Five Essentials You Need at Your Next Pool Party

One of the most exciting things about having your own pool is being able to share that object of your happiness with others in the form of a pool party. What is the point of being all alone with all of that refreshing water? But before you make a dash to call over your closest friends, make sure you have the key ingredients to enjoying your pool party.

A party means food and beverages, both of which depend on the age range of the guests. Is this pool party going to be a family-friendly event with mostly kids and parents? Or, is this going to be all adults with no kids coming over at all?

Music is a key component to a party as well, and the ages of your guest will determine what songs you should play. But food, beverages, and music are all obvious items for a pool party. Let’s take a dive into the deep end and keep your head above water with this brief checklist of five essentials you need at your next pool party.

Pool Floats

Just because your friends and family members are coming over to your house for a pool party doesn’t mean that they are all the greatest swimmers in the world. Make sure that you have purchased a pool float for your guests. You don’t have to have one for everybody if this will become too pricey. But it would be ideal to have at least three pool floats that your guests can share.

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Kiddie Pool

If there will be really young kids attending your pool party, it would make sense to have a separate kiddie pool that they can use. It is a whole lot safer to have small children splashing around and playing in an extremely shallow kiddie pool than having them in a full-sized pool before they are ready for that.

If your party isn’t going to have any children at all, a kiddie pool can make a fun way to keep your pool cool throughout the day.

Lawn Chairs

You are surely not going to drag out all of your living room furniture to your pool area and risk it getting soaked with water and damaged. Plus, having a sofa and armchairs would look ridiculous.

This is where having a few sets of lawn chairs comes in handy. They can be folded to be sat in and folded back up to be put away and stored until your next super exciting pool party. You can purchase the type of lawn chairs that extend far enough to stretch your legs out on them or the short lawn chairs for sitting upright.

Drink Holders and Coolers

Providing drink holders for your guests will allow them to cool off in and around the pool with more than just the pool water, but with a nice, refreshing beverage. A rather warm day can transform an ice cool can of soda or beer into a warm, bland drink. Keep your tasty liquids icy cold with portable coolers that are easy to move around and refill as the day goes by.

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Beach Towels

On a more affordable note, it would be very considerate to purchase enough beach towels for each of the guests that you are expecting. Some people may bring their own. But they may appreciate the fact that they don’t have to cart a bunch of soaking wet beach towels back home with them later. Make sure that they are beach towels and not bath towels, which are smaller in size.

Once you have these five essentials for a pool party in place, you can focus on having the best day of your life.