New Year’s Resolution: Tips on Give Your Homes’ New Look

If you follow home improvement resources such as Pinterest and Instagram, you have probably seen different takes on giving your homes a new look. From rearranging the chairs and tables to stripping down the entire room from walls to the floors.

But have you found what you’re looking for? Every year many lifestyles and home improvement references recycle their idea. Add 2022 on the title. That’s it. There’s the answer, but no.

So, today’s article will give you the newest perspectives. We gathered and summarized the latest IG posts and pins from the internet. Here are the latest tips and advice from artists, designers, and local decorative interior concrete floorings experts.

Never before seen design tips to give homes a new look

1- Rearrange the home that reminds you of who you are

Our first tip takes inspiration from Southeast Asian artist slash model-actress Heart Evangelista. In her Instagram entry, she shared that one of her greatest joys in life is redecorating her home. That is because, as an artist, she loves creating designs that remind her of specific memories. Items and souvenirs from her trips would show up in her home whenever she redesigns the interiors.

Make this something that will inspire you in redecorating yours. Do not be scared to depart from minimalist trends, which always come with various designing tips. Now take a different lens to decor the house, including pieces and accents that showcase your identity.

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Here are some specific steps how to do that:

  • Do not be scared to add many decors at home. Minimalism was a trend from long ago.
  • Add small tiny pieces like souvenirs from your trips or gifts from important people in your life.
  • Hang blank canvasses around the walls of your homes for you to create a collage or to hang scrap-book-like art piece that reflects your trips, important events, and so on.
  • Learn DIY furniture that you can do to maximize the space and reduce clutter on your maximalist inspired interiors.

2- Use polished seamless floors

There has been a re-emergence of the New Stone Age in recent years and coming this year. According to BBC’s article “Design’s new stone age is here,” concrete materials are resurfacing mong homes. The stone look that displays bare and grey cement reminisces the pre-historic New Stone Age.

But now, concrete floors and walls are the go-to design of luxury homes and commercial spaces. Interior spaces now begin to incorporate decorative concrete as well. Nowadays, concrete slabs and walls give a neutral look that any furniture style and motif adapts easily.

Furthermore, the seamless look of concrete surfaces inspires one to think creatively and inspire endless themes and designs. It’s sustainable that whatever trend arises, the concrete look would coincide well.

3. Open doors and functional entryways

Have you ever watched celebrity homes giving house tours? Each features unique parts of a home. Next time you may want to watch out for the homes with functional entryways.

Yes, isn’t that the homes that caught your attention are those who had shown you interesting home arrangements from the beginning of their house tour. And where else should they begin? It’s at the entryways.

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You may want to take a different path when designing your entryway. Get some inspiration from Naomi Campbell’s home. She opens her home tours with an open-door style of the house. There is a welcoming vibe with seeing the interior of a home form while you are still at the entrance.

That design concept would suit humid areas, but if you are somewhere cold and the sun seldom shines, you can still modify it with glass walls.

Tip: when restructuring or redecorating your interiors think of a way to feel so welcome even before you enter the home. Some ideas would include:

  • Hang paintings on the entrance hallways.
  • Utilize plants and ornamentals to line up along massive concrete entryways.
  • Set up a zen-like an entryway with indoor fountains, or transfer your aquariums at the entrance to add pizzazz and a cool vibe for our guests when entering your homes.