Women and Fedora Hats – Ways to Wear the Hat

Most people think that a fedora hat is for men! But if you look at its history, fedoras were famous as women’s hats as well. It acted as a sign of the women’s rights movement. However, today politics don’t have any role in the way fedoras are looked upon. The fedora hats have made a place for themselves in the fashion world. Along with mens cowboy hats the fedora is a classic choice for hat lovers across genders.

Fedoras – A brief history

Do you want to know a surprising fact? If you go through the history of hats, you will know that the fedora hats originated from a play “Fedora” by Victorien Sardou. It was actor Sarah Bernhardt who wore a felt fedora during the play, resulting in the popularity of the hats. The fedora hat started with a woman. After that, these hats became a popular style accessory in the Prohibition era, making the fedora hat women lose their appeal.

Are the fedora hats in vogue today?

The fedora hats with their indented crown and soft brim have become famous amongst fashion influencers and celebrities. If you are new to this hat type, then you will realize that the fedora style is easy. There is no floppy, heavy brim that will come on your way. You can get these hats on wool and felt material that gives them a good shape.

Wearing the fedora hat – Four crucial tips

There is no compulsion for you to opt-in for a wool or fedora hat. Today, you can also select from the braided straw fedoras that are breathable and lightweight. It’s perfect for a summer outing. You can invest in a small fedora hat which is great for most seasons.

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Are you searching for a women’s fedora hat? If yes, you will come across several designs with a soft and wide brim. If you mostly stay outdoors, then this hat will protect your face and head from the scorching sun rays. If you want to opt-in for the classic fedora, you can choose shades like tan, black, ivory, or grey. You can also select bright shades and style it the way you want. In fact, if you choose a vibrant color fedora hat, you can pair it with monochrome attire.

Are you thinking about how you can look good in your fedora hat? There’s no need to let it down or wear a ponytail. You simply need to manage your hairstyle. You might take inspiration from the bohemian braid and look chic. Also, a fedora hat has more to offer than just being a casual hat. Women with short haircuts also sport this hat with formal outfits.

However, it is essential to get the hat in the correct size! Do you want to fight the challenge of ordering the hat online with the wrong size? If yes, then you need to measure the hat correctly. For this, you must:

  • Ideally, you should first measure about ¾ inch atop your ears with a measuring tape. It will prevent your fedora from getting placed too low.
  • In terms of the headwear, you certainly should measure close to 1/8 of an inch.
  • Double-check the hat’s size chart for the specific brand you wish to buy. If you are falling between the sizes, it’s best to size up.
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Dressing up with the fedora hat

Using the fedora hat, you can both dress up and down. Discussed below are some fashion tips for women to style their fedora with their outfits.

  • Pair it up with shorts–It is a perfect outfit for the summer and spring months. When the climate is warm, ensure to carry a lightweight straw fedora.
  • Wear it with your knitted sweater – It is a perfect style for winter and cooler months. Along with your fedora, you can also add your long boots that will add more class to the look.
  • Wear your fedora with a maxi dress– It is a sophisticated combination and adds more character to your persona. You have the chance to make this look slightly formal, based on whether you are wearing heels or flats.
  • Pair it with your romper–It is a simple summer style that you will always get right! You can pair the fedora with a romper. If your romper is printed, you can choose a printed hat to complement the look. If you want to spruce up your attire, you can wear heels. Although, wearing flats will look great as well.
  • Wear it with the bathing suit – It is more for your social media profile photo moments! You can pair your fedora with a bathing suit in a pool or a beach. It’s a coveted summery, chic look.
  • Pair it with your jeans and tank top–Adding a fedora can add the much-required spunk to a simple attire like a pair of jeans and a tank top. You can choose either a felt or a straw fedora for this.
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These are a few ways women can style and sport their favorite fedora hats and look stylish.