Top 10 Maternity Hospitals in India

For any pregnancy, the maternity hospital plays a vital part for every woman. The woman needs more care and precaution. And that’s why the role of maternity hospital is more important. There are many maternity hospitals in India that offer some of the best post and prenatal care. They deal with every pregnancy with the the best technology and techniques. They offer world-class amenities and facilities which is very important during pregnancy. You will find many luxurious maternity hospital near me, and some top-notch clinics are below.

List of Best Maternity Hospitals in India

1. Fortis La Femme, Delhi

It is working for women’s health. Established in 2004, it is the venture of Fortis Health Care group. They have cared thousands of pregnancies with the use of the latest technologies. They also have assisted many new mothers to cope up with their new born.

  • It is the best fertility center in India for women who have difficult to conceive naturally
  • It is a NABH accredited institute.
  • Just 38 bedded luxurious accommodation.
  • Well equipped with the latest technologies and medical facilities.
  • Provide good care for a woman having breast cancer and other conditions.
  • Fitness training to gain muscular strength for new moms.
  • Inter-department coordination to track different hormone disorders in females.
  • Hormone therapy for a woman suffering from menopause.
  • Cosmetic surgery facilities for woman operated for breast cancer.

2. VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi

It is a well-known maternity center in India. You can consider this hospital for maternity, gynecology, urology, and children. The hospital offers luxurious facilities with complete responsibility for the pregnancy.

  • High-tech equipment for operation theater
  • Special department for prenatal counseling for expecting parents
  • Lactation consultation to encourage new moms for breastfeeding
  • High qualified gynaecologists, IVF experts, obstetricians, and counselors
  • Special department for cancer-related to the female reproductive system
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3. Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai

Established in 1950, it is one of the oldest maternity centers in Mumbai. It has grown up with over 300 beds and over 50 medical and surgical specialties. The gynecology section of this hospital is one of the best hospitals in India.

  • Highly trained team of gynaecologist
  • Highly advanced technologies like MrgFUS
  • Telemetric fetal monitor assessing the birth process
  • Birth suites specially designed for A-list personalities
  • The Latest facilities for postnatal care
  • Treatment for surgeries such as Asherman’s syndrome, double uterus, and vaginal atresia.
  • Least complications for complex surgeries

4. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

It is one of the topmost tertiary care hospitals in India It has all the in-house medical specialties. It is the oldest hospital in Bangalore. It’s gynecology section is well-equipped with the high advanced facilities and amenities. It handles any kind of complex pregnancy cases, pre-natal and post-natal healthcare.

  • Excellent management to provide the best care for women for prenatal and post-natal care
  • All kinds of gynecology operations are performed with the key-hole method and open method
  • Reconstruction surgeries of breast, vagina, cervix for cancer for women
  • Counseling to seek advice for contraceptive methods
  • A separate department for assisted reproductive techniques

MaxCure Suyosha Woman and Child Hospital, Hyderabad

his hospital is only catering to women and child’s health. The medical facilities here are of the best quality and are done with the latest diagnostic technologies.

  • Breast care clinic to diagnose breast cancer at an early stage
  • Therapeutic technology to provide comfort for all patients
  • Regenerating of endometrium performed here for the first time in India
  • Effective management of complicated pregnancy cases
  • Surgical solutions for complications like recurrent UTI
  • Surgeries for vesicovaginal fistula, urinary incontinence, and other health complications
  • Diet consultancy for women suffering from diabetes, hormone disorder, and thyroid
  • Counseling and consulting for menopause and hormone replacement therapy for women
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6. Kalra Nursing home, Delhi

They specialize in nursing and maternity. Consider it, if you are looking for the best medical facilities. It has all the latest equipment and high technology for accurate diagnosis. The country knows them as the top ten best maternity hospitals in India.

  • NABH accredited
  • World-class infrastructure
  • IVF treatment with a high success rate
  • Round the clock pharmacy for the patient’s facilities
  • Separate oncology department to create cancer
  • Latest technology to check unborn baby’s health
  • Management of complicated cases with minimal risks
  • Fitness training, lactations consultations, Lamaze classes, and many other facilities

7. Rainbow Hospital for Women and Children, Hyderabad

The Rainbow group of hospitals has a Birthright wing, is working to women and child’s health. It treats patients of all the age group including teenage children to menopause achieving women. It treats all the health conditions including the gynecological and obstetric health issues.

  • Lamaze classes to help couples to prepare for childbirth
  • Treatment for many gynecology disorders
  • Fertility clinic for assisted conceiving
  • Over 100 bedded hospital with World-class infrastructure
  • Team of an expert gynaecologist to handle complicated cases
  • Fetal department to perform blood tests, scans and other diagnoses

8. Columbia Asia, Kolkata

Columbia Asia is a multi-specialty hospital, focused on covering all the aspects of women’s health. It is well-equipped with all the latest technology and techniques to manage all the kinds of female health conditions.

  • Government approved medical termination of pregnancy
  • Pediatrician consultation for newborn
  • Strictly following of international protocols for ante-natal and post-natal care
  • Cancer screening for cervical and breast cancers
  • Breast health programs for spreading awareness of breast cancer
  • Adolescence to Menopause program for getting better gynecology health for every woman
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9. Apollo Hospital, Greams Road Chennai

It is managed by the Apollo group of Healthcare. The hospital is busy catering to the needs of women and child healthcare. For the past three decades, it has been providing the best treatments for pregnancy and other female conditions.

  • Contraception counseling to newlyweds to prevent conception
  • Separate IVF center to help couples to conceive with ART techniques
  • Well equipped maternity ward for pre-natal and post-natal care for new mothers
  • Genetic counseling, ante-natal care and other such facilities for expectant mothers
  • Fully functional OT to handle any kind of complication with least risk

10. Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai

The hospital is a recipient of many reputed and international accreditation. The department of gynecology offers effective technology to treat different female disorders. Well-equipped with latest tools and techniques to manage any complex case related to women’s health. Wellness programs related to hygiene to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to prevent diseases.

  • Over 1000 bedded tertiary care with all the medical facilities
  • Outpatient consultation for routine prenatal checkups


If you are looking for the best maternity hospitals in India, then consider one of these above centers. Reputed doctors, world-class infrastructure, luxurious accommodation, are the qualities of these hospitals. Ultimately, if you want to get the world-class medical services and treatments, these are the top ten best maternity centers in India.