What Is the Cost of IVF in India, Is It Covered By Indian Insurance?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process in which the gametes are fertilized outside the embryo that is in the laboratory. IVF women are holding a natural imagination and other countries also have a boon for patients who are facing trouble as compared to their countries to take a lot more cost here in India. Not all hospitals provide insurance coverage for IVF treatment in India, but who are some?

IVF procedure costs in India

The IVF procedure cost in India varies from anywhere between Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 250,000 and it is based on the hospital that you treat, the IVF specialist who is in charge, and are overall achieving your health status. A brief outline of the available rates is currently available here.

Does the general health insurance policy cover the IVF process in India?

Normally, general health insurance policies in India do not include IVF procedures. However, there are some health insurance policies. Only providing a general health insurance policy or IVF covers and available for women in various financial situations, the Indian Women’s Bank jointly started by the BMB Nirbhaya scheme. Women can get the first two children’s cover with cashless facility and maternity coverage provided.

Generally, most health insurance cover or care covers cover IVF, hormone evaluation and basic medical examination costs, OT expenses and anesthetic processing fees. Medicines are given to the patient, they are paid separately in most cases. Increases in IVF treatment costs in international India. In countries such as the US and Canada, the treatment costs are more than $ 10,000, which can make it more economical for them to exceed 2.5 million. Also, from the beginning of pregnancy, the IVF treatment plan 2002 is terrible to jump surrogate. Many health insurance companies do not cover their general health insurance policies IVF, but as an awareness and growing demand for IVF, there is a positive sign.

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Insurance policy in India that covers IVF and other reproductive treatment

The option of health insurance coverage for IVF in India is not just a smart move but it is something that can save you money. Below is a list of health insurance policies that cover IVF and similar reproductive remedies:

One Health by Magma HDI Insurance

Magma HDI is a general health insurance company. They have four plans – Support, Support Plus, Shield and Premium. Their plans allow you to add more cover when some of them are built-in. The main advantages of his infertility treatment insurance coverage in India include hospitalization costs, IVF treatment, free annual health check up, and more in the pre and post hospital. If you are not happy with their plans, you can cancel them within 15 days and refund a total. At the same time, he has a plan, which is the original cover, comes to Rs 2 lac to help when to add additional cover charges to the scheme to join up to 5 lac rupees. There is a 10% to 20% co-payment option on their cover, where this word lasts for 1 to 3 years.

Bhartiya Mahila Bank and New India Insurance (BMB Nirbhaya)

This cover is available for women who have opened an Indian Women Bank account. It does not impose financial burden on infertility treatments, morbid obesity and health problems, women related to hospitals and maternal care. Insurance amount can range from Rs 100,000 to Rs. 500,000 and the premium starts from Rs. 1,745, which is for women aged 22 and above.

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This includes claims-free gynecological examination from fourth year and maternity expenses from third year. The best part is that unlike other IVF sheaths, it covers costs in the event of an abortion. This is the best IVF cover available for women in India. IVF It is not too late to imagine and welcome parenthood. With the advancement of treatment and medical technologies, getting the best possible IVF treatment in different budgets is not a distant concept but a reality.

IVF Suraksha by Craft Hospital and Research Center

IVF conservation plan is one of the best IVF cover available for women because it uses advanced techniques for treatment. If the outcome of the treatment is not positive, the claim is a complete refund. You pay up to 2.75 lakh rupees and transfer it to two embryos, including the transfer of blastocyst culture, assisted hatching and egg freezing and release any additional embryos.

For one IVF-ICSI, the treatment starts from 1.75 lakh, but for subsequent treatment, the value goes up to 3.5 lakh rupees. However, after you sign up for this plan, you will have to pay only 2.75 lakh for the cost of treatment instead of 3.5 lakh, thus saving you money. The success rate of their treatment is high, growing up to 75% and the joints have to undergo physical fitness testing before taking advantage of their plans. Their membership does not involve the costs involved in the abortion, hormone injection and the condition necessary for drug testing, tubal pregnancy and registration, consultation and laboratory testing.

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