7 Tips How to Lose Weight Fast for Women

Excess body weight is an issue in all ages. Celebrities are role models when it comes to fitness, but following their routine of how to lose weight is a daunting task. To achieve a fit body is not challenging anymore. The tips here on how to lose weight will help you to begin without hassle.

Putting in place a smart plan is key to losing weight. These ways of health allow you to reduce weight without side effects or hassles. There are many convenient ways when it comes to losing body weight, and the tips below are good for women who want to lose weight.

Plan your breakfast at night.

Make mornings easy by preparing breakfast before going to bed. Pudding from chia seeds is a stealth breakfast for you to whip up during the night, relax, and look forward to eating it in the morning. In two servings, whisk a cup of unsweet almond milk, four spoons of chia seeds, and a spoon of agave nectar in a bowl. Cover it to chill overnight.

When morning comes, scoop half of it into the bowl and add unsweetened coconut, one handful of favourite nuts for additional protein, and one handful of berries. Research states that starting the day with a good breakfast will jumpstart your metabolism, leading to the best method of how to lose weight fast.

Brighten your feed

Take some minutes today to peruse through social media and like or follow it for at least ten fitness, health, or motivational accounts. The more the mind is flooded with positive motivation and thoughts, the easier it is to make healthy choices and be surrounded by others with like-minded goals.

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Clear your mind.

Be in a comfortable spot in the office or home, and then close the eyes. Bring shoulders backwards, down and up to relax them and then sit. Breath through the nose put your focus to inhale confidence and exhale negativity. You need to do this continuously for five minutes.

Even though it seems awkward at the beginning, this practice will benefit your efforts on how to lose weight. The most recent review on studies realized that participants that practice mindfulness experiences a significant loss of weight. Practising breathing and tuning your thoughts connects you with feelings of the body and mind.  You may like also the content about best Pre-Workout Supplements review.

Practice cardio bursts.

While doing strength training, it is recommended to put in additional five minutes of intense cardio moves like butt kicks, high knees, and running. Studies state that high-energy exercises improve cardiovascular fitness and help you know how to lose weight fast.

If standard moves are annoying, pretend that you are another athlete. Try the shuffle; that is, stand with the hips more extensive than hips, bend knees, and then shuffle around. You can also try baseball sprint by running very fast like you want to reach the home plate. Try basketball shot by pretending that you are catching the ball then contact hands up and then jump as though you want to shoot the ball.

Keep a Personal Food Journal and fill up on fiber

You can use the food journal to track your food. This way is easy when you want to hold yourself accountable and make healthy choices.

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It makes it easy to count calories, which is an effective strategy for managing weight.
A food journal will help you stick to the goals of how to lose weight. It will result in weight loss in the long run. The addition of fiber to the diet is a strategy that will help you slow the process of emptying the stomach and keep you full for long.

Without making changes to lifestyle or diet, increasing intake of fiber has been associated with a decrease of ten percent in the absorption of calories and pounds of weight loss.

Whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, vegetables, and fruits are excellent sources of fiber that you can enjoy as a section of a balanced diet.

Add resistance training and drink more water

Resistance training will increase endurance and build muscles. It is beneficial for ladies over fifty years. It increases the number of calories that the body burns while resting. It helps in preserving the density of bone minerals against osteoporosis.
Weight lifting, utilizing gym equipment, or doing body weight exercises are simple ways to start. Drinking a lot of water is an effective and easy way in your efforts on how to lose weight with less effort.

According to dietitians, drinking a half a liter of water increases calories burned by thirty percent after forty minutes. They also state that taking water before meals will increase weight loss and reduce consumed calories by over ten percent.

Eat More Protein and set regular sleep schedule

Proteins like legumes, dairy, seafood, eggs, poultry, and meat are vital sections of a diet, especially for answering the question of how to lose weight fast.
If you follow a diet that is high in proteins, you will cut cravings, increase fullness feelings, and boost metabolism.

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A small study shows that increasing the intake of proteins by fifteen percent decreases the intake of calories by four hundred calories. This results in a loss of five kilograms of weight.

Studies also state that sleeping enough is crucial to weight loss, just like exercise and diet.

Studies show that sleep deprivation increases high levels of ghrelin and body weight, a hormone which is responsible for stimulating hunger.

Also, a study in women shows that getting seven hours of sleep every night and improving the quality of sleep increases weight loss success by over thirty percent.


Different factors play a crucial weight loss role, and others extend beyond exercise and diet. Making simple modifications to lifestyle will help promote weight loss for women. Having in place these strategies in daily routine will help maximize your results of how to lose weight, and develop a sustainable, healthy weight loss.
Weight loss seems overwhelming, but that should not be the case. Whether you want to lose fifty pounds, making changes that take several minutes daily will help you lose weight.

Weight loss can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re looking to lose five or 50 pounds, making some easy changes that only take a few minutes every day can help you lose weight.