Growing Success Of Green Spaces

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Concern for the environment is growing all over the globe. Forested areas of the Earth are quickly dwindling, and a number of animals are facing extinction. But the victims of this plight aren’t only wildlife. Regions with little to no green space are also damaging to their human inhabitants, which is why the development of natural spaces and parks is an essential part of undoing the damage climate change has already caused. Not only that, but the provision of green spaces in overcrowded areas is important for children’s mental and physical development. Access to open areas means access to play; something that’s an integral part of a healthy childhood.

Importance Of Green Spaces

There is no substitute for nature. The conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen is done quietly and tirelessly by all kinds of trees and it’s a process that can only be replicated by the most expensive and complicated man-made technology. Green spaces have many benefits for humans, from physical and mental health to improved air quality. While much of the western world – more developed countries – has already been touched by the phenomenon of “urban landscaping”, developing countries like India are often faced with the issues of rapid population growth and poverty. As people gravitate to cities, natural spaces are pushed further and further away from urban areas.

New Natural Developments In India And The World

Despite the problems faced by India and many other nations, the importance of green spaces in urban environments is at last being taken seriously. Urban planning reforms have been proposed by the Indian government, including the provision of training for 5000 urban planners. Their focus will be on preserving and growing natural spaces, water bodies and heritage conservation. Another positive is the 10 billion euros provided by Germany that will go towards the development of green Spaces In Urban Areas.

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Practical Planning For Green Spaces

There are many elements to be taken into account in the planning and construction of green spaces in urban areas. Clearing land is one of these as it’s the process of removing material that allows new developments to take shape. While the term is often used in the context of property development, specifically the construction of buildings, land clearing is essential in the development of green spaces and parks in urban areas. Clearing land is also beneficial to plant life as it frees up space for indigenous flora to thrive, instead of being crowded out by alien plants and overcrowded areas.

Best For Everyone

Many countries are experiencing constant conflict between the need for affordable and safe housing, and the necessity of protecting the natural world. While the expansion of urban areas is inevitable, the dearth of green spaces and parks shouldn’t be ignored. The benefits of having access to nature are many and profound in terms of enhancing the lives of inhabitants. Especially when it comes to improving the lives of families and children, who can use green spaces for nurturing young people’s creativity, their mental health, and overall wellbeing.