Top Tips for Decorating Your Child’s Nursery

modern interior design of nursery room with baby wigwam and crib

The days leading up to the birth of your child are a mixture of exciting and terrifying. There is so much to get ready as you wait for the human to appear in your life.

Decorating the nursery is one of those jobs where you can pour your heart into your home. You likely already have a Pinterest board or have cut and glued your nursery mood board. Yet, before you spend a fortune kitting out of the baby’s room, here are some hints and tips to help you decorate your child’s nursery effectively.

Block out excess light and noise

You are going to beg the heavens for a baby that loves to sleep. While little humans are not known for sticking to an eight-hour sleeping regime, there are ways you can help them sleep longer and so give the parents some rest.

First, choose the quietest bedroom. If there is a room close to the main road, it might not be the best for a baby. Therefore, the backroom furthest from life on your street is a great choice. If this isn’t possible, closing the windows and using a white noise machine can help prolong naps.

Light is easier to manage in a room. Purchasing blackout curtains or blinds is an ideal way to simulate night-time and so helping the baby use its natural bodily rhythms to fall and stay asleep.

These window coverings effectively block out external light, creating a more conducive sleep environment for your little one.

ethereal light baby nursery

Select neutral colours

As with light and noise, colours can stimulate a baby, and more neutral colours may be friendlier to your schedule. There is much written on the effect of colour on our psychology, and it is worth investigating how the choice of paint could be more significant than you think.

Yet, sticking to neutral colours also has the benefit of allowing you to prepare for a boy or a girl, and you can always personalise with some accessories when you get to know this human a little better.

Remember, as the baby grows up, you will likely keep them in the same room. You do not want to have to keep redecorating as your baby matures and so using accessories to personalise allows the child to grow into their personality without the cost of decorating every few years. If you do fancy decorating regularly, we advise purchasing a spray gun for ease of use, and it is perfect with neutral colours too.

Storage is king

Your new human might be small, but they do not travel light. They need many things to keep them safe, comfortable, and warm. Therefore, your nursery needs storage more than it needs anything else, as you will need a place for endless vests, grows, nappies and general supplies.

You have many choices when it comes to storage for the nursery, and you can opt for built-in wardrobes or cupboards with lots of drawers. Whatever your choice, you are likely going to need twice as much as you thought you did. Therefore, investing in some extra storage boxes and baskets that can be pushed under other furniture will be essential.

Keep essentials close

Your changing table needs to be the most well-stocked item in the nursery. There will be a host of creams and powders that need to be close at hand, as well as the crucial baby wipe at the moment of a poonami. Therefore, designing the nursery so there are shelves at arm’s reach for ease of access to new nappies and clean clothes is essential for the best design of your nursery.


It is easy to be lured by marketing, and you can spend a fortune on the perfect designer nursery. When you are an expectant parent, you want to start as you mean to go on and provide the very best for your child. Remember, being fed, cuddled and loved are more important than designer toys and bedding, so making choices in the nursery that will keep you sane are vital for the happiness of the baby.

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