How To Prepare Your Child For Preschool?

It is no secret that the first few years of a child’s life are very important in terms of development and learning. This includes preschool, which can be a child’s first major milestone in an educational setting. To help your kid do well in preschool, there are many things you as a parent can do to prepare them before pre-school starts.

Talk with your child about what preschool is and what a former preschool teacher does. Play games that will help them learn how to share, take turns, and listen. You can get your child feel ready for school year by playing educational games with them or read books together at your bedtime routines. Make sure you encourage their imaginative fine motor skills by letting them be the boss of their own pretend play!

You also need to make your young children learn potty training. Teach your child how to share with others by setting up a toy library in the house. Practice new words every day with your toddler, such as colors, shapes, numbers, animals names, etc. Give them plenty of time to play outside each day – they need fresh air and exercise!

You can even take your child to a preschool before he or she starts. It will help them in adjusting the other day and will make them feel comfortable. As a parent, you can also teach your child how to handle big emotions like anger or sadness. Have conversations about what will happen during the preschool day – tell them what they can expect and answer any questions they may have.

The list goes on! There are so many things to consider when preparing your child for preschool. But the most important thing is to give them their own feelings of readiness. You need them to feel like they can do it and that preschool isn’t going to be scary.

What should I do if my kid is not ready for preschool?

A child’s preschool age starts is in range of 3-4 years. Not all kids are ready for preschool at the same time. So you don’t need to panic if your child isn’t showing every sign of readiness! It’s also very common for kids to lag behind their peers a bit. But don’t worry, they will eventually get there! Just keep encouraging them and helping them if needed. Also, make sure you find a preschool that’s the right fit for your child’s unique personality and interests. A good preschool will be able to guide your kid as they grow and transit to kindergarten.

Tips on how to prepare the child for the transition from home to preschool:

A preschool is young kids first experience with an educational setting. For kids starting preschool, there are many things you as a parent can do to prepare them for such a setting. Here are 15 tips that you can consider to make the transition of your child from home to preschool smoother:

1. Get them excited about preschool

This part is pretty straightforward! You should be telling your child all about what they will be learning and doing in preschool. Make sure they’re excited about it. Excitement can help them overcome some of the fears they may have about preschool! You can encourage them by saying that he or she will make so many new friends there and will enjoy the time so well.

2. Tell them about the preschool schedule

Kids are more likely to be positive about their new school if they’re already comfortable with the daily established routines. Let them know what will happen at preschool every day. For example what time it starts and finishes, their snack time, etc. You can even make a “Routine chart” to help them follow the routine easily.

3. Let them know how much fun preschool is

There are so many things to do and learn at preschool! It’s not just educational, it’s also very fun! You can teach your child about all these fun activities by explaining them through various stories and games. Also, you can take your kid to a preschool to help them see what it’s all about.

4. Get them physically ready for preschool

Make sure your child is healthy, well-rested, and has a good appetite before they start preschool. Most importantly, make sure you teach your kids how to use a potty training seat! A preschooler should be ready to use the bathroom without their diaper on. This will help them feel more in control and also be comfortable in the classroom.

Also, if possible buy some new clothes for your little one – it’s always exciting for kids to get new clothes! You can even play dress-up games with school clothes. This activity will further add up to the encouragement of your child.

5. Teach them how to make friends

Kids make friends easily when they’re still toddlers. But as they start preschool, it can be a bit tricky. You should teach your child that making friends is not all about sharing. There are many things involved and it’s best if you explain it to them. Teach them the correct way of making, keeping, and losing friends!

6. Teach them how to share

Sharing is a great life lesson. You should teach your child that everything in the world belongs to someone – but they are not the only one who has something. They have to understand that sharing with others is much better than taking everything for themselves! Explain to them why it’s good for everyone when they share. When they will have this as a habit, it will help them in making friends in preschool quite easily.

7. Teach them to follow instructions well

Setting limits can be hard for preschoolers because they are usually full of energy and curiosity. It’s important that kids learn how to listen to the child’s teacher well enough to follow any instructions given in class. You should start this habit by following simple rules at home and rewarding your kid with a treat for being well-behaved.

8. Teach them to be independent

By the time they are preschoolers, your kids have to do all work independently by themselves. You must acknowledge this trait and treat them accordingly. Let them try things on their own when at home. It will teach them self help skills. If they make a mistake, correct them with love and care! If you’re encouraging their independence through preschool, they will become self-reliant as they grow up.

9. Introduce them to a new school routine

If your child is going to a new preschool, give him or her time to adjust to the new environment before starting normal classes there. You can introduce the classroom to your preschooler by taking him or her to the classroom a few days before the actual start date. This will help them become familiar with the new environment and also make it easier for both of you.

10. Discuss separation with your child

It is very natural for kids to feel a bit scared when they first start preschool and leave their parents behind somewhere else! The best thing you can do is talk to your child about the new school beforehand. Tell them what they can expect on their first day at preschool – for example, they might feel a bit scared because it’s not like home (and that’s normal). They will learn with time.

11. Start getting up early

It is very important that kids get used to waking up early in the morning before entering preschool. You should get your little one used to changing into school clothes and eating breakfast, etc., before leaving the house. This will make them feel more comfortable when they start preschool and it can be a lot easier for both of you if done in time!

12. Make your preschooler familiar with basic learning concepts

There are so many activities you can do with your preschooler before they start preschool. You can also practice basic concepts with them – for example, colors, ABCs, shapes, and numbers. You can even play a matching game with flashcards! This will help your child be more comfortable in class when they finally get there.

13. Encourage communication

One thing you should do before sending your preschooler to a new school is to help them develop important skills like communication. Especially if they are shy or extremely quiet! You can narrate books to them that have good communication as the main theme. This way, they will learn basic conversation and also become comfortable speaking to others when are in preschool.

14. Set realistic expectations

You have to keep your preschooler’s age in mind while setting their expectations from preschool. Kids this age aren’t big enough to handle being away from home for too long, so take care of that when you choose a preschool. Don’t push your kid to do something he or she is not ready for! It’s very important that you understand the importance of patience when dealing with preschoolers.

15. Show your kids how much you care about them

You should never stop showing that you love your child! You can do this by spending time with them, playing games, telling stories, etc. Just like any other kid, preschoolers also need love and care from their parents. And most importantly, have fun with your kids! They are expecting it from you.

You can start doing these activities in-home and can make your child ready for preschool. You can also try other preschool activities that you think your child will enjoy doing.


Choosing the right preschool for your child is very important because they are going to spend a lot of time there in the coming years. The general idea about preschools is that they are just educational institutions where kids learn how to read, write, count, etc. But in reality, preschools are much more than that. They don’t just teach kids lessons or give them homework! They guide them through everything and help them become successful individuals later on in life.

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