7 Astounding Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

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Chiropractors want everyone in the community to get the best out of their bodies. When you’re using that body to grow a whole other body, a holistic chiropractic approach is vital.

But it’s no wonder the biggest question we get is: is chiropractic safe when pregnant? (Spoiler alert: it definitely is.)

New moms want the best for their babies. It’s natural to question everything. In fact, we encourage it—and we have the answers.

In this article, we’re unpacking 7 amazing benefits to seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy. We think you’ll be pretty surprised at how beneficial a gentle chiropractic session can be for you and your bub.

Is Chiropractic Safe When Pregnant?

In a nutshell: absolutely.

During pregnancy, your body is undergoing some amazing physiological and physical changes to help your baby thrive and prepare for the world. These changes also help you to prepare for labor and delivery of that special bundle.

It’s a beautiful time, but it’s also really challenging for your body.

Chiropractors help your body to adapt to the changes, and supports the role your ligaments, joints, and bones are playing to make this transitional time as smooth as possible.

From your pelvic muscles to your spine to your nerves to your balance—there are so many ways an expert chiropractor can help you prepare for baby. So let’s get started with our list.

#1. All Natural Relief from Back Pain

One of the most common complaints we hear from mamas-to-be is back pain. During pregnancy, back pain is most commonly caused by a loosening of your joints and ligaments—all very necessary changes to help prepare you for labor.

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In a systematic review of studies conducted over a 25 year period, chiropractic was shown to have positive results on lower back pain. That’s right—every study that researchers looked at over a 25 year period showed improvements in levels of pregnancy-related lower back pain.

Routine adjustments and holistic chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy can improve your comfort level, strengthen spinal stability, and teach you how to support your loosened ligaments and joints.

#2. Say Goodbye to Weird Sleep Aids

If lower back pain is the most common complaint we hear from pregnant mamas, a lack of sleep comes in at a close second. It’s easy to feel restless or uncomfortable during pregnancy—and even more so at night.

A lot of moms notice that their baby starts moving around more just as they settle in to get some shut-eye. Add to that the uncomfortable sleeping positions, the awkward navigation around your baby bump, and the never-ending To Do list in your head—it’s a wonder moms-to-be get any rest at all.

But you need that rest—and quality chiropractic for pregnant women can help you get it. In fact, improved sleep hygiene is one of our 4 amazing benefits of seeing a holistic chiropractor. And since a better night’s sleep also leads to improved energy levels, you can check two boxes at once.

#3. Say Goodbye to Morning Sickness

Why do they call it morning sickness when it can strike at any time of day or night? Whatever the reason, chiropractic care can help you reduce nausea naturally—and effectively.

Denver Chiropractor who specialize in working with pregnant women can implement spinal realignment to improve nervous system function. Sounds fancy, right? Essentially, they work to rebalance your hormones and alleviate digestive issues. This means that an added benefit of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy can be reduced nausea, pregnancy-related constipation, and even indigestion.

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#4. Reduced Risk of Injury

Seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy helps you stay safe as you grow a baby, too. Chiropractic care encourages you to stay flexible, which reduces the risk of stress injuries, helps you to be aware of your changing body, and provides posture support.

During pregnancy, seeing a chiropractor can help you avoid arching your back—a posture that can lead to long-term back injury.

Good posture is always important, and never more so than when you’re carrying the added weight of a baby. Learning to keep your back straight now will help you to feel more comfortable now, and improve your strength and positioning as you cart your baby around for the first year or two of their life.

#5. Better Pelvic Balance

Quality chiropractic can help strengthen the pelvic floor. In fact, multiple studies have provided evidence that seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy helps maintain pelvic balance, and allows your baby to move more easily into a strong birthing position.

Visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy is ideal if you—or your maternity carrier—has concerns about your baby staying in the breech position. One study conducted in 2016 demonstrated that spinal manipulation in the second trimester relaxed the pelvic floor muscles, and—in 82% of cases—allowed chiropractors to turn babies from the breech position.

#6. A Smoother, Speedier Delivery

We’ve all heard the horror stories of drawn out labors. And now there is research to show that seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy can have easier, faster births.

Here’s why:

Regular chiropractic adjustments keep your hips, spine, and pelvis in correct alignment. They encourage your nerves to function properly, giving you more control over contractions.

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The research conducted so far is clear—first time moms who continue to see a chiropractor throughout gestation have a 25% shorter labor. Women having their second or subsequent baby, who receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy, can experience—on average—a 31% shorter labor time than those who do not receive chiropractic care.

#7. Get Back on Your Feet Faster

We’ve seen the astounding benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy, but—not surprisingly for those of us who work with pregnant moms—the benefits don’t stop in the delivery room.

There are benefits to seeing a chiropractor that you can expect after delivery, too.

Seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy sets your body up for success post-partum, too. Routine adjustments by your chiropractor throughout your pregnancy keep your body in alignment, allowing it to heal properly.

Because chiropractors work with your pelvic floor muscles to keep them in optimal shape throughout your pregnancy, you can experience a reduction in weakness and damage during labor. This improves your chances of an uncomplicated vaginal delivery and reduces the risk of post-partum incontinence.

A strong pelvic floor is less stressed by the birthing process, and is more able to pull back into shape after you’ve welcomed baby to the world. The New Zealand study we referenced before showed that women who continued to see a chiropractor during pregnancy had a “greater ability to relax their pelvic floor muscles”.

More than that, your improved alignment can help you avoid injury when you’re picking baby up and putting him down repeatedly, cradling him for long periods of time, and pushing that stroller up and down the street for years to come.