What is a Pregnancy Scare and How To Deal With a Pregnancy Scare?

A pregnancy scare , also called pregnancy panic or pregnancy anxiety, can be defined as the sudden fear of pregnancy. Women and girls may get scared because they took a pregnancy test that came out positive or missed their period. Some women have spotting between periods and worry that this could be a sign of pregnancy. Spotting during pregnancy is very common, especially in the first 3 months. There are different pregnancy scares , depending on what caused you to think about pregnancy.

The number one reason why women get scared about being pregnant is because they aren’t ready to have a baby.

How to Deal with a Pregnancy Scare?

A pregnancy scare is scary for so many reasons. Most women are afraid because they aren’t ready to be a mother, or they missed their period and have no way of knowing if the emergency contraception didn’t work.


There are 16 best tips you can do to support someone who’s having a pregnancy scare:

Tip 1: Try not to let her panic. Panic is only going to make the pregnancy anxiety worse. You’re a valuable friend, so try to be calm during this pregnancy scare time.

Tip 2: Tell your friend that pregnancy happens when she’s least expecting it. This shouldn’t keep from enjoying sex or using protection at all times!

Tip 3: Give positive pregnancy test results. If your pregnancy scare friend shows you a positive pregnancy pregnancy test , tell her that it is not always accurate the first day she takes one. However, if she’s had sex within the past few days and it still says positive, don’t try to calm her down with negative pregnancy tests .

Tip 4: Don’t be a pregnancy scare pregnancy test . Avoid pregnancy pregnancy tests that suggest she might be pregnant, especially if they’re online pregnancy scares .

Tip 5: Explain why pregnancy scares are often wrong. They can use a pregnancy calculator to figure out how far along they’d be if they were really pregnant. If their pregnancy symptoms don’t fit with the due date on the website, chances are pregnancy calculator pregnancy scare pregnancy .

Tip 6: Remind your friend that pregnancy scares happen to everyone. Everybody gets scared at some point in their life. It’s a natural reaction, but it can cause stress and anxiety if it happens too often or frequently during pregnancy pregnancy scare .

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Tip 7: Help your friend relax by breathing through the pregnancy scare , because stressing will make pregnancy scare pregnancy symptoms worse.

Tip 8: Offer to take her pregnancy test pregnancy scares together if she’s not sure what to do. This can also be helpful to the best of pregnancy tests for early pregnancy .

Tip 9: Let her know that you’re here for her during this difficult time, and pregnancy anxiety is completely normal!

Tip 10: If your pregnancy scare friend has other pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and pregnancy aches, keep pregnancy scares pregnancy home pregnancy test pregnancy constant in her mind.

Tip 11: Encourage her to take a pregnancy test if she’s still worried after a few days. Sometimes they can get scared this way into thinking something is wrong when there isn’t anything to worry about pregnancy pregnancy scare pregnancy .

Tip 12: Try to see her pregnancy test pregnancy scares as learning opportunities. After a pregnancy scare , you should know how to avoid pregnancy, and now she can better use birth control pregnancy testing products pregnancy scare pregnancy .

Tip 13: Remind her that some women do get pregnant when they’re not ready for it. This doesn’t mean pregnancy pregnancy scares are useless! It’s just a normal part of life for some women pregnancy pregnancy scare pregnancy .

Tip 14: If the pregnancy test pregnancy scares is positive, remind her to take action. Inform her that she can do all she needs to do for her unborn baby with an abortion or adoption if she wants. Don’t try to sway her pregnancy pregnancy scare pregnancy to one or the other. Instead, support her in whatever decision she pregnancy pregnancy scares !

Tip 15: Help her follow through with whichever pregnancy scare pregnancy choice she makes after taking a positive pregnancy test pregnancy . If she decides against abortion or adoption, be there for her throughout the pregnancy scare pregnancy , and if she chooses to have an abortion pregnancy scare pregnancy pregnancy pregnancy pregnancy , there are pregnancy pregnancy scares to make the process easier for her.

Tip 16: Be supportive, positive, and reassuring during this pregnancy scare pregnancy . She will be grateful that she has you as a friend!

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Is it normal to have a pregnancy scare?

There are many reasons why women get pregnancy scares. A pregnancy scare is often brought about by the uncertainty that you might be pregnant after a longer than normal cycle. It can also happen if your period has been irregular or spotting in between periods on birth control pills.

This article contains basic information on pregnancy fears and pregnancy symptoms to help alleviate any concerns one might have.

Pregnancy fears and pregnancy symptoms in females

Most pregnancy scares occur when a woman is taking birth control pills that contain estrogen according to Dr. Jeffrey Jensen, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist in Brookline, MA . Estrogen can make her more sensitive to pregnancy hormones, so she may believe that pregnancy has occurred earlier than normal. However, pregnancy symptoms can occur in any female at anytime, even when not on birth control pills with estrogen.

In most cases pregnancy scares are unrelated to pregnancy because the pregnancy hormones that cause implantation bleeding is only so strong for a short period of time according to Planned Parenthood . If you are pregnant (and aren’t on birth control pills), pregnancy symptoms will occur when you are two weeks pregnant and continue for the next eight weeks until the pregnancy is completely established.

Pregnancy scares in females

Pregnancy fears happen more often than you realize according to Planned Parenthood , especially if you have been diagnosed with irregular cycles. It is estimated that 1% to 2% of women who are not pregnant will experience pregnancy symptoms. The most common cause of pregnancy fears is when you have skipped your period due to pregnancy hormones, which are produced in small amounts even if you aren’t pregnant according to Dr. Jeffrey Jensen , an Obstetrician/Gynecologist in Brookline, MA .

It’s important to note that pregnancy fears are not pregnancy. It’s normal to have pregnancy scares even if you aren’t pregnant as hormones fluctuate according to the following:

The menstrual cycle which can be caused by your period The amount of estrogen in birth control pills that you take How quickly pregnancy hormones accumulate when they reach the uterus

While pregnancy symptoms may seem like pregnancy, pregnancy fears are not pregnancy. In most cases pregnancy fears are no cause for concern and will disappear after pregnancy hormones dissipate from the body according to Planned Parenthood .

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Can pregnancy scare cause symptoms?

Pregnancy scare after pregnancy symptoms You may have pregnancy fears if you experience pregnancy symptoms such as implantation bleeding or pregnancy spotting. It is important to note that pregnancy fears can cause pregnancy symptoms, but pregnancy scares are not the same thing as pregnancy. Pregnancy is caused by an egg being fertilized and implanted in the uterus according to Planned Parenthood . If pregnancy occurs, pregnancy symptoms will be present and pregnancy fears may have come true. Pregnancy scares are common though they do not cause pregnancy.

Pregnancy test after pregnancy scare

If you have experienced pregnancy symptoms caused by pregnancy fears it is important to get a pregnancy test to determine whether or how far along you are in your pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnancy test after pregnancy scare take a pregnancy test if you have pregnancy symptoms because pregnancy fears can be cause for concern. If pregnancy symptoms are present, it may be caused by pregnancy itself or pregnancy and the symptoms of pregnancy.

How can I avoid pregnancy scares?

There is only one foolproof way to ensure you are not pregnant: abstain from sexual intercourse. However, if you engage in sex, the best way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy is using a reliable birth control method and combining methods where possible.

Other pregnancy prevention methods include not having sex when your partner is fertile. For example, consider the most fertile days of a woman’s menstrual cycle and avoid unprotected sex on those days. For women with regular menstrual cycles, this would mean avoiding unprotected sex from 5 days before ovulation until 1 day after.

Bottom Line

Pregnancy scares can be a scary and difficult experience for many people. Here are some things you may want to know about pregnancy scares, including what they are, how common they happen, what causes them and ways to avoid them in the future. If you think that you’ve had symptoms of pregnancy but have been unable to confirm it with a doctor or specialist (such as spotting), there is no harm in taking an at-home pregnancy test just to rule out any worries. We hope these thoughts help ease your mind!