Top 10 Best Parenting Websites in India 2023

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Parenting is a tough job and finding good resources to help can make it easier. India has numerous parenting websites, each offering its own unique set of helpful advice, tips, tricks, and strategies. For parents looking for the best parenting advice in India,

we have compiled a list of the top 10 best parenting websites in India. From informative blogs and articles to parenting forums and helpful resources, these websites will provide parents with the advice they need. Whether it’s tips on toddler tantrums or useful advice for teenage problems, each of these parenting sites offers something different and valuable. So take a look at our list and find the website that best suits your needs!

Best Parenting Websites in India

Here are list of top 10 parenting websites in India that parents seem to love!

1. Baby Center India

baby center india

Baby Center India is an online resource dedicated to helping parents and caregivers in India raise healthy and happy children. The website offers helpful information on topics such as pregnancy, parenting, nutrition, and more.

It also features articles written by expert doctors that can help new parents navigate the early stages of parenting with confidence. Baby Center India also has a large forum community where parents can connect with each other to discuss various topics related to parenting. Additionally, the website provides resources for expecting mothers such as due date calculators and top tips from experienced moms who have already been through it.

All in all, Baby Center India is an invaluable resource for parents, providing them with the guidance and support they need to raise their families.

2. MOM News Daily

mom news daily

MOM News Daily is an online magazine for women in India. It covers topics related to motherhood and parenting, from pre-pregnancy to post-delivery tips.

The website offers advice on health, nutrition, fitness, mental health, how to manage stress, infant care and more. It also includes news stories about motherhood in India and the world at large. Additionally, the website features articles and interviews with inspiring mothers who share their struggles and successes in raising children.

MOM News Daily is a great resource for any woman who wants to stay up-to-date on issues that affect her life as she navigates motherhood.

3. MomJunction


MomJunction is a comprehensive resource for Indian parents. The website provides helpful information on pregnancy, parenting, health, nutrition and parenting tips. It also features articles about baby care, toddler development and more.

Additionally, MomJunction has an active forum community where parents can connect and share advice with like-minded families. Parents can also find reviews of products related to motherhood such as toys, books and clothes. All in all, MomJunction provides an invaluable source of support and guidance to everyone raising kids in India.

4. FirstCry Parenting


FirstCry Parenting is a comprehensive online resource for new and expecting parents. It provides useful information on parenting, health and nutrition, baby care, and more.

The website also has a large selection of products related to motherhood such as toys, books, clothes, and accessories. Additionally, FirstCry offers helpful content on topics like child development milestones, sleep guidance for infants and toddlers, feeding schedules for babies and much more.

In short, FirstCry Parenting is the perfect companion for any parent trying to raise their kids in the best way possible.

5. India Parenting

India Parenting is an extensive resource for Indian parents. It features articles about parenting, health and nutrition, baby care, toddler development and more.

Additionally, India Parenting offers advice on topics like child nutrition, potty training and home safety. The website also has an active online community with forums discussing various topics related to parenting in India. Parents can connect with other parents and seek advice or share tips with like-minded families.

India Parenting provides an invaluable source of support and guidance to anyone raising kids in India.

6. TheAsianParent


TheAsianParent is an online platform designed specifically to serve the Asian parenting community. The website provides resources, advice and tips on multiple parenting topics such as pregnancy, child health, nutrition and behavior. It also has a vast collection of videos and articles covering topics such as early childhood development and education.

Additionally, TheAsianParent offers helpful tools such as its Baby Milestones, Pregnancy Tools and Parenting Tracker which helps parents monitor their child’s growth and development. Finally, TheAsianParent also has an active online forum where parents can share their experiences and connect with other Asian parents for guidance.

TheAsianParent is the perfect solution for any parent looking for comprehensive knowledge about raising children in an Asian culture.

7. Confused Parent

confused parent

Confused Parent is a helpful online resource dedicated to guiding parents through all their parenting questions. The website provides answers to frequently asked parenting questions, and covers everything from infant care and nutrition to older child development. Additionally, Confused Parent offers advice on topics like potty training, communicating with your children, discipline and more.

The website also features an interactive chatbot named ‘Ask Buddy’ that helps answer user’s queries in real-time. Furthermore, the website also has a community of parents who can share their experiences and support each other. All in all, Confused Parent is an excellent resource for any parent trying to navigate the complexities of modern-day parenting.

8. BabyChakra


BabyChakra is an online parenting platform that helps connect parents to the right doctors, workshops, products and service providers for their parenting needs.

The website offers comprehensive information on topics such as pregnancy, childcare and nutrition. It also includes resources like mom-blogs, lifestyle content and baby care tips from medical experts. Additionally, BabyChakra has a massive marketplace with over 100 verified products covering every aspect of parenting. It even has a unique feature of doctor appointment booking, where you can find the best pediatricians for you and your baby’s needs.

Altogether, BabyChakra is a great resource for any parent looking for assistance with their parenting journey.

9. ParentCircle


ParentCircle is an online community that provides parents with access to reliable, credible information on parenting topics. The website has a wide range of educational content and in-depth articles from experts offering advice on important parenting topics such as child development, education, nutrition and more.

Moreover, ParentCircle also has interactive quizzes and activities for children to help them learn about different topics. Additionally, the platform has a section dedicated to connecting parents with other fellow parents so they can interact with each other and get timely updates about schools, events and more.

ParentCircle is an excellent one-stop solution for any parent looking for reliable information and advice on parenting.

10. Kidsstoppress

Kidsstoppress is an online platform dedicated to helping the parents of young children. The website provides comprehensive resources and tools such as interactive videos, activities, contests and more. Kidsstoppress also has a wide range of educational content with advice from experts on topics like discipline, nutrition, mental health and more.

Additionally, parents can also find great deals on products for their kids on the website. With its easy navigation and user friendly interface, Kidsstoppress is a great resource for any parent looking for help in raising happy healthy children. Parents can access tips and advice from experts as well as connect with other parents going through similar experiences in the vibrant online community.

Bottom Line

After surveying the top 10 parenting websites in India for 2023, we can see that there are plenty of resources out there to support and nurture your child’s growth and development. Whether you’re looking for advice on potty training or need help creating a healthier family relationship, these websites will provide you with the answers you need. Of particular note are sites like The Baby Centre, MOM News Daily, and Indian Parenting Advisory for their comprehensive and informative content. Thus, it is safe to say that the Indian parenting community is in good hands with these dependable sources providing support. Thanks to them, parents can rest assured knowing they have access to reliable information and resources to give their children every opportunity to grow up happy and healthy

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