5 Gorgeous Gift Ideas For New Babies

Finding out that a friend or family member is expecting a baby makes insides melt, and a desire to provide kicks in. Once the little one has arrived, it’s natural to want to give the new baby a special gift to welcome it to the world. Practical gifts are always appreciated as they take some of the pressure off the new parents, but sometimes a special something for Baby is needed. And there are many gorgeous gift ideas for a new baby that suit any budget.

Baby Blanket

An adorable baby blanket makes a beautiful gift, whether you’ve knitted it yourself or chosen one from your favorite retailer. They’re excellent to send via post if you cannot deliver them in person, making them an attractive option for those living at a distance. Having a range of blankets to choose from ensures a baby can be kept warm in any circumstances, such as in the pram. Coming in a rainbow of colors, choose from bright colors and characters, muted pastels, or go all out and turn baby into a cuddly burrito.

Quirky Baby Clothes

A tiny baby is never too young to be introduced to humor, making their clothes the ideal medium for showing off your sense of humor. Millennial parents will get a kick out of an avocado baby onesie and soft toy set. Small boutique clothes makers are another source of quirky baby clothes, so check out Instagram to connect with local online shops. These retailers often design their fabric prints allowing you to find something unique.

Parent And Baby Gifts

Don’t overlook Mommy and Daddy when shopping for a new baby; instead, give something for the whole family to connect with. Many fashion retailers now have matching Mommy, Daddy, and Baby outfits. But if you’re unsure about buying complete outfits for everyone, there are plenty of accessories to choose from. Socks with characters from famous cartoons are popular and often have Mommy, Daddy, and child characters to match every family member.

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Hooded Towel

Hooded towels are superb for quickly wrapping a slippery, shouting baby fresh from the bath to quickly dry and warm them. And as the baby becomes a toddler, it’s the cutest look as they run around with the towel hood dangling from their head. Ensure the baby looks doubly adorable by gifting them a funky towel with a clever animal design.


Many very young children become attached to a comforter or cuddly that they snuggle with for years to come. What they’ll attach to as a security blanket can be surprising but giving them options is a good idea. There are many soft, fuzzy comforter options to choose from, usually in the form of a small stuffed toy with a small cuddle cloth. Light to send and cute to look at, they’re sure to delight.

The hardest thing about giving a special baby a gorgeous gift is realizing that many options exist. Whether you give quirky clothes, a comforter, or something else, your baby gift will surely be cherished for years to come.

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