5 Smart Ideas To Freshen Up Your Living Room

Are you feeling like your living room could use a little refresh? Maybe it feels too cluttered or outdated. Whether you’re considering a big overhaul or just want to switch out a few things, here are five smart ideas to freshen up your living room. Enjoy!

The living room is the heart of the home, where the whole family goes to relax and socialize. But with heavy usage, this area of the house can start to look tired after a while. Making your living room feel fresh again is easy with a few smart ideas that need not cost the earth. All you need is a little vision and a measuring tape.

Interest On The Walls

Living room walls are the ideal canvas to infuse your personality into the room with well-placed artwork. Photos can look fabulous in a simple frame and brilliantly bring a personal touch into the space the whole family uses. Alternatively, try something different by turning a rug into a wall hanging. Textiles bring new textures and color into an area and can complement or offset your furnishings nicely.

Change Up Your Sofa

A small sectional sofa is ideal for creating a cozy nook where you don’t have much space to spare. It has the bonus of allowing a complementary coffee table to slot in, making a satisfying rectangle. Changing some (or all) of your furniture changes the feel of a living room and gives it a contemporary look. If any of your existing chairs are uncomfortable, this is the perfect opportunity to trade up to comfortable and stylish bliss.

Show The Floor Some Love

In high traffic areas, flooring becomes worn more quickly than other parts of the house, which adds to the tired feeling. Replacing nothing but the flooring in your living room will immediately give the feel a lift. Whether it’s replacing like for like carpet, uneven wear, stains, and damage all disappear, leaving a fresh base. If new flooring isn’t in the budget, a thorough deep carpet clean and a new rug will do wonders.

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Greenery adds interest and movement to any room, purifies the air, and is good for mental health. Bring a few houseplants into your living room and enjoy all these benefits while relaxing at the end of a long day. Plants come in a wide variety of sizes, so regardless of the size of the room you’re updating, there will be the perfect plants for you.


How a room is lit has a significant impact on the feel and functionality of the space. Adjusting lighting levels in a living room changes its feel immediately; look at introducing lamps or bulbs of different strengths. Layering the lighting levels is a clever way to achieve a suitable ambiance for all occasions. Allow lots of bright, natural levels of light to keep your living room functional, then use lamps or a dimmer switch to create a relaxed, intimate vibe.
You don’t need to resort to an expensive complete remodel if you feel your living room is tired and unloved. Focusing on one or two areas to introduce change will refresh the feel of the whole room, prolonging the entire family’s enjoyment. All you need is to have fun and be creative.