Sculpt Your Body With Cutting-Edge CoolTone Technology

Many people are going to consider plastic surgery at some point over the years, but those procedures aren’t right for everyone. While cosmetic surgery is safer and more effective than ever, you might struggle with a lengthy recovery or visible scars. Those are just a few of the reasons why CoolTone treatments have become very popular among patients and their surgeons. This amazing technology allows medical professionals to safely sculpt different areas of the body with nothing more than magnetic stimulation, and you could see results after a single session.

What About Toning Naturally?

Staying within a healthy weight range requires quite a bit of work, but it is achievable for most people. That being said, even if you are at your ideal weight, you might not have clear muscle definition. Sculpting a toned midsection is incredibly difficult, and you could follow a strict diet and workout every day for years and still not achieve your goals. With CoolTone, you will be able to finally create that thin and athletic look that so many people strive for.

A Look at Magnetic Stimulation

Researchers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to help patients lose weight and create eye-catching bodies. In recent years, they have discovered that magnetic stimulation seems to be one of the most effective ways to accomplish those goals. Magnets can be used to manually stimulate the muscles so that they repeatedly clench and flex. After a session, the body responds to those magnetic waves by strengthening the muscle fibers. CoolTone essentially “tricks” your body into working out by targeting specific muscle groups.

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Your CoolTone Appointments

What takes place during your appointment is going to depend on a few different factors, and that includes which areas of the body are going to be treated. While some patients only have this procedure carried out on the abdomen, the thighs and buttocks are popular treatment sites as well. The device itself is nothing more than a small machine that has a handheld wand attached to it. When the machine is turned on, the wand is placed over the targeted treatment site. Each session takes around 30 minutes to complete, but your appointment might last longer if multiple areas of the body are going to be targeted.

Side Effects and Results

One of the biggest advantages of this procedure is the fact that it is almost completely non-invasive. Some patients notice minor redness and the occasional muscle twitch after this procedure, but those side effects are usually very mild and typically disappear within an hour. A few days after your procedure, you could begin to notice distinct improvements, and the results should get better with each additional session. Most patients undergo four sessions spread out over two weeks, and you can always schedule follow-up appointments to maintain the results. To learn more about this technology, you should take a look at some CoolTone before and after treatment photos and schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.