Find the 10 Preschools in Philadelphia

The physical development of the child is obvious where the kid enjoys playing with peers, but it is essential to take care of mental development simultaneously.

The toddler age is the stage activates the pathways of the brain to connect, transmit and receive the information. In order to proceed with this activity enroll your child to the best preschool.

If you are a veteran finding the best preschool for your tot is a difficult task. Hope this article helps you to navigate to the best preschools in Philadelphia.

Kinder care learning Center

The kinder care learning center provides the best learning and immense importance to the safety of the child. All the classrooms are equipped with camera, telephones and emergency bags for the kids’ safety.

The school provides an innovative program from professionally trained staff. It offers an unsurpassed learning experience that helps the child to discover the learning with interpersonal skills.

The Beacon Center

The Beacon Center is a preschool for Toddler. The School has experience in teaching for more than 25 years. It provides emotional, physical, creative, and social guidance to each kid in a learning experience. It is like a home environment where all students love to attend everyday class.

It includes the activities of teaching, playing, and learning. It also helps the children to be in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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The curriculum activities include reading, listening, music, science, math, art, and game playing activities. The best feature of this school is it offers enrollment with flexible schedules throughout the year.

Children’s Village

It is not a usual play school, it approaches are totally different in nature. It is a non-profit organization provides excellent early childhood education and enrichment together with children, parents and community environment.

Children’s Village won the Children’s Village GSK Impact Award for their excellent and outstanding contribution to education.

As it is run as a non-profit organization, the tuition fee is low and based on the family income. Suppose if the parents qualify for Pre-K counts then the total program is available for free of cost.


It is preschool helps for the development and growth of the children. The age limit to join in the NEST preschool is 2-6 years. The School offers snacks, café, toys, and indoor ground along with kid’s salon.

The main aim of this NEST is to make the life of the kid easier and better for their growth and development. It greatly helps the child to develop a love for discovery. It helps for socializing and new learning skills.

Busy Bees Learning Center

Busy Bee Learning Center is located in the heart of the city. It is a family owned preschool and childcare that helps the kids to learn through the environment.

The School follows the methods of “Nanny Share” nurseries and offers hands-on experience through enthusiastic staff encouragement by engaging in conversations and physical activities.

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Trinity Playgroup

It is a private, non-profit based preschool located inside the beautiful church. The aim of this school is to provide a safe, secure and best learning environment enriching through trust, self-esteem, self-confidence, curiosity, and self-expression.

It keeps a close relationship with each family to keep track of the child’s education and their growth and development.

Smith Memorial Playground Preschool

Smith Memorial Playground Preschool is the most prominent play schools in Philadelphia. It ensures safety, security and more fun recreational facilities for kids. The school is built-up with 16000 square foot playhouse especially for playing and learning purpose.

Learning the World Child Academy

It is a preschool focuses mainly on the development and growth of the child. It encourages learning from 6 weeks to 12 years with the support of communities and families. It helps on interpersonal development of each child.

All the staff members are professionally trained and ensure an extraordinary education program for each child.

Beautiful Beginnings Childcare Center

Beautiful Beginnings Childcare Center is a perfect choice for an affordable, exceptional pre-school. It provides a safe, secure and healthy learning environment to the child.

It has a nurturing environment where the kids are treated with love, patience, kindness and helps to learn social, emotional and physical activities.

The school follows the “Creative Curriculum” method for the growth and development of the child. It helps to increase the cognitive skill of the child.

St Mary’s Nursery School

It is non-profit day care for the kids aged between 18 months to 5 years. It involves the family and community in the program to foster a healthy, caring and trusting environment for the children.

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The School lays emphasis on the education, physical, social, mental and emotional growth and activity of the children.

The educational program of this preschool is purely based on playing, drawing, arts, and creativity. The School follows the Reggio Emilia curriculum.

Hope this article helps you to find the best play school in Philadelphia. We would advise to pay a personal visit to the pre-schools before making a final decision and check for the environment and facilities offered by the school. We wish a bright future for your little one. Happy learning!