5AM Breakfast Ideas For Your Toddler

Toddlers are known for getting up well before the crack of dawn. Here are a few simple and fresh 5AM breakfast ideas that your two-year-old can eat while you sleep on the couch.

Gum from your purse. Throw 4-5 sticks at your three-year old. If you have a minty flavored variety, this also counts as brushing his teeth. They say gum stays in your system for a few years so it will keep him nice and full for some time.

Granola bar. If your child is crying for pancakes, let them know that you too have dreams. For example, you wanted to sleep past 7AM.

Floor food. Chances are there are all kinds of yummy snacks under your dining room table. Foster independence in your toddler by allowing her to forage like a beast for sustenance. Eating directly from the ground will also strengthen her immune system. You’re a good mom.

Single slice of bread. Let your child know that things like “toasting” and “buttering” only happen when a) the sun is up and b) after you’ve had coffee. This will prepare them for the real world.

Gummy Vitamins. 1-2 of these chewy delights have all of the vitamins your child needs to grow strong. They pair wonderfully with tap water and resentment.

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