what is security blanket and its importance

The term security blanket can be used to describe any toy that brings comfort to young children. Most children have something that they seem more attached to than any of their other toys. This is something that can provide them comfort when they are in unfamiliar surroundings.

If you have children of your own, you may have witnessed them reach for a particular item whenever they are feeling uneasy. You may even remember that you had your own security blanket when you were younger. It is not uncommon for parents to keep hold of their blankets to be able to pass them down to their own children.

It is believed that security blankets AKA lovey blankets or Cuddle blankets have an important role to play in child development, which is one of the reasons why toys that incorporate a stuffed animal and a blanket are so popular. This article will take a look at some of the key benefits that security blankets offer for young children.

Importance Of A Security Blanket In Child’s Phycology

1. They Act As Transitional Objects

When babies are younger than three months old they see their mothers as an extension to themselves. It is only after they reach three months that they start to realise that mom is not with them all the time. This can be quite distressing for young children because they are so reliant on their parents for all their needs.
A security blanket can be used as a transitional object. It becomes something that baby associates with their mom and it can bring them comfort even when mom is not there. Being able to carry the security blanket with them whenever they want means that they will always feel as if mom is close by.

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2. They Can Help With Sleep

One of the main times that a baby can feel anxious about being separated from their mother is when they wake up in the middle of the night. Having a security blanket can be reassuring to the baby when they do wake up. This can help them drift back off to sleep when they are learning to self soothe. This also means that parents are also likely to get a better nights sleep.

If the time comes when children have sleepovers at the homes of family and friends, then being able to take their security blanket with them can cause fewer problems at bedtime.

3. They Help Establish A Bed Time Routine

When children are older and you are trying to get them into a routine for bed time, a security blanket can help with this. When they are being left in the room after you have said goodnight, having their security blanket can make them feel as if they are not really alone. Making sure they have their blanket nearby should become a regular part of their bedtime routine.

4. They Can Improve The Temperament Of The Child

There is also evidence that having a security blanket can help a child’s temperament as they get older. It is thought that children who had a security blanket when they were younger are more well adjusted. They tend to be more positive in unfamiliar situations and do not exhibit attention-seeking behavior as often.

Some parents worry that their children will become too attached to their security blankets. However, this is not something that you really need to be concerned about. Some children will seem to hang on to their security blankets longer than others, but there is nothing about this that should be a cause for concern. Using a security blanket is a habit that they will grow out of when they are ready.

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If you want to introduce your child to a security blanket, then the best time to do this is when they reach 12 months of age. This means when they start to realize that mom is not always going to be around, they have something that will remind them of her.
You may find that as they get older, babies start to choose something other than the toy you have chosen as their security blanket. Again, this is nothing to worry about and the fact that it is now something they have chosen will mean that the child is even more likely to experience the benefits that have been discussed above.