Why Do Parents Choose The Kia Sorento?

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Whether you have a large family or a small one this vehicle is going to benefit your family nonetheless. Made to be Kia’s large family SUV. It has space to seat 7 passengers which is plenty of space for everything else.

There are quite a few factors that you have to consider when purchasing a family vehicle. The Kia Sorento has all of these and more. This comes as no surprise as it won family car of the year!

Read further about why parents choose the Kia Sorento.

Safety features

Families, especially families with young children need a vehicle that is going to provide them with driver safety. Parents are unable to keep their eye on their children all the time while they are driving, so they need a vehicle that is not going to add to the already stressful job of caring for a child.

The safety features of the Kia Sorento clearly kept all of your safety concerns in mind, as there are so many great features to keep you and your children safe while driving.

Here are some of the safety features: 

  • Stability control to help reduce engine power and to apply pressure on the brake if a loss of control is sensed.
  • Frontal airbags, side airbags, and overhead airbags. 6 airbags in total.
  • Lane-keeping assists to make sure you maintain your lane.
  • Forward collision prevention, it warns you to hit the brakes.
  • It has an all-around view monitoring to detect potential collisions
  • Blindspot collision avoidance helps you be aware of vehicles that you may not have seen.
  • It has a rear cross-traffic assist to help you avoid hitting another vehicle while in reverse.
  • Smart cruise control will keep you a safe distance away from cars in front of you. Your vehicle may even stop if it feels it needs to and start again with a tap of the accelerator pedal.
  • Child safety sensors detect the latch of car seats and adjust the airbags during collins based on the severity of the impact to protect children.
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Space for the whole family

With the Kia Sorento being classified as a family car and after looking at its safety features. We have to look at whether it has space for the whole family.

Space is one of the main reasons why families opt for SUV’s as there is a level of guaranteed space. Which quite truthfully you can never have enough of. It needs to be able to fit all of the kids, the parents, the animals, the bags, the sports gear, the school projects, the groceries and plenty more!

The Kia Sorento should and does serve all of these needs although it is considered smaller in size than its competitors. The Sorento is 4810mm long, 1900mm wide and 1700mm tall with a wheelbase of 2815mm the Sorento is a good size to house everything a family needs.

It seats 7 passengers so if you are a small family of 3 or a big family of 7, even with a pet in the mix it will comfortably seat the whole family. The Sorento went a level up on its competitors by adding a 3rd row.

The boot offers just as much space for all of the extra items you are needing to travel with. With the third row folded down, it has 12.6 cubic feet of space and has 75.5 cubic feet in total with all of the seats folded down.

Giving you and your family ample space.

Is it comfortable?

Above all else, comfortability is a must!

The Kia Sorento offers very comfortable interiors, despite the finishes you choose on the seats. Comfortability includes having a touch screen centre console with wireless features that can connect to multiple devices at a time.

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These kinds of infotainment features add to the good rides. As you are able to keep the children entertained while you are focused on the road. While also avoiding the risk of prolonged distractions as you are able to control everything with just one tap of a button.

The Sorento also guarantees a smooth ride and is said to be quieter than its competitors. A must when trying to get the little ones to stop crying or especially to go to sleep.


Whether you are only just starting your family or already have a big family. The Kia Sorento is the vehicle for you. With so many helpful safety features, having ample space and being extra comfortable it truly does live up to every family’s expectations.