Physical Therapy for Postpartum Recovery

Speaking from personal experience, I had a hard time doing exercises after my first pregnancy. I was sore for so long that it made it difficult to squeeze my legs together or sit normally. It took a while before the pain subsided. I wasn’t sure how to resolve this issue until someone recommended I seek physical therapy.

I am so happy that I did. My physical therapist helped me with the exercises to complete at home and gave me tips on how to prevent this pain from coming back after future pregnancies.

Should I consider physical therapy?

You should consider physical therapy if you have persistent physical issues that are keeping you from being active, enjoying life, or getting pregnant again. It’s best to try physical therapy before resorting to surgery or medication, because these options can have side effects. Physical therapy can help to strengthen muscles and build endurance, which may decrease pain or physical issues.

They can also treat all types of individuals during pregnancy and childbirth, including teens, athletes, mothers who are having their second (or more) child, and people in pre-pregnancy physical shape.

PT can be helpful for many different reasons, including diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal weakness, and back pain. Physical therapists who specialize in physical therapy during the postpartum period should have knowledge about physical therapy for these conditions. The physical therapist should also have experience dealing with these problems and/or other similar conditions.

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What might physical therapy include?

Physical therapists play a substantial role in the rehabilitation process after childbirth, which is necessary for physical and emotional recovery. Physical therapists who specialize in postpartum physical therapy will work with the mother to assess her physical needs and prepare a personalized physical rehabilitation plan that best addresses her issues during this critical period of time. The physical therapist may also assess the mother’s family and social support system to see what other factors may have contributed to her condition or impacted her decision making throughout pregnancy.

They may also provide guidance on nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, as well as relaxation techniques for stress management. They can teach you how to walk, bend, climb stairs, lift objects, sit, stand and play with your baby.

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