Top Tips for Cleaning Your Home

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When your home is clean, you feel in control of your space. If your home is messy and dirty, it can have an impact on your mental health and well-being. It is important to stay in control of the cleaning so that things do not spiral out of control (as they can quickly). To stay in control, you are often better off focusing on cleaning a little but regularly. So when it comes to doing this regular cleaning, how should you go about it?

Focus on All Key Rooms First

The first tip you must take on board is to focus on key rooms first. Always clean the rooms that are used the most frequently (or the most heavily) first. When you do this, you regain a good standard of living. If you leave key rooms or areas until the end, the standard of cleaning may not be as high as you wanted. You may also run out of energy, so you only give it a light clean instead of the deep clean it may need. The key rooms in your home will be the living areas, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, and the bathroom. Once these areas are bottomed out and clean, you can then start on bedrooms and other lesser-used rooms.

Use the Correct Products and Methods

To clean effectively, you need to use the correct methods and the right products. Not every method of cleaning will work effectively for every area of your home. For example, when you clean soft furnishings, you will clean them differently from how you clean hard surfaces such as countertops. This means that items such as rugs must be tackled differently from soft furnishings such as curtains and throws. When it comes to keeping a vintage rug clean, you may have the lightly brush the rug, and avoid putting any excessive cleaning fluids on it (as this may damage the pattern or the material).

Create a Cleaning Schedule

You only have so much time in a 24-hour period to clean. Cleaning will have to fit in around your other schedule, commitments, and errands. A cleaning schedule will help you to stay on top of all of your cleaning chores, and it will help you clean every corner of your home with ease regularly. A cleaning schedule may focus on cleaning key areas every other day. It may then focus on you cleaning out items such as the refrigerator once a week. You do not have to clean your house from top to bottom each day to stay on top of the cleaning, but you do have to establish a schedule or routine to manage your time.

Little and Often Works Well

Even when you have a tightly packed schedule, it is important to make time to clean. Committing at least 15 minutes (as a minimum) to daily cleaning is important. For larger deep cleans and for cleaning other items such as mattresses, rugs, curtains, and drapes, you may want to block out a couple of hours each month. If you avoid these 15-minute cleans, you may find that when it comes to your deep clean, it leaves you feeling drained and exhausted so don’t neglect them. The more you clean daily, the less intense each deep clean you do is.

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