Choosing Clothing for Winter Raves

If you have thought you are the only one who is dealing with staying warm in rave clothes, think again. I myself have had this problem and have found a variety of solutions that may interest you. The big problem is winter events that are held indoors. If the event is outdoors in the winter, big furry coats and onesies are a terrific option. And if you are looking for a good place for big coats, Goodwill is the place to shop.

The real problems begin when you are heading to indoor events in the dead of winter. You will be stuck between freezing to death on your way or experiencing the slow cooker once inside. I myself would choose to grin and bear the icy trek to the designated location for a few years. That was until I came across some amazing options that are not too hot and really cute.

The discovery of the century so far is going to blow your mind, Get ready for it!

Pashminas are MAGIC!

This may seem like the most obvious option for most of you. But, for those who haven’t found this terrific option, or those who have no idea what I am talking about, Pashminas are the greatest thing to wear at a colder rave or festival.

What is a pashmina, you ask? These embroidered scarves come in a wide range of color combinations and styles that look amazing with all types of outfits. In addition to looking absolutely amazing, the pashmina is also super comfortable. They can be worn around the neck where they will hardly be detected and pulled over the head if it begins to get cold. For me, a pashmina is nothing less than a security blanket. Best of all, they are available just about everywhere. Shop for your special option at Etsy or find a terrific variety in festivals, street vendors and all other kinds of local shops. You can even find one at the Goodwill for about $4.

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The next piece of advice took me longer to discover. I’ve been wearing long pants and long sleeves. It is a lot easier to cope with cold arms or cold legs rather than both. This is a good choice because there are simply so many options in stylish attractive leggings. Including lace up, mesh, trippy patterns and lace leggings.

If you have an old pair of leggings or have found an old pair at Goodwill, you can breathe new life by learning how to braid leggings. If you aren’t familiar with this magic trick, stay tuned to this blog for more ideas coming up soon. You will not be disappointed with the results.

Liquid Dreams also has a wide range of attractive options designed to keep you warm in the winter. Joggers are meant to be worn out and about in all types of weather conditions and are available in all styles and feature some impressive reflective patterns. But if pants are not the thing for you, I suggest you try out some fishnets, thigh high socks and garters.

On the other hand, you can go for the long sleeve shirt route, which is something that I have been trying extensively lately. This has allowed me to re-wear so many of the older, but not baggy or even particularly cute. The look can be kicked up a notch by adding a trippy or cute artist’s merch shirt. This works just as well by using a long-sleeve rave shirt.

Hats are also a good idea as they are so easily carried or tossed into the bag you will be bringing along. Beanies are a top-notch idea alongside snapbacks. These can be decorated to a great extent with a variety of pins or Kritter

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Finally, my very last tip is all about accessories. The better you plan the accessories, the less effort you will have to place in making your style stand out. Kritter Klips neon necklaces for glow parties and platforms are my top suggestions. If I have the bright kitty ears and the right shoes, I feel cute and attractive even in baggy T-shirts and fishnets.