Best Lady Gaga Live TV Performances

You don’t hear people often ask how much are Lady Gaga tickets? However, it is normal since her live performances are worth every penny you pay, and the experience of watching and listening to her sing live will stay in your favorite memories forever. Gaga is arguably the best pop singer in the whole world today.

Gaga is one of the rare examples in the history of music that knows how to sing, write her own songs, dance, have various fashion styles, and have an incredible stage performance every time she appears in front of an audience. She is simply amazing.

All these reasons show without a doubt why fans barely wait for her next worldwide tour to purchase Lady Gaga tickets and mark off this experience as one of the best on their to-do list.

It is the same when she sings live on television, and here we will see her best live TV performances to this day. So let’s get into it.

“Paparazzi’ and “Poker Face” at MTV VMAs in 2009

If somebody knows how to put themselves on the stage and prove that they are the next worldwide music sensation, it is Lady Gaga. And this is the biggest reason why fans don’t care if they purchase Lady Gaga tickets Chicago or Lady Gaga Houston tickets because the only important thing is to buy a passage to her next concert.

The first time she proved her value worldwide was at the 2009 MTV VMA’s when she performed her to-be legendary hit songs titled “Paparazzi” and “Poker Face.” She had out-of-the-box choices for her performance, artistic choreography, exciting fashion sense, and of course, an incredibly energetic attitude. It was an intelligent move that put her on the map right away by proving she could do everything when she appeared on the stage.

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“Shallow” at the 2019 Academy Awards

Let’s go a little bit ahead in the future. One of the performances that will be remembered forever is her live appearance with Bradley Cooper at the Oscars in 2019. She has won every possible award in the music business, and now she even won an Oscar for Best Original Song from the movie “A Star Is Born.”

It was an incredible live performance of “Shallow” along with Bradley. It was amazing to see her showing a totally different fashion style with a simple black dress sitting on a piano, playing and singing one of the best duet songs ever. Everyone had the chance to hear her outstanding vocal abilities once again and also see a different calming side of her performance menu.

Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2017

Everyone is well aware that there is no more significant sporting event in the United States than the Super Bowl. Performing at this event means a great privilege and challenge for every musician. Gaga had the opportunity and challenge to sing at halftime, and she definitely didn’t disappoint; quite the contrary, she made an impressive live TV performance.

She had acrobatic sequences that were warmed up by singing “God Bless America” in a high-quality cinematic intro and followed it by singing “Poker Face,” “Born This Way,” and “Telephone.” Last but not least, an intimate piano version of “Million Reasons” was performed to calm down the previous exciting moments. Of course, all of this was constantly followed by an authentic fashion style and make-up.

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“Applause” at the 2013 MTV VMA’s

A performance for the ages. Gaga once again showed to every doubter that she can do everything on the stage and doesn’t have a problem being a singer, dancer, stage performer, and everything in between. “Applause” is a song from the “Artpop” studio album, and this live TV performance proved just that; Gaga is a musician made of mixing the art and pop ingredients.

It was one of those performances when you think that it can’t get any better, but she constantly surprises you. A number of wig and costume changes were made, followed by an appearance in a seashell bikini with a blonde wig. Don’t think that she wasn’t dancing all the time, because that is one of her best brand marks.


Now once again, you reassured your beliefs why Gaga is one of the best, if not the best live performer in the entire world, and why fans can’t wait to buy Lady Gaga concert tickets for her next tour. These are some of the best Lady Gaga live TV performances ever, but don’t worry if you missed them; she will surprise us again many more times in the future when an opportunity comes up to perform.

Great pop singers don’t come around often, and incredible pop icons even less. So don’t think twice when a chance occurs to purchase tickets for a Lady Gaga concert event because her mix of beautiful singing and stage performance will create memories that you will never want to forget.