6 Reasons to Wear the Right Sports Bra

6 Reasons to Wear the Right Sports Bra

heSports bras are now recognised as an essential piece of exercise equipment for women. Going for a run you will need shoes, socks, clothes, and a sports bra!

But did you know that up to 8 in 10 women wear the wrong sports bra. The most common error we make is size. Most of us dislike big numbers so wear sports bra that are too small. Ouch!

So, what are the reasons to wear the right sports bra? The right sports bra will:

  1. Feel comfortable.
  2. Reduce bounce.
  3. Reduce breast pain and long-term damage.
  4. Improve your performance.
  5. Increase your confidence.
  6. Help you focus.

Amazing! How good are sports bras? Next, I look at each point in more detail.

Read on!

The Right Sports Bra Will Feel Comfortable.

Comfort is the name of the game. What is the point in having the most supportive sports bra in the world if it rubs!

The right sports should feel comfortable. You are going to put it through its paces, and it needs to stand up to the task. Nothing worse than a rubbing sports bra slowing or stopping your run!

It should fit like a glove. So, finding the right fit is most important. Measure yourself and try as many sports bras as needed to fit your perfect fit. Also, look for a style with minimal seams that feels soft against your skin.

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The Right Sports Bra Will Reduce Bounce.

Bounce reduction is the other name of the game! The whole point of a sports bra is to reduce bounce. If it is failing at this, then it is not the right sports bra for you.

Matching your sports bra to your chosen activity is critical to success. As the saying goes ‘never bring a knife to a gun fight’. Might sound a little severe but if you bring a strappy sports crop to a marathon your breasts will be the big loser.

OK, you’ve matched your sports bras support level to your chosen activity. End of story, right? Wrong. To effectively reduce bounce your sports bra must fit you.

Luckily in our modern world finding your size is easy. All you need is a tape measure and an internet connection. Simply search ‘sports bra size calculator’ and follow the instructions. You will have your correct size in no time!

The Right Sports Bra Will Reduce Breast Pain and Long-Term Damage.

We all know that what goes up must come down. And unfortunately for your breasts that can lead to short-term breast pain and over time long-term sagging.

With every step you take your breasts move in a figure-of-8 motion. Run a marathon and that is a lot of steps!

Something needs to support us and unfortunately for us our breasts natural supports are not up to the task. The delicate Coopers Ligaments are not evolved to provide the necessary support for us ‘gatherers.’

Enter the sports bra. The right sports bra will hold you up. Taking the pressure off your Coopers ligaments. This helps reduce possible breast pain and the effects of sagging over time.

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The Right Sports Bra Will Improve Your Performance.

Did you know that the right sports bra can improve your sporting performance? Studies have shown that a comfortable, well-fitting sports bra can enhance your on-field performance.

When you think about it, it does make sense. You perform at your highest level when everything aligns. You feel good, are well rested, have eaten well and you aren’t being distracted by your breasts.

The right sports bra will keep everything under control. Thus, improving your sporting performance. No doubt a good thing!

The Right Sports Bra Will Increase Your Confidence.

I don’t know about you, but I have always felt self-conscious about my boobs. I’m a DD cup and the thought of someone noticing my boobs bouncing all over the place filled me with horror.

This is the case for many women and girls. And can cause women to avoid exercise. Not good!

The right sports bra can keep the girls under control giving you more confidence when working out. Confidence that your boobs aren’t the centre of attention and that you won’t accidently ‘fall-out’ when exercising!

The Right Sports Bra Will Help You Focus.

This one relates to the point above. Unruly melons can certainly distract you from your workout. Nothing like being hit in the chin to break your focus!

It makes perfect sense. You perform best when you are focused. And we all know there is no greater distraction than bouncing breasts!

Wearing the right sports bra keeps the girls under control. Allowing us to focus on the task at hand.

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In Conclusion

Wow, we now know just how important it is to wear the right sports bra.

Find the perfect sports bra for you and you’ll work out in comfort, confidence, with focus and avoid breast pain and long-term damage. Hey, it may even improve your performance. How good is that?

If this means an update of your sports bra wardrobe, then fear not. Sportsbrasdirect.com.au has a huge range of sports bras suiting every body. The best bit is they donate a portion of profits to women’s charities. How awesome is that!