Home Viewings: a Checklist

back view of family hugging and admiring their home

Whether you’re a seller who wants to showcase your home to eager buyers, or a potential buyer who’s concerned about what to look out for in a home viewing, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to giving or receiving an offer and finalizing that contract.

And while Real Estate Broker firms like Compass are here to help guide you through these complicated processes, it’s important to provide you with a list of things to be on the lookout for during a home viewing.

With this general checklist of potential issues to keep in mind, you’ll be able to set foot in that potential new home or open your doors to prospective buyers with confidence.


How does the brickwork look? Does the overall look of the outside seem beaten by weather or faded in any way? Can you see potential gaps or cracks that could be future issues?

Is the front garden well maintained? If not, can you at least see some potential, or is the land dry and lifeless? Are the outer windows cracked and aged?


Does the front door open and close easily? Does it make a noise? How are the locks? Is the door made from a sturdy material that’s dependable?


Make sure that the doors in every room open and close properly. Make note of the number of sockets and power outlets in each room.

Are there cracks in the walls or ceilings? If so, how big are they? Minor cracks are generally cosmetic issues only, but larger cracks will need to be questioned.

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Is the flooring sound? Does it make an awful noise? Can you smell any dampness or moisture in any of the rooms?


What is the water pressure like in both the faucets and the shower? Does the hot water take a long time to come through?

Are there any shaving sockets located in the bathroom? Do the pipes make a noise?


Is the roof tiled? If so, are there any missing slates? Stand at a distance from the home and check the straightness of the chimney. Do you think it can withstand adverse weather?

Have you gone into the attic and checked if there are potential areas where rain could leak into the house? Have you checked the gutters and drains for blockages?


Are there working smoke detectors and burglar alarms fitted on the property? How are the fences in the front and back gardens?

If there’s a garage, have you taken the time to close it and check how solid it is? Are the windows double-glazed? Are there easy access points for intruders?

The area

How is traffic in rush hour on your commute to and from work? Are there local shops and other amenities nearby? Is there a bar within close proximity, and if so, does it stay open until late?

The ability to tick these issues off your list can save you time and concern in the future, allowing you to make the best choice possible for the home you’re looking to buy or sell.