How to Pull a Baby Tooth

Most parents dread the day their child loses a tooth, but there is no need to worry. You can easily pull a baby tooth without any pain or mess. Learn when and how to pull a baby tooth, and find out what you can expect afterwards.

A baby tooth is a type of permanent tooth that starts to grow in the mouth near the age of six months. Typically, baby teeth start to fall out around two years old and are replaced with adult teeth. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult for children to let go of their favorite baby teeth. If children are in a situation where they can’t pull their baby teeth, parents may need to step in.

How can I pull my baby tooth? If you know which teeth your child likes to play with, you can easily pluck them out using tweezers. In other cases, it’s good to have a pair of dental pliers, also known as a “dental key” at home. Most parents use pliers for this task because it is the easiest and fastest way to pull a baby tooth.

Parents should always be mindful that there may come a time when a child needs help removing a loose tooth. But there are many ways parents can take care of this situation at home before seeking emergency dental assistance if necessary. This blog will teach you how to pull baby teeth yourself: safely and easily.

How do you pull a baby tooth?

As well as baby teeth fall out, their roots often remain in the jaw. There they usually continue to grow and develop into adult teeth (or “permanent” teeth). The roots of a baby tooth can sometimes cause problems if it stays in place, especially if there is not enough room for the permanent tooth coming up behind.

These roots must be removed because they can damage the permanent teeth. This is generally done by a dentist, who will numb the area and use special tools to remove the roots. It is important to keep an eye on your child’s teeth as they grow and fall out.

However, we have known that child’s tooth can be pulled at any age. However, it is more logical to pull the tooth when the child’s mouth is developing and changing as this will result in a straighter-shaped mouth as they develop. In addition, their adult tooth are not yet fully developed so those gaps left behind can be filled with ‘next’ teeth which have come through. Below we have discussed some important methods to loose baby teeth and they are:

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Use string and doorknob method

In this method, we would use a piece of string and tie it to the tooth and the doorknob. We will make them like a necklace and let the baby hold on to it. Then we start turning, this movement will help in loosening the tooth from its roots.

How to do it?

Step: 1: Cut two pieces of string, each about 10 inches long. Thread one piece of string through the hole in the doorknob.

Step: 2: Tie each end of the second piece of string to a baby tooth. Make sure that both ends are tied tightly enough so that the tooth does not fall out but not too tight that it hurts your child.

Step: 3: Hold the ends of the string tightly and have your child gently turn the doorknob. This will help loosen the tooth from its roots.

Step: 4: For a loose baby tooth by using this method you make sure that the tooth is coming out without any pain. The string and doorknob method is an easy way to remove a baby tooth without causing them any pain. You can also use this method to loosen a tooth that is stuck in the gums.

Use the doggy treat method

Give your little one a doggy treat whenever they allow you to pull their tooth out. This will help in making the experience a positive one and they will let you do it more easily. As you know a child’s baby teeth are not only important for their primary dentition but also help in the development of the permanent ones.

How to do it?

Step: 1: First, make sure that your child is ready to have their tooth pulled. You will know this by their behavior and if they are showing any signs of being uncomfortable or scared.

Step: 2: If your child is ready, get them comfortable in a sitting or lying down position.

Step: 3: Gently insert the thumb and index finger of the hand you are not going to pull into your child’s mouth.

Step: 4: Place these fingers directly behind the tooth that you would like to remove. Your pinky should be on the other side of their mouth, gently touching their cheek.

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Step: 5: When you feel comfortable, ask your child to open wide and gently pull the tooth out. It is best to avoid pulling it straight across as this will cause damage and pain.

Step: 6: Once the tooth is removed, give them a treat and praise them for being such a good patient even if they were not.

By using the Pacifier method

Another effective way to pull a baby tooth is by using a pacifier. If your child uses a pacifier, you can put it in their mouth until the pacifier’s rubber nipple is firmly wedged between the gums and teeth. Then you can gently pull the baby tooth out by opening your child’s mouth.

How to do it?

Step: 1: Gently hold the base of the tooth.

Step: 2: Push down on the tooth until you can grip it with your nail.

Step: 3: If using a pacifier, put one end in his/her mouth and place the other firmly between their teeth and gums so that it’s wedged in tight. Gently pull the pacifier out.

Step: 4: If you have done your work then make sure that tooth is out. If it’s not, then repeat steps 2-3 until the tooth comes out.

By using the Finger Method

This would be a efefctive way to remove a baby tooth is by using your finger and starting by relaxing the jaw. Then place your finger between the tooth and gums to be removed, or gently pry it off with your thumb. Look at the steps below how you can do this:

How you can do it?

Step: 1: First, you will need to relax the jaw by opening it as wide as possible.

Step: 2: Place your finger between the tooth and gum tissue. If you are having trouble locating it, gently use your thumb to pry it out from below. Try not to apply too much pressure, as this can be painful.

Step: 3: Once you have got a grip, gently lift the tooth out of its socket.

Step: 4: As a parent, you should know that the primary teeth of your child will eventually fall out on their own, but if it’s causing discomfort or is loose then you can pull it out by using your finger. And after third step, spit out the tooth and rinse their mouth with water. If bleeding persists, put pressure on the site with a piece of gauze or cloth for five to ten minutes.

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By using the fly-ball method

This is a method where you can use a rubber band and also a piece of thread and this will help to lose baby tooth easily. And for that, you must tie the thread around the baby tooth so that it goes around the rubber band, tightly. Look how you can do it by using these steps:

How to do it?

Step: 1: Take a rubber band and put it around your index finger. Now make sure that the rubber band is tight enough.

Step: 2: Take a piece of thread and tie it around the baby tooth so that the tooth is secure. Now make sure that the thread is tight as well.

Step: 3: Place the string into the rubber band slowly.

Step: 4: Takedown your index finger slowly. As you take down your index finger, carefully keep holding the baby tooth with your other fingers.

The Conclusion

Pulling a baby tooth is an important step in children’s dental health. When teeth are lost prematurely, it can cause problems with the rest of their oral structure and lead to gum disease or abscesses that require surgery. For these reasons, most dentists recommend waiting until your child turns six’s years old before pulling any teeth. It’s important to take care of your baby’s loose teeth as they are forming. For the healthy teeth of your child, as a parent, you should follow proper morning teeth wash routine.

There are a few different ways to go about remove baby teeth. One is to use dental floss to loosen the tooth and then gently wiggle it out. Another option is to use a finger puppet or piece of cloth to apply pressure on the gum next to the tooth and pop the tooth out. Whichever method you choose, make sure to be gentle and go slowly. If you have any query regarding your child loose tooth or swollen gums then fee free to share with us through a comment section.