Why Is It Better To Make A Birthday Cake Instead Of Buying One?

birthday cake with number ten candle

Birthdays can often be very special days that bring people together so they can all celebrate a loved one’s life. One of the biggest elements of any birthday gathering is the cake – there are lots of traditions surrounding it, so you’ll certainly want one as a centerpiece for any party or gathering.

It is convenient to go to a store and buy a cake or even ask a professional to make a unique one for you, but it might actually be better to bake the cake yourself. Read on to find out why this is the case.

Personal Touch

When you make a birthday cake for a loved one instead of buying one, you can add a personal touch that you won’t get from others, making the cake so much more special. Even if you’re not a great baker, the fact that you put effort into making a cake and finding the right ingredients, including Satin Ice food color markers to decorate it with, is something the recipient is certain to be happy about and truly appreciate.

When you make your own cake, you can make sure it is entirely customized to your friend or loved one, making it unique and even more special because of that. Plus, you can take their preferences into account and make them a cake they’re going to love eating as well as receiving and looking at.

Cost Effective

It can be expensive to buy a pre-made cake, and it’s definitely a pricey thing to order one from a professional cake maker – you might have to spend one hundred dollars or more if you do this. So if you want to save money and you’re on a tight budget, making your own cake makes a lot of sense.

When you make a cake, you only have to pay for the ingredients. You won’t have to pay for labor or the packaging or anything else that a bought cake would include in the price. This will save you money, especially if you buy the ingredients in bulk because you know you’re going to bake more cakes in the future.

Healthier Options

If someone is on a diet or has special dietary needs, it’s not always easy to find a birthday cake that is going to suit them. You might buy one that doesn’t get eaten at all and is therefore wasted (as well as the money you spent), or you might buy one that is eaten but that results in the recipient feeling guilty and making the memory of the cake a little tarnished.

When you make your own cake, you can ensure it is as healthy as possible. You can switch various ingredients out or you can make it smaller, for example. Look up some healthy birthday cake recipes online and you’ll see there are plenty to choose from.

Although it is certainly easier to buy a cake from a store, you’ll be losing something special if you do that a homemade birthday cake can definitely offer. If you’re not confident in your baking skills, why not make it a group effort and encourage other friends and family to help create this unique cake? If everyone is involved, it will become even more special.

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