Effective Tips To Tighten Loose Skin After Pregnancy.

The appearance of unpleasant stretch marks on different body parts is a great annoyance. It is caused due to the extra stretching of the skin tissues and hormonal changes. Stomach, thighs, breast, and hips are the most susceptible parts to the stretch marks.

These indented streaks are very common in females during pregnancy. Nine out of ten women notice them on their growing bellies, in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. They are hard to prevent especially during pregnancy because it’s natural that you are going to gain weight which further causes stretching of the skin (dry skin is more prone to stretch marks), but you can reduce their appearance by maintaining a healthy diet and skincare routine.

Nowadays, many companies are successfully delivering the best stretch mark removal products to the customers like dermology stretch mark cream, which works effectively on the stretch marks appearance.

Here, we rounded up five effective ways to tighten loose skin after pregnancy. Let’s have a look:

Have a healthy diet for healthy weight gain

Eating healthy during your pregnancy period is good for the baby and mother. Weight gain is undeniable while you are pregnant, but by planning a healthy diet plan, you can keep a check on it. A balanced diet helps your skin nourish from inside too. The healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean protein, and rest one can consult their doctor for better recommendations. And eating for two doesn’t mean you have to take a big meal, it only means eat a healthy and nutritional diet.

As a plus, if you are not craving sweets then, you can minimize the intake of sugary stuff.

Don’t stop exercising

Stay active and do some exercising in pregnancy period. You can start with a morning and evening walk. Light workouts also help in maintaining weight.

Apply moisturizer on body bigheartedly

Apply the moisturizer lavishly on the body parts and give five to ten minutes massage. It keeps your skin soft and supple by increasing the skin’s elasticity. Using moisturizer also reduces itchiness caused due to stretch marks. Use the moisturizer twice a day, but do get the advice of your doctors before choosing any product.

Start applying stretch mark prevention products

The market is full of promising products like creams and oils, which help in prevention as well as the removal of the stretch marks during pregnancy. Products like dermology stretch mark cream show astonishing results if you have stretch marks. If you have any areas where your skin feels too loose, you can also opt-in for skin tightening laser treatments that make your skin look considerably younger.

But don’t be drawn in by false products, let your doctor guide you in the best way, as stretch marks are a reality during pregnancy and these products only help in reducing the effects or may minimize their appearance.

Vitamin C is a must

For keeping the skin firm and elastic, collagen fiber plays an important role. For the development of collagen, you should include vitamin c sources like lemons and oranges in your diet.I hope the above-given information helps you to keep your skin healthy and free from stretch marks.Good luck!

Infographic provided by Venus Concept, a leading provider of hair restoration devices

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