New U Life: 4 Gifts That’ll Make Mom’s Birthday Extra Special This Year

The act of gift-giving has always had a special place in our hearts, and when it comes to picking something out for mom, everyone wants to exceed expectations. There are endless trinkets out there that you can simply wrap up and send, but that’s unlikely to be the kind of gift that will be treasured and valued forever. To give something extraordinary, you might need to dig a little deeper and perhaps look for some outside advice.
Alexy Goldstein, the founder of New U Life, has been in the business of helping others for over a decade and particularly enjoys giving presents that empower women. “None of us would be here without our beloved mothers,” says Goldstein.

“And when their big day comes around, it just makes sense to pull out all the stops. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be expensive or showy though, as above all it’s an expression of our love. The content of the present should reflect this truth, and in my experience, the following ideas always are well-received as gifts.”

1. Health-Boosting Help

“A helping hand when it comes to health is something everyone appreciates,” explains Goldstein. “And moms are no different in this regard. Our flagship product SomaDerm® is our most popular product as it can restore a sense of vitality and help put some extra pep in her step. Busy moms always seem to appreciate this kind of aid. These kinds of gifts show that you care about their health above all, and they often allow you to spend more and higher quality time together.”
Gifting items that support a healthy life are always appreciated and are far more likely to be used than a random gadget. Promoting a healthy and long-lasting life shows where your priorities lie, and this is sure to resonate with mothers.

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2. A Mind at Ease

While a box with a bow is a classic choice for birthday gifts, many these days prefer something a little less tangible. Up to 76 percent of people say they’d rather spend money on experiences than material products these days, an interesting trend to keep in mind when shopping and considering different gift ideas.

“There’s no better experience than having a mind not only at ease but operating at its peak capacity” recommends Goldstein. “NeuraVie® is our nootropic formula which does just this. Our followers find that it unlocks a different level for them mentally. The conversations and memories which follow cannot be accurately gauged by a price tag, as they are something unique to the relationship. Whether it’s just one part of your gift or the centerpiece, you really can’t go wrong in gifting something that leads to an experience.”

3. Help Out Mom’s Immune System

Although the SomaDerm gel often steals the spotlight as the flagship product, New U Life’s Fortress® is sure to be appreciated as well. It supports the body and helps fortify its immune mechanisms with all-natural ingredients. A timely gift for those looking to stay healthy throughout the fall and winter seasons.
“I think everyone right now is more aware than ever about the importance of their body’s natural defense systems,” notes Goldstein. “And there’s no better investment you can make than in helping support them. These kinds of protections are something we all want to provide for our loved ones, as they defend a body against external threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

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4. An Awesome Metabolic Management Tool

At times we all worry about our weight, and whether we feel like we are too heavy or thin, it’s important to have the right tools on hand to help. “The key to managing weight effectively is becoming knowledgeable about your digestive system as a whole,” remarks Goldstein.

“You need to keep your metabolism going at healthy rates while also protecting the lean muscle as your body changes. You can count carbs and macros all day, but if your inner mechanisms aren’t operating effectively, there won’t be much positive change. Our newest product is the Metabolic Lipotropic Thermogenic (M*L*T™ for short) formula, which helps promote healthy digestion and liver functions.”

For all the health-conscious mothers out there, a supplement with clinically studied ingredients like M*L*T is an invaluable solution to have on hand in order to meet their health goals. “All these products are proven to be safe and can be taken alongside one another for total body support,” notes Goldstein.

“In fact, they were each designed to support a different aspect of whole body health. Whether you try just one or all of these products, they each make for an extraordinary gift that is something different and special from the norm”
Whether your mother’s birthday is right around the corner or months away, it’s always helpful to be proactive about your next gift. By taking one or two of the ideas from above, you are all but assured to give something that makes mom smile.