Are You Considering A Post Maternity Career Change?

Maternity leave and motherhood might just provide you with space and time where you can think about a fresh career path. However, where exactly do you get started? You might have been working the same occupation for the last decade, but all of the sudden, you’re inspired to take your passion for cooking, photography, sewing, or what have you, and turn it into something profitable. If having your baby has inspired you to jump into a new career, you need to know what to do. Keep reading to find out.

Figure Out What Your Motivation Is

Figure out what’s driving you towards something new. Do you have a truly deep yearning? Or are you just not thrilled at the prospect of going back to your old job? If it’s your current job, try giving it a few more months when you go back. You might just need that time to settle in and see if it works out. However, if you want to plow ahead into something new, then start considering a side project or part-time job you can gradually dip into. Having a child makes you contemplate whether or not your career is right for you. A new life in your family can also expose you to new people and new ideas. Take them all in gracefully and consider the possibilities before you.

Let Your Interests Lead You

When you choose to try your hand at a new career, you need to really tap into your own passion and interests. Maybe you want to work in volunteering or charity, but maybe there’s something you read in the local press that fires you up. Consider any activity that you love doing, but you don’t get paid for. Monetizing it can be a wonderful way to start a new job or career.

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Consult Your Significant Other

Before your baby, any thoughts of big life changes might have revolved around affording more travel or vacation time. Now, your family is taking center. Consider the roles each partner plays, or which roles both of you play. Figure out who the breadwinner is. Communicate openly and constantly with your partner, since changing careers is likely to impact their finances or childcare responsibilities. Always detail you’re thinking, but do so with your whole family in mind so the two of you can get creative about how it all works cohesively.

Find Support And Advice

Hopefully, you’re already surrounded by positive energy and people that are inspiring and encouraging you at all times. Self-efficacy is a particular theory in the world of psychology, which simply says that when someone believes they can do something, they’re more likely to actually do it. Write down a list of all the pros and cons you can think of, and then go over it with family and friends you trust. You might even want to hire an independent career coach that knows what they’re doing. You may also feel like you need some support from someone like ARC Resumes to get your resume up-to-date and as professional-looking as possible before you start job hunting so you can be confident that it is the best reflection of you and what you can offer to an employer.

Start Networking

Regardless of what niche you want to jump into, you need to find somebody in that field, even if you have yet to meet them, so you can start building up your list of contacts. Ask them if you can get them a coffee or even a meal, so you can talk a bit. If it goes well, see if they’ll let you shadow them when they work for a day. Most people will be totally flattered by this, and it’s even better if you can provide skills in return. Is your old work public relations? You might help them improve the reputation of their business. Find any professional networking events you can find too, but just be sure they’re actually relevant to the field you want to get into so you’re not wasting precious time.

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Get Wise About Interviews

When you are trying to turn into a new career path, your resume might not fit well for new positions speak to professional resume writers for advice. Continue growing your experience and skills. Also, talk to as many people as you can. Recommendations can turn up a lot of opportunities. When you do get an interview, demonstrate your personal passion for that particular sector. Be prepared with many examples of just how conscientious you are, because employers love seeing this.