How to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

Everybody perceives spiritual enlightenment in different ways. It should not be confused as religion, rather…

Everybody perceives spiritual enlightenment in different ways. It should not be confused as religion, rather a medium that allows you to choose one.

Since the beginning of time, people have been working on their spiritual side and trying to strengthen them through various means. Some meditate, perform yoga while others pray to God as part of their belief system. There are some ways to achieve spiritual awakening, however, before going through those we need to find out what it means, and understand the levels involved in the process.

Spiritual Enlightenment and its Levels

Spiritual Enlightenment is understanding the full concept of a situation. When one is connected with their spiritual side, they tend to capture the concept of human existence in this world and beyond. Their faith in God strengthens and they are more prone to believe and be open about truths of life.

Many people tend to think that material factors like money, fame, and power will make them happy but they are far from the truth. These will only provide temporary happiness, not a lifetime solution. To gain true happiness, it needs to come out from within yourself, your mind, body, and soul. You are the creator of your happiness and awakening, your spiritual sense takes you there. It is most helpful in spreading positivity in cases of pregnant women who due to hormonal changes often feel blue.

Many people also achieve psychic abilities and can predict the periods in one’s life. Check out this Medium Finder Website to get more ideas and how to contact them.

There are 3 stages or levels of achieving spiritual awakening. The first level of achievement is keeping your mind to the present. It makes you more aware of the environment around you and helps you to worry less about the past or the future.

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The second level of achieving enlightenment is when you start to feel one with nature and connect with the environment around you. The little things start to bring more joy than you imagined and you become more curious about the meaning of life.

The third and the final level does not only connect you but makes you believe completely one with nature. That means you are everything and everywhere!

Benefits of Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment

There are several benefits involved when one decides to seek spiritual peace and sanctity. The feeling of being one with your surroundings and actively becoming self-aware about your inner consciousness is one of the essential aspects achieved when you awaken your spiritual sense.

Another added benefit to this is you become so much at peace that nothing in the world bothers you anymore. You start to feel empathetic and compassionate towards people and build stronger spiritual connections with everyone and everything. There’s no room left for negativity to seep in which makes you feel content and pure.

Now that you know what spiritual enlightenment is, its many stages, and the benefits involved, let’s take a look at how to achieve it.

Ways to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

Rid your Ego

The most important aspect of a person’s personality is their ego. Many people hold on to their ego as if their life depends on it and letting it go will make them lose face in front of society and the world. It harms relationships and brings nothing but misery to the person. This misconception needs to be erased to achieve and awaken your spiritual life and embrace positivity.

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When you start being honest to yourself, you can command your mind and heart to tell the truth and support it. It is often difficult but once you start getting the hang of it, it’ll become easy.

Take risks

We as humans are created in such a way that when there is a problem, we analyze it and choose the path that involves less risk. The factor that’s working here is fear. Fear of being who you are or want to become, fear of compromising, committing, investing, fear of adapting, or of being judged. Spiritual enlightenment can only be achieved once this fear factor is removed. So take risks, if it turns in your favor, great! If it doesn’t, don’t step back to being afraid. Try again!

Forgive & Forget

When you feel hurt by other people’s actions, especially about you, it is natural to feel upset and hurt and hold grudges against that person. However, doing this doesn’t harm them one bit, it harms you the most. Your mind and physical health get affected and negativity seeps into you making you less confident in yourself.

Let it all go! Forgive them and forget it too and soon you’ll realize how light you feel. This will help you to remove everything obstructing your way to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Let go of Material things

Money, power, and fame may sound appealing and will make you happy at the time but that happiness will be temporary. Detaching yourself from all that will make you selfless and humble. Detaching doesn’t mean to throw away all gadgets and money and feel and love in solitude, it simply means not be dependent on worldly objects and take them for granted.

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Meditation & Yoga

From time immemorial, people have been meditating to seek inner peace by detaching completely from the world. It provides mental peace and strengthens the nerves which helps to think better and clearly. Making it an early morning habit will also make you productive throughout the day.

Yoga, on the other hand, not only enhances mental health but concentrates on physical health too. It’s effective in providing you with the inner peace you want and also keeps you healthy.


Praying is also a form of meditation that makes you withdraw from the materialistic world and gives you mental peace. However, it is important to note that both religion and spirituality, though similar, have different perspectives. Religion can also help you attain spiritual enlightenment as it too includes meditating as a form of praying and disconnecting from the world.


Many scholars will agree that love is the most powerful factor there is to awaken your spirituality. Learn to love yourself, which is very important, and then love your close ones and the nature around you. Love will make you achieve true peace and provide an unusual calmness that’ll make you reach spiritual enlightenment.

Once you have achieved spiritual enlightenment, you’ll start to view life and everything around you differently. You’ll be more loving and empathetic towards people, and lose the fear of taking risks or even death. You’ll be mentally more positive towards life, trivial or material things won’t matter to you anymore. You’ll be more content and be at peace with yourself due to your ability to forgive others and loving yourself.

If you feel anything like those mentioned above, then congratulations, you have achieved spiritual enlightenment!