is lightweight and great for use under your clothing as well as over the clothes.

4. Multi-part bands:

This type of band is probably the most complicated to use. It is made up of three parts that must be connected in order to work. Which can require some time and effort on your part. The big difference with this band is that it has plastic or metal inserts that provide you with much-needed lower support. They are shaped like a kidney bean and attach to the band with Velcro. This type of waistband provides you with excellent more pressure support. But it is very difficult to use on your own if you have just given birth.

5. Waist wrap:

Waist wraps are a close cousin to postpartum Belly Bands – but there is a big difference. A waist wrap has an additional piece of fabric included for the support over the stomach and requires a separate positioning strap. The result is that the waist wrap will provide more compression than an elastic band. But it’s not as easy to put on by yourself. This type of band can be worn during the childbirth period and after birth for additional support.

The Conclusion!!

The postpartum period is a time of enormous change for women. There are so many factors that can affect how you feel, from the size and shape of your body to where you live or work. One thing that seems to have an outsized effect on new mothers during this time is what they wear around their midsection.

The waist wraps may be just the solution if you’re looking for some relief after childbirth-they offer agony management, better sleep, increased circulation, improved posture, and more. If you have any queries regarding postpartum wraps and bands then feel free to share with us through a comment below, respectively.