Medical Specialists Who Commonly Treat Teens

Parents of babies and young children basically live at their pediatrician’s office. Between the strict…

Parents of babies and young children basically live at their pediatrician’s office. Between the strict schedule of vaccines and regular ear infections, pediatricians provide one-stop shopping for the needs of kids. However, once that child grows into a teenager, their pediatrician could suggest visiting a specialist’s office for advanced care. This is nothing to worry about. Many normal developments occur when a child enters their teens. You may feel apprehension leaving the colorful doctor’s office that you have gotten used to, but certain areas of medicine require specialists, and some of them still hand out lollipops.


Orthodontists specialize in diagnosing and correcting teeth and jaw issues. Normally your child’s dentist will tell you if it’s time to visit an orthodontist. Just because your dentist recommends a visit to the orthodontist doesn’t mean your child will immediately need braces. There is no strict age that a person should get braces. Some kids with bite issues may start with a retainer as young as 6 years old. There are different schools of thought when it comes to the best age to start treatments, so it is important to find an orthodontist that you trust. Don’t feel pressure to see the orthodontist your dentist recommends. A simple Google search for “Best orthodontist near me” will provide a great place to start.


Most kids will visit the dermatologist between 12 and 15 years old. This is when teenagers begin to developed acne. You can motivate your teen to go to a dermatologist to clear up their acne, but an initial skin screening is also highly recommended. Dermatologists will look for abnormal moles, but skin cancer in children under 15 is rare. However, suspicious moles should not be ignored just because your child is under 15. Early intervention is extremely important when it comes to skin cancer. The dermatologist may also talk about the importance of sun protection with your teen. The more people reminding them to use suntan lotion, the better.

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An otolaryngologist is more commonly knowns as an ear, nose and throat doctor. If your child suffered from constant ear infections, then you may have already gone to an otolaryngologist to discuss getting tubes placed in their ears. As a teenager, you could visit this specialist because of snoring issues. Snoring is sometimes a sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can cause a variety of problems including the malformation of bones or even bed-wetting.