65 Elf on a Shelf Ideas – New, Funny and Easy

As we get closer to Christmas, Elf on the Shelf becomes more popular. Although the Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition for many families. This year, why not try some new, funny, and easy ideas? The elves will love them! So scroll down to find 65 ideas that will get your family into the holiday spirit.

Elf on a Shelf Ideas

The Elf on the Shelf has become a holiday tradition for many families. The funny elf is one of many Christmas symbols that can be found around the world. The elf first came into being during early Norse mythology. An elf was a small, mischievous creature that could be found in the forest and was known to cause trouble. The shelf idea comes from a new version of the elf and his home, which is usually found on a shelf around Christmas Eve.

Today, elves are often used as a symbol of Christmas cheer. They can be seen in holiday movies, on Christmas cards, and in advertisements. The Elf on the Shelf is a modern take on this traditional character. Elf ideas can be used on a Christmas tree, as an ornament, or even in the home. The Elf on the Shelf is a small toy elf that is sent to live with a family during the Christmas season. So for you, we have covered 65 best elf on the shelf ideas which will make your Christmas more fun-filled.

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Best Elf on the Shelf ideas for Christmas

As we have known that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and the easy elf on the shelf is a fun idea to make your family happier. Below we have mentioned some of the funniest and best elf on-shelf ideas and they are:

1. Elf on the shelf Santa Cam Idea

If you want to take cute pictures with your kids, the best thing to do is to make an elf on the shelf Santa camera. All you need is a tripod for your phone, it works even better if you also have an extra smartphone to use as a remote. Now set up the camera and point it at your Christmas tree or someplace where your kid will be with the elf on the shelf. Then you can use some props, such as a stuffed reindeer, candy cane, or anything that goes along with this picture. As well putting Santa’s elves on tree is a cute idea for following the Christmas tradition.

2. Elf on the shelf Magazine Idea

Though the best Christmas elf ideas is to have one reading a magazine. This cute idea can be done with an extra elf that you have from other Christmas seasons, or just buy a new one from Amazon or Walmart. If you don’t want to spend lots of money on your kids, there are many other free things for this activity. You can just print out some pictures of magazines and have your elf on the shelf hold it.

3. Elf on the shelf Candy Canes Garden Idea

This is a simple but creative idea that is perfect for those who love to garden. All you need is some green material, such as fake grass or moss, and some candy canes. You can either make a small garden with the fake grass and candy canes, or you can just do a few candy canes. As well, this is a fun idea if you want to do play easy elf game Christmas with your family and friends.

4. Elf on the shelf Mask Idea

As you know the number of Santa’s elf is four, so if there are more than one kid in your home, it will be interesting to involve all your children. If your kid wants their own elf mask then you just need some toilet paper or cardboard cut into the shapes of glasses and hats for elves. Then draw faces on them and let your kids wear them while they pose for pictures with the elf on the shelf. These masks will also help keep your kids entertained as they can pretend to be elves throughout the day.

5. Elf on the shelf Movie night Idea

If you want to do something different this year, how about a movie night with your elf on the shelf? This is perfect for those nights when it’s just too cold to go outside. All you need is a blanket, some pillows, and of course a movie. If you have a big-screen TV, that would be great, but a regular TV will work too. You can either choose a Christmas movie or one that is elf-themed. This is a little bit funky and silly idea for the whole family.

6. Elf on the shelf Egg Idea

This is a very easy elf on the shelf idea to execute and all you need is a small container with a lid. Then cover the container with paper, paint it green, or wrap some fake presents around it to make it look like an egg. If you want to use this as part of your Christmas tradition, then you can put real candy inside the egg and wait for your elf to come along and have a nice treat.

7. Elf on the shelf Donut Idea

This is an easy and tasty elf off the shelf ideas that you can do with your kids. All you need is a few donuts (or any other type of pastry) and some frosting or sprinkles. Then have your elf eat the donuts and make sure to take pictures of him in the process. This is a great way to get your kids excited about breakfast and about Christmas. And the shelf hiding a few donuts will make it a little harder for them to resist

8. Elf on the shelf Brownie Idea

This is a yummy elf party games dishes ideas that you can do with your children. All you need to do is make some brownies and then decorate them with white or green frosting, oreos, or even candy canes. Then have your elf sit on top of the brownies and take pictures. This will also make for a delicious dessert. This is a sweet idea for having a fun with your kids this holiday season.

9. Elf on the shelf Tic Tac Toe Idea

This is an another scout elf on the shelf idea that you can do with your kids. All you need are some tic tac toe boards, which you can make out of cardboard or construction paper, and then have your elf play along. The naughty elf involved on the shelf idea will have fun playing a game with your children and mucking up their plans, but it’ll also teach them a lesson about teamwork and how to be a good winner.

10. Elf on the shelf Record player Idea

If you want to take creative and amazing pictures of your hilarious elf, you can make a record player and put your elf on it. If possible, encourage your kids to read some books about old-school music players. Then set up the record player and let them adjust the speed and modes to get an interesting pose of your elf on your shelf. Play some music to improve the atmosphere of this picture.

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11. Elf on the shelf Sledding Idea

This is another shelf idea in which you can take a picture with your kid’s scout elves on the shelf. All you need to do is, put your elf on the shelf in front of an open window and set up some Christmas tree lights outside the window so that the light reflects onto the snow, this will create a “snow” look inside your house. Then make your kid come to the window and play with the elf, or you can add some snowballs for more fun.

12. Elf on the shelf Ball Pit Idea

This is a great idea if you have a lot of kids or if your elf likes to get into mischief. Simply set up a small ball pit in a corner with some pillows and blankets for the elf to hide in. You can also use this idea for other small spaces, such as under a bed or behind a couch. This baby Elf on the Shelf Ideas will make everyone laugh and you can play Christmas elves games with your child or friends.

13. Elf on the shelf Snow angel Idea

The snow angels is a fun elf on the shelf idea that will make your kids happy. All you need is a white sheet or some fake snow, and have your elf make a snow angel. You can also use this idea to take pictures with your kids. These creative ideas are very simple, and all you need is a willing participant. Mostly scout elves arrive early to help with Christmas preparations, and they must find ways to have fun without being caught.

14. Elf on the shelf Banana Idea

This is a naughty elf on the shelf idea. If your scout elf ready to do some trouble, this idea is perfect for you. The elf’s head peeks out of the top of a peeled banana. It will be funny to see your kids try to keep the elf hidden from view. This shelf tradition will give you some giggles. According to the frugal coupon tutorial, “Simply place the elf on a shelf in a visible spot, such as on top of the refrigerator or in a window. If your children are young, you may want to move the elf to a new location every day so they can continue to find him.”

15. Elf on the shelf in a bind Idea

This scout Elf on the shelf in a bind is an easy way to have your elf ready for Easter. All you need is some items from around the house, such as a garden hose and other stuff from the garage. First set up the hose and stand it up like a candy cane, then put the elf next to it. After that, you will use other items to make it look like he is trying to get out of the bind and head back to the north pole of Christmas Elf magic this would be the best shelf ideas for you.

16. Elf on the shelf Tangled in Floss Idea

The second funny elf doll on the shelf idea is to make your kids laugh, use this Tangled in floss idea. Take the rope out of a roll of toilet paper and tie it around something sturdy right outside of your child’s room before he or she goes to bed. Then put an elf on the shelf tangled up inside it. To make this idea better, you can also add Christmas lights and a battery-operated flossing toothbrush.

17. Elf on the shelf Olaf Idea

This is an adoptable scout elf on the shelf idea which is to make your elf look like Olaf. Do you have some rolls of toilet paper and some orange construction paper? You can use felt or fleece to create an Olaf face on top of your scout elf. Then you need to draw an upside-down triangle nose and round eyes, so you can cut them out and paste them onto your elf’s face. Finally, you can use a brown pipe cleaner to make the hair and attach it to the head using hot glue or staples.

18. Elf on the shelf Ducks Idea

If you want to have some fun with your elf on the shelf, you can use this duck shelf idea. All you need is two rubber ducks, some felt, and a hot glue gun. Cut out a hat, beard, and coat for your elf from the felt, then glue them onto the ducks. Now put the elf on the shelf with the reindeer and enjoy. This rubber duck elf on the shelf idea is so cute and funny as you can put it on some other places such as in a tub of water, at the beach, or even at the pool.

19. Elf on the shelf Sunbathing Idea

If you want to have some fun with your elf, the sunbathing idea is a great one. All you need is a beach towel for the elf and a bucket of ice water to dunk him in. You could also use a pool or blow-up pool. Just set up your scene and take some pictures of your little elf having some fun, and then you can show everyone what a fun holiday elf he is. The elf relax on the beach is also a good way to cool down on a hot day and the head back to the north pole of Christmas Elf’s arrival makes your festive season memorable.

20. Elf on the shelf Cereal Idea

If your kid has a favorite cereal, then you can use this idea to make it more festive. Put the elf on the shelf in with the cereal box somewhere where it looks like he is enjoying some breakfast or watching television. You can also dress up your elf on the shelf as if he were hosting his cooking show for making breakfast with their cereal. This funny elf on the shelf idea is great for those who love to have a little bit of humor in their Christmas.

21. Elf on the shelf Shopping cart idea

If you want to take funny pictures with your kids, we recommend you should do this elf on the shelf shopping cart idea at home first. You can let your kids dress up as a small Santa Claus and put some fake presents around them. It would be even funnier if you can make a grocery list with your kids’ names on it and take a picture of the elf pushing the cart.

22. Elf on the shelf Lego Ambush

This idea is perfect for all people who love Lego. Just take some lego bricks and mini- marshmallow figures, then build the Elf on the Shelf into something that you think looks like Lego. For example, you can build your elf into a house with mini-figures around it to see if they work together as a family or whether they’re fighting each other, or even build a Christmas scene with the elf as the star. This shelf taking a Lego form is a great way to show your creative side, as well as have some fun with your elf.

23. Elf on the shelf Ukulele

This is an easy and cheap idea if you want your elf to be musical. Just take an old ukulele or even a toy one, and paint it in Elf on the Shelf colors. You can either leave it plain or decorate it with some glitter, bows, or Christmas stickers. Then just let your elf play some tunes on it for everyone to enjoy. Even elves can play the ukulele; this idea is very fun and creative. Make your elf play a song for Santa to come down the chimney!

24. Elf on the shelf in a Christmas Tree

All you need is green felt and some other Christmas-themed decorations to make this cute idea. Cut a large triangle out of the felt and then use hot glue or sewing to attach it to your elf’s back. Now, let your elf stand in the tree and watch as the branches grow around him/her. If you have any other Christmas ornaments lying around, you can also use these to decorate your tree-elf. This is a really simple and easy way to make your elf on the shelf have a more Christmas feel. It fits easily in your Christmas decorations storage bag at the end of the season for your convenience.

25. Elf on the shelf Pretend to Drive a toy Cars

If you want to have some laughs with your elf, then this is the perfect idea for you. All you need is a small cardboard box, some toy car wheels, and an elf costume. Now put the box together so that it looks like a car, and then attach the wheels to the bottom. Then put your elf in the car and have them hold the steering wheel. Finally, take a picture of your elf driving their pretend car.

26. Elf on the shelf Balloon Idea

If you want to try something a little different, why not have your elf on the shelf float in the air with some balloons. For this, you will need helium balloons and an elf that can fit in them. And blow up the balloons, tie them off, and put your elf inside. Then have someone hold the elf while you take a picture. You can also have your elf wear different hats or clothes to match the occasion.

27. Elf on Shelf North pole Putt-Putt

This is a perfect activity for kids who love golf. All you need is a small putting green or an area rug and some toy golf clubs and balls. Now put your elf at the North Pole Putt-Putt course (To make a putt-putt course, use paper and mini-marshmallows). And wait to see what kind of shots he takes. This is also a great way to show off your elf’s skills at the game of golf, as well as make for some fun photo opportunities. These shelf ideas would be great choice for your Christmas celebrations.

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28. Elf on the Shelf Holiday Party Ideas

If you want your holiday party to be more fun, make your elf on the shelf be in the middle of it all. You can put your elf in different places; he or she can turn on your Christmas tree lights, sit in front of some cookies and presents, or just stand there and watch everyone have a good time. These shelf ideas are a great way to inspire pretend play and creativity. You will need some basic items such as a table, chairs, bed, toy box, and anything else you can think of.

29. Elf on Shelf in the Play Kitchen

If your little one loves to cook, then this is a great elf on the shelf idea for them. You can either buy or make a play kitchen, and then have the elf sit inside of it. As your child plays with the kitchen, they will also be able to see and interact with the elf. And this elf is a sweet treat chef, with a bowl of whipped cream and a strawberry on the counter.

30. Elf on Shelf with Santa Claus Playhouse

If you have a bigger budget for this idea, you can build your elf on the shelf Santas playhouse. This creative idea is more suitable if kids are older than 5 years old since it takes some effort and time to make. As well as adult’s help is needed, so children don’t lose interest and patience. If you would like to give it a shot, we have found this tutorial for making the cute Elf on the shelf Santa’s Playhouse which looks easy enough to follow.

31. Elf on Shelf at the Beach idea

If you live in a warmer climate, or if you just want to take a vacation during Christmas, then this is a great elf on the shelf idea. All you need is a beach towel and some sand. You can either set up the elf on the towel, or have the elf bury themselves in the sand. Your child will have a blast playing with this beach setup.

32. The Elf on the Shelf Paper Snowflake Idea

As well as you can make a paper snowflake and draw your elf’s face on it. Cut out the shape and fold each point to the center, then fold in half. Glue or tape three sides together to form an open triangle; glue one side to create a cone (the hat). Then place curly ribbon for scarf.

33. The Elf on the Shelf Sack Race Idea

You will need some sacks and an Elf. Cut a hole in the bottom of each sack, big enough for your elf to fit through. Place your elf at one end of the room and have your children take turns trying to race him to the other end by getting into the sack and pulling it over their head.

34. The Elf on the Shelf Fridge Idea

This is a great way to keep your elf close by and also make sure that they don’t get into any trouble. Simply place your elf on the top shelf of the fridge and watch as they have a blast being up high and in the center of all the action. This shelf phenomenon ideas would be perfect to make your Christmas memorable.

35. The Elf on the Shelf Red Nose Idea

If you want to make your elf on the shelf even more special, try this fun and easy nose idea. All you need is some red paper, scissors, and glue. Then cut out a big triangle for the Elf’s nose and two small triangles for the elf’s ears. Glue them in place and then let it dry. Once it’s dry, your elf will look really cute.

36. Elf on Shelf at The Fire Station Idea

If your child loves to play fireman, then turn one of their dress-up clothes into a firefighter’s hat and jacket, as well as add some paper for a mustache. Then have the elf sit in the environment of the fire station such as sitting on a ladder truck. These shelf ideas are so fun, and whether your kid is playing with the elf or you are taking pictures of your child next to the elf it will put a smile on their face.

37. Elf on the Shelf with Treats Idea

This is an easy idea to make your elf look cuter. First, you need a few acorns or pinecones that are the right size for your elf’s body. Then put some peppermint candy or cookies in them and place them around your house where it looks cute. Elves love chocolate kiss snacks, so this is a great way to make sure they have something to eat.

38. Elf on the shelf Paper Heart Garland Idea

This is a great idea for making your elf on the shelf more festive. It’s also easy and fun to do with your kids. All you need is some paper hearts, scissors, tape and glue. First gather 5-6 pieces of red felt or construction paper cut them into heart shapes. Then cut a piece of ribbon, twine or string that is around 36 inches long. Glue the hearts onto the ribbon in any pattern you like. Once it’s dry, your elf can hang it around his or her neck.

39. Elf on Shelf at The Doctor’s note Idea

If your child is a little scared of going to the doctor, then this is a great elf on the shelf idea. Have the elf sitting in a chair with a doctor’s bag and some medical supplies. You can also have an x-ray machine or something fun to make the child feel better about going to the doctor. This shelf idea is a great way to show your child the elf is there to help them feel better.

40. Elf on the shelf Sleeping in a Cage Idea

If you want to do something really different this year, why not have your elf sleep in a cage? This is a great way to freak out your kids, but it’s also really funny or a clever idea for Christmas. You can either buy an elf-sized cage or just use a small keepsake box. Then put some hay in the bottom and have your elf sleep in it. This is perfect for kids who are afraid of Santa elves. It will also make them curious about what will happen to their elf when he’s caught.

41. The Elf on the Shelf Piano Idea

For this idea, you will need a cardboard box and some colorful pieces of construction paper. Then cut out an opening the size of your elf on a shelf near the top, leaving at least one side uncut so you can easily fold it up. Now glue together the pieces of paper to make a grand piano front. Once it’s dry, have your elf sit or stand behind it and take some cute pictures.

42. The Elf on the Shelf Art Appreciation Idea

If you want to avoid the entire “sitting on a tree” thing, this art appreciation might be perfect for your family. Plus, it helps encourage your kids’ creativity, so they can express their artistic side and take good-looking pictures at the same time. The way this elf on the shelf art appreciation works is that you can ask your kids to decorate a ‘canvas’ with the elf on the shelf.

43. Elf on the Shelf in a Christmas Pox Idea

This is a really easy and funny idea that you can do. All you need is some face paint, or you could even use makeup if you have it. Then put some spots on the elf’s face and let it dry. You can make them as big or small as you want. These elf ideas are so much fun and easy to make with your kids.

44. Elf on the Shelf in Christmas Stockings

One of the easiest elves on the shelf ideas is to put him in Christmas stockings. You can make this idea even more fun by using different size stockings, which you place all-around your home. This is a great way to use them because just about every house has some type of Christmas stocking. You can also use this idea as a way to surprise your kids when they wake up on Christmas morning.

45. Elf on Shelf Toothpaste Idea

What about using your elf on the shelf during Easter? This simple idea can be done in less than 5 minutes and is funny. All you need is toothpaste, a bowl, and a spoon. Squeeze the toothpaste into the bowl and have your elf on the shelf stir it up with the spoon. Then take a picture of your elf on the shelf holding the spoon with some toothpaste still on it.

46. The Elf on the Shelf Pancake Idea

If you want to make a breakfast-themed elf on the shelf, this pancake idea is perfect for you. Get a blank piece of paper and fold it in half to create a thin pancake shape. Now decorate it with some syrup, blueberries, and whipped cream to look like a real pancake. You can also add some text that says “I’m an elf on the shelf” or something like that. Once it’s finished, you can take a picture of your elf enjoying a pancake breakfast.

47. The Elf on the Shelf Pizza Party Idea

If your family loves to have pizza night, then you can take advantage of this and make it a little more fun. All you need is some toy food and a storage container for the elf on the shelf. Then place the elf on the shelf inside the storage container with all of his toy food. Now take a picture or two as if he’s having a pizza party. If you want more of an exciting experience, ask your kids to deliver the food to the elf, but make sure they are not caught by him.

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48. Elf on a Shelf Water Gun Idea

This is a great idea for kids who love to have water gunfights. All you need is a small toy water gun and someplace for the elf on the shelf to hide. Fill up the water gun with water and place it next to your kid’s bed. Then have the elf on the shelf pop out and grab the water gun. When he comes out, have your kid wake up and start a fight with him!

49. Elf on the Shelf Bracelet Idea

If you have a jewelry lover at home, then this is a good Elf on-the-shelf idea for her. All you need is some string and scissors. Then cut the string into different lengths and tie them together to make a bracelet. Next, place it in your kid’s room near her bed with the elf on the shelf hiding behind it. When she wakes up, have her wear this cool new bracelet that just appeared.

50. The Elf on the Shelf Train Idea

For this easy elf on a shelf idea you only need a train set and a little imagination. Set up your train tracks with a scenic backdrop of whatever place you want. Then place your elf on the shelf as the conductor. You can even have your kids help you make this scene.

51. The Elf on the Shelf TP Race Idea

Well, this is a fun idea that you can put the TP all-around your house. This will be adding some extra excitement to playing hide-and-seek with your elf on the shelf. But before your child starts racing around the house with paper towels, there’s one rule they have to remember: Never follow the elf.

52. The Elf on the Shelf Bingo Idea

This is a great way to keep the elf on the shelf fun for the whole family. Get some bingo cards made up and have each family member take a turn hiding the elf. Then everyone can play bingo and try to get five in a row. This is also a good way to make sure that the elf doesn’t get stuck in one spot for too long, and it makes the elf feel like he has more freedom to explore new places. This way you can buy elf on a shelf with DIY budget.

53. The Elf on the Shelf Arrival With Kisses

Well, this is a good idea for the arrival of the elf if you want to make kids happy. The rule is simple: kiss your kid before you leave home and ask them not to tell anyone about it. Then hide the elf somewhere in the house as soon as possible. Next, you can take a picture of the elf and send it to your children with a tag: “Dear kids, I have kissed and now I’m watching him/her”. Make sure to include some funny stuff in the photo.

54. Elf on the Shelf Fishing Pole Idea

This is a really easy idea that just requires a fishing pole and a magnetic ornament. Attach the ornament to the end of the fishing pole and put your elf on the shelf with it. Then have your kids pretend to fish for the ornament with their elf. Make sure that the ornament is magnetic, or this idea won’t work.

55. Elf on the Shelf Tea Party Idea

This is a really cute and easy elf on the shelf idea that just requires a few supplies. You will need some small teacups and saucers, a teapot, and some fake food. Set up a little tea party scene with your elf on the shelf and let your kids take pictures. These shelf ideas will inspire your kids to be creative.

56. The Elf on the Shelf Flashlight Idea

f you want an easy way to make your elf hard to locate, try this fun and unique flashlight idea. All you need is a flashlight, batteries, and some construction paper. Cut out a large tree from the construction paper and glue it to the flashlight. Now when your elf is hiding, turn on the flashlight and it will light up the tree. This is a great way to make sure that your elf can’t be found very easily. These shelf ideas are just a few of the many that are available. Be sure to get creative and have some fun with your elf this year.

57. The Elf on the Shelf Rock Band Idea

All you will need for this fun elf on the shelf idea is some old clothes that your kids have outgrown, a wig, and some other accessories. You can also use face paint to make the elf look like he or she is in a band. Then put your elf on the shelf with some musical instruments and let your child take pictures of him or her rocking out.

58. The Elf on the Shelf Photo Shoot Idea

This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Get your elf and some fun Christmas props, such as presents, candy canes, stockings, and have your elf pose in different scenes. You can even have your elf take pictures with the family. This will give you some really cute keepsakes to look back on for years to come.

59. The Elf on the Shelf K-Cup Idea

This idea is for those of you who have a Keurig coffee machine at home, and this one is going to be fun. Make an elf on the shelf with a reusable cup or a homemade K-Cup that looks exactly like your morning coffee. Though some of you might think this is a waste of coffee, some love drinking cold brews all the time. If your elf finds a K-Cup and then comments on it, that will be hilarious.

60. Elf on a Shelf Inflatable Pool Party Idea

f you want to make your elf on the shelf more special, try this idea of an inflatable pool party. All you need is some toy accessories from Walmart or Target, like beach balls, inflatable toys, and fun pool chairs. Next, make sure you get a themed elf on the shelf like this one for example, then place them all inside of your inflatable pool. Once they’re in there, snap pictures of them having a blast.

61. The Elf on the Shelf Cloche Idea

This idea is also very easy. All you need are some crochet hook, yarn, and a little bit of glue. Put these items together and attach your elf to one side of the cloche. Once this is done, secure the cloche with a little bit of tape and you’re finished. These shelf ideas are really easy to make and add a little bit of fun to your elf on the shelf.

62. Elf on the shelf Wash the Dog Idea

What about having your elf on the shelf washing a dog? This is one of the best Santa’s elves’ ideas because it’s simple, funny, and creative. You can either buy or make your basket, and then find the perfect dog. This activity can be done by children who are older than 5 years old since it is repetitive and time-consuming.

63. Elf on the Shelf Door Hanger

Are you looking for some easy and simple decoration ideas? This is a very nice idea that you can easily do by yourself and it doesn’t take too much time. You just need some yarn, ribbon or fabric strips, and wooden sticks. Then hang your elf on the door hanger, create some fun words for your kids. These shelf ideas for boys, girls and kids of different ages will create a very fun and playful Christmas.

64. The Elf on the Shelf “I’m Back” Idea

If you are looking for a way to tell your family that the elf is back for Christmas, try this easy and fun sign idea. All you need is some construction paper, a pen, scissors, and glue. Cut out a sign that says “I’m Back” or anything else you want. Glue it to some solid cardboard like an old cereal box and draw some Christmas trees on it. Then glue your elf to the top of the sign and add a string for hanging purposes.

65. Elf on the Shelf Pipe Cleaner Idea

Although create a funny show by using some basic pipe cleaners and creating the shape of elf on the shelf. Now you have to give your elf different poses, so maybe you can twist his or her arms around. You can also attach a pipe cleaner onto one of your kids’ toy cars for a new way to play with this toy. These shelf ideas for Christmas would be famous or fabulous as well.

The Bottom Line

The Elf on the Shelf is perfect for bringing some holiday cheer to your family. But there are so many different ways you can use this tradition. With 65 Elf on the Shelf ideas, no matter what type of creativity you have or how much time and money you want to spend, we’ve got something that will work with your family. We hope these new elf-inspired traditions not only provide fun memories during the holidays but also serve as an addition to any existing holiday celebration! If you’ve found this article helpful, please share it with friends so they can enjoy these ideas too. And if you have any other idea regarding the next Christmas then share with us through a comment section below.