Top 5 Indoor Security Systems to Help Keep an Eye on the Kids

With so much going on in the world today, you can never have too many eyes on your kids. There are many options for outdoor or indoor security systems that you can choose from to protect you, your family and numerous aspects of your home. Let’s take a look at some of the leading companies that are offering the best home security systems to ensure that you and your family are safe rather than sorry!

Indoor/outdoor Home Security Systems

1. ADT Pulse

ADT is on of the nations leading brands for home and business security systems with a variety of options and packages to choose from. We highly recommend the ADT Pulse for its cutting-edge, simple to use technology. Not only does the system allow you to control your home from wherever you are via the Z-wave home control app, but it also lets you watch real-live footage (or taped) of the monitored areas in your home whenever you need to. You can also schedule you lights, appliances, heat or air conditioning, to turn on as you please and will be notified via text or email of alarms or events. The ADT Pulse package includes a pet-sensitive motion detector a back-up power system, and wireless window/ door sensors.

2. Vivint Home Security

For extra preventive measures we suggest Vivint Home Security which offers customizable packages to give you optimal protection. Vivint identifies real threats by using Phillips light Hue integration and sound to deter any shifty activity in or around your home and its night vision infrared technology camera, does not miss a beat. If you consider your vehicle to be part of the family, definitely keep it safe by opting for the Chamberlin MyQ garage integration. You can turn the lights on and off, keep deliveries safe, and let your dog out all with the touch of a button. The Vivint 1080p HDR doorbell camera gives you a 180×180 degree field of view, so you can see who’s coming before they’re at your door. Control Vivint by using Alexa or Google Assistant.

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3. Brinks indoor wireless

Hard to believe that Brinks Home has been specializing in home and business security systems since 1859. They are certainly up there in professional monitoring and for good reason too. With the Brinks indoor wireless 1080p HD camera, you can see clear footage of an entire room during the day or night( up to 20 feet). The control panel features include: front-facing camera, two-way audio, cellular communication, and a micro-SD card slot. You can even choose to control the ambient in your home. CO or Smoke detectors and freeze or flood sensors are all monitored with Brinks Home Environmental monitoring sensors. They have also partnered with SkyBell Slim line video wireless doorbell camera which has a 5 year battery and can sustain even the lowest temperatures.

4. Lorex Home systems

Have a large home that needs protection? Lorex Home systems with HD DVR camera systems, let you see clearly what’s happening around your property. 4k resolution, means real, sharp color footage and digital zoom ability, Depending on your preference and needs, Lorex gives you the option of either WiFi connected cameras, wired systems or a combination of both. Its smart motion detection plus feature,

detects faces and cars that arrive unbeknownst to you, and you can review the faces it captures for reference. The system will send a notification to your mobile phone if it detects any motion, so you can set off a warning alarm from your Lorex Home app if you need to. Lastly, the Lorex has a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to communicate or listen to audio via t)e Lorex Home App.

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5. Xfinity Home Security

Xfinity offers a Home Security system as dependable as its internet. The Xfinity Home Security systems are Powered by xFi Gateway, so you will get lightning fast connection all of the time. The system is Installed by a technician who will give you a personal whole-assessment and recommendations. Xfinity professionally monitors your home 24/7, so If anything should happen, you can rest assured you will get a fast response. Don’t think you’ll need the extra support? You can manage the system with a self-protection plan and activate Advanced security protection through your Xfinity App. If

you are already an Xfinity customer, you can control your system from the comfort of your couch by using your TV’s Voice remote. If you have an outdated security system, Xfinity will update your old system and give it life with its advanced security technology.


There you have it! Our top 5 home security systems to help moms keep an eye on their kids. To alleviate the potential struggle of installing it yourself, we recommend calling a professional electrician to come to your home and install the system right away.