10 Quick and Healthy Recipes for Toddlers

Toddlers need a healthy diet for their growth and development. A common problem to every mom is what menu is needed to pack for everyday healthy lunch box for their toddlers. It is essential to ensure nutrients, vitamin, and minerals in their diet.

The little toddlers usually like tasty food and not the nutrients. It is the duty of the parents to consider the healthy common factors about their lunch box which contains a blend of vitamins and minerals and also delicious to fill their tummy every day.

When you prepare the lunch for the kids make sure you prepare mouth-watering, super delicious and tasty food and not boring healthy recipes.

Toast made with fresh vegetables

A non-spicy delicious tasty food loved by all toddlers. Usually, toddlers hesitate to have raw vegetables or some cooked vegetables this can be overcome with this non-spicy toasted vegetable.

Take a cup of mixed vegetables like potato, finely chopped onion, capsicum, tomatoes, paneer, red, and chat masala. Mix well with a pinch of salt and little amount of oil.

With two pieces of bread bind the above tasty roasted vegetables into the bread and gently pan for 2 minutes. Now the toast is ready!! Try this most healthy chiseling snack that is packed along with ketchup is the best idea for toddler lunch.

Chapathi Wraps

Wraps are yummy food that is fast to cook, easy to pack, and healthy to eat. Try this most flavored chapathi wrap made with wheat flour filled with a mix of capsicum, red chili, onion, tomatoes, and dry fry sabji. Make sure the wrap is crispy and chewy!

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Top up with eggless mayonnaise sauce for additional delicious taste. For easy handling, cut the wrap into 3 pieces and place in a lunch box.

For your surprise, you check in the evening, the box seems to be empty and fill your lovely toddler tummy with more health benefits and tones of your love.

Mini Shepherd’s pies

This is the most astonishing non-spicy delicious meal idea for your toddler. Try this for one time and sure it will take place in every week menu.

This mouthwatering pie is prepared with a family classic creamy mash with a few mixes of veggies along with lamb and pinch of salt. These mini pies are freezable at least for a week and can be reused for next week of meal menu box.

When you pack in lunch box pack with celery, carrots, peppers, and courgetti along with dry fruits makes the pie more crispy & tasty.

Sweet corn and Spinach fritters

Fritter is a most healthy snack loved by all. This food is rich in Vitamin C and minerals. It takes approximately 20 minutes time to make healthy spinach fitters along with sweet corn.

This is not only good for a toddler; it is healthy food for adults too. Try this healthy snaky food for better lunch box meal.

Mini Egg & Mini Veggie Muffins

As you all know, eggs are rich in protein. Mini egg and veggie muffins are the best answer for your lunchtime stress. Make egg muffins with a mix of vegetables like carrot, pea, and crumbly feta and bake this mix made veggie muffins ready.

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You can freeze this muffin for a week of time and serve your baby during snack time or for another lunch box meal is a simple and easy idea for a healthy recipe.

Homemade pizza with veggie faces

Pizza is the perfect food time snack for your toddler to keep little hand busy and little bellies full. Pizza is made with the wheat base along with fresh fruits and vegetables added with veggie faces helps the toddler to east faster and finish the lunch box soon.

All vegetables present in the mix helps the toddler to grow wealthy and healthy. Vegetable contains minerals, nutrients, fiber, and vitamins. This helps the toddler to stay healthy and more energetic.

Salmon fish fingers with chunky chips or Sweet potato Muffins

Many kids love this non-veg lunch. It’s a family classic meal reworked for cute little ones. Salmon fish are rich in Omega -3 and chunky chips are easy for the kids to whipping up the snack.

Another interesting and easy dish is salmon fish –sweet potato muffins. Kids love to eat muffins. As salmon is rich in Omega-3, make a variety of salmon with this muffin to pack your toddler lunch box.

This gluten-free, healthy and chunky snack takes only 5 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to eat. It is easy for little ones to hold and a great option for weaning.

Cauliflower Cheese Cakes

This is another healthy snack suitable for lunch, dinner or evening snacks. This cauliflower cake can be prepared in 20 minutes of time. Cauliflower is a good source of fiber, mineral, protein, and Magnesium.

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It helps the toddler to hold easily and it is the best deal for baby-led weaning. Garnish cake with almond, cherries, and strawberry looks so colorful and give healthy fruit diet to the toddler.

vegan protein cookies, but here’s what they’re all about: a combination of vegan comfort foods and fresh ingredients. A healthier, more affordable rich chocolate-cream interior, these soft savory cookie bite are perfect for chilly nights or your morning cup of coffee!

Chicken cashew stay on lolly sticks

The chicken cashew is easy to cook and loved to eat. Feed the chicken with 3 lolly sticks in the oven. Add nut butter, garlic, oil, soy sauce, and honey in a pan and stir well.

Pack chicken cashew lolly stick with the spoonful of dip along with little rice.

Snack Plate

It is an all time favorite food for all and more particularly to the toddlers. It is easy to make and healthy to eat. It is a good option for breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

Add a low-sugar dry cereal or crackers along with some protein in the form of cheese, nut, butter, egg, and fruits. Add little carbohydrate content food like starchy vegetables, potato or corn. Now mix all ingredients well with honey and dry fruits.

Snack is ready. It is so easy and variable. All vegetables present in the mix helps the toddler to grow healthy and more energetic.

Hope this 10 quick and healthy recipe helps for your toddler breakfast ideas or easy meals for lunch box. Toddlers love to eat routine crispy chewy colorful flavored food items. Ensure to change the regular rotation of varieties and flavors in the Toddler’s food.