7 Bathroom Accessory Essentials

There are some home accessories that are must-haves. The things that we can’t live without. Many of these staple items can be found in the bathroom. Here are seven bathroom accessories that are essentials for any home.

1. Soap Dispenser

A foaming soap dispenser is one of those items that make your daily bath or shower much easier. You can insert your favorite scented bath wash and enjoy a foamy and relaxing soak after work.

2. Soap Holder

If you love bars of soap as opposed to liquid-based options, you’re going to need somewhere to keep your soap bar from sliding off the sink and onto the floor. Grab yourself a cute soap bar holder to keep near your toothbrush for your morning or evening face washes.

3. Toothbrush Holder

Where else are you going to keep your toothbrush? You’re going to need a holder to keep by the sink. You can get a matching toothbrush holder and soap holder from most stores and they come in so many different colors and patterns. If you love sticking to the basics, you could get a beige or cream set. If you’re looking for some statement accessories to include in your bathroom decor, find a bright stripy or polka dot holder.

4. Storage Cabinet

Every bathroom needs some storage space for spare shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. It’s also great to have space in the bathroom to keep your cosmetics and beauty products so you can get ready in the mornings.

Some people prefer to have cupboards built on the walls to keep the floor space clear. However, there are plenty of free-standing storage units you can buy in a range of materials from wicker to glossy plastic to vintage wood. Find some cabinets that match your bathroom aesthetic and you’re good to go.

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5. Blinds or Frosted Windows

You don’t want anybody peeping into your bathroom while you’re washing, so having blinds or frosted windows is essential. For extra protection, you might even wish to get both. Choose between panel or roller blinds, or contact the professionals to insert specialized frosted etched vinyl windows to keep your bathroom nice and private!

6. Mirror

When you get ready in the mornings, it’s always handy to have a mirror hung up somewhere in your bathroom. This may be a large mirror that covers most of one of the walls or a smaller, delicate mirror that hangs above your sink. You may also wish to get a freestanding mirror to place on your storage cabinets. Nowadays, there are even light-up mirrors that contain LED bulbs to maximize your view.

7. Toilet Brush and Holder

It’s always handy to keep a toilet brush and holder in your bathroom to help you keep a tidy and clean space. They’re super cheap and can be found in most general stores.