9 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

Are you confused about giving everyday special lunch menu for your toddler? Then this article is for you. All these healthy lunch ideas for little ones are fast to cook, easy to pack and healthy to eat.

Every day packed lunch can be enjoyed right out of a lunchbox without re-heating. You can pack this delicious meal for their preschool, daycare, or a meal takes on the go. Try this healthy diet lunch ideas for your lovely toddlers.

Easy Toddlers Lunch Ideas

Every day we are creeping up and forced to scramble to throw or forced to do something for the kids for their meals especially toddlers. If we have a common idea and a list of healthy diet plan then the lunch meal is easily packed in no time with 100% satisfaction.

We are concern about our toddler health, toddler taste, and their food habits. Hope this article gives you a long way to go towards making lunch meals to easily go with the time-consuming process. This article is meant to you for when you are run out of good lunch ideas, try this and check with the result.


A sandwich is one of the finest and probably the easiest meal packed for toddlers lunch. Make sure healthy nutritional varieties present in the meals. The stuff of paneer sandwich or a mix of vegetable sandwich adds varieties to the meal that helps to stay healthy.

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Egg sandwich is a very good choice that adds protein to the meal. Make a triangle shape or small rectangle shape sandwich for easier handling.

Boiled Eggs – Rich in Protein

Eggs are rich in protein. It is essential to add protein content food to your toddler’s everyday diet. Make sure it is completely hard boiled and not runny at all. Some kids like yolk and some don’t like, choose the preference and add to your toddler lunch box.

Slice the egg that helps them to eat easier along with whole grain wedges to add extra taste. Include some fruits, veggies, and nuts to add some health benefits.

Spinach and Cheese Pizza Rolls

This is an inspired lunch for a toddler. Pizza rolls with spinach and cheese is a simple dessert but have more nutrients that help for baby skin and bone health. Cheese helps to make stay healthy and energetic.

Pizza roll is softened inside, and not too chewy even it is chilled. You can make rolls with vegetables, paneer, chicken, meat or fish. Cut pizzas into a triangular shape and help them to eat with added sauces to finish off your lunch meal.

Mixed Snack Box

A mixed snack box flavored with varieties of healthy food includes cheese, meat, peas, corn, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, berries, grapes, melon, orange, dry fruits with choco sticks is an excellent snack box for your kids. A whole mix is added with small honey flavor must be stirred well to serve for a delicious lunch meal.

This is an excellent dish contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, nutrients and carbohydrates for the toddler in one lunch meal box. The taste is really good that is too yummy to fill the tummy.

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Pasta is the most fun squiggly shape food have rich health benefits. The color and shapes of pasta been loved by toddlers that help to finish off your lunch meal easily. You can sneak in meat or veggies with pasta and nothing else more needed to your toddler.

Toddler Taco Salad

Salad is a seasoned food vegetable mix that is rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Taco salad is one such kind of salad mixed with brown rice and some salsa stirred together with the whole yogurt is a yummy tummy snack meal for your toddler.


Roti rolls are another toddler food. A roll made up of roti stuffed with paneer, vegetables, chicken or meat is an excellent choice to fill your toddler lunch box. When you pack the stuffed in a lunch box, make sure that you the stuffed products inside the roll doesn’t fall on either end.

A better option to help your toddler is, make a roti, cut into small pieces and make as easy peasy!

Vegetable Sticks with Hummus

Some kids are non-veggies; they love to eat hummus than anything else. A sandwich with protein stuffing sometimes makes them bored every day. Vegetable sticks with hummus are the perfect choice that balances both veggie meals and hummus in a single meal.

Vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, cucumber, celery, carrots are the perfect choice for vegetable sticks. Prepare healthy food to make fit with toddler diet.

Chicken Nuggets

A most favorite fast-moving tummy lunch meal is chicken nuggets. Homemade chicken nuggets are perfect for your toddler. Try to avoid store bought ones.

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A perfect combination of chicken nuggets with veggie or chicken paratha is easy to meal lunch for your toddler.

All daycare centers request you to send lunch box and snack box for your toddler. In this article we included a sweet, savory, mixed flavor lunch box.

I am sure here after you won’t have any trouble for deciding what to make for lunch. Try making special lunch every day and pack for your toddler.