Party Planning Tips For Your Toddlers First Party

A baby’s first birthday is usually one of the most extraordinary occasions for a family to celebrate. This grand milestone speaks volumes of how proud parents are of their little blessing. However, lots of organizing needs to be done, even if you are hosting the birthday at home. Fortunately, it can be a smooth-running event no matter the number of attendees invited.

For a party of any size, opting for event rentals and party rentals will ease the pressure from all the strenuous work involved, and you’ll save quite a bit when renting instead of buying. Due to such savings, parents can often afford more when renting things like seating, decor, and others.

And when it comes to planning, these straightforward tips will help simplify every detail of your little one’s first birthday celebration.

The Guest List

One of the tricky parts of planning any celebration is creating a guest list. Of course, you don’t want to leave anyone out, but you also won’t want to over-invite and have too many attendees and not enough space.

Create your guest list with care, and review seating arrangements to ensure everyone attending is comfortable.

Don’t forget to add RSVP dates to your invites, allowing enough time for you to determine how many guests are attending and how many aren’t able to make it. This will help you budget carefully and ensure the big day runs smoothly in terms of catering, seating, and even party favors.

Age-Friendly Catering

There are so many foods that you can serve at a birthday party. Although one thing to take into consideration is toddlers have specific dietary needs. Babies may not be able to eat hard sweets just yet; you should opt for a menu for babies, including cheese squares, mini crustless cheese sandwiches, yogurts. This is especially important if your guests will be bringing their children along. Moreover, you will also need to consider seating arrangements for the children attending.

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With that said, you can get pretty creative in catering; kids’ menus can be fun and vibrant, while adults can enjoy a regular menu.

Furthermore, keeping food high enough for tiny hands to avoid pulling off a table will be essential in preventing an accident. Your seating arrangements should ensure that the event is void of risks for the little ones, especially for food and drinks.

Choosing The Theme

As your toddler may not tell you what they enjoy yet, you should look towards some of the most recent animated films that are popular as a theme. Another option is to look for soft, less saturated color themes such as pastel colors, neutral, or traditional and classic birthday themes.

Using the three primary colors can create a simple yet eye-catching arrangement that children will be attracted to. Using soft pastel color is excellent to create an easy and calming atmosphere. There are tons of themes to choose from, and this is one of the more fun elements of party planning.

Get A Professional Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer for a party may seem like flexing, but it’s not. You want to capture the memories forever, and what better way to do that than with professional photos and videos?

Many budget-friendly freelancing photographers out there can create a beautiful photoshoot that will last a lifetime. These photos will be great to show your child when they have grown up.

Make Use Of A Checklist

Planning a party for any size or theme can be stressful. Now no one wants their baby’s first party to be a disaster. Using a detailed checklist is the best way to ensure everything goes according to plan on the big day.

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Creating a checklist may sound monotonous, but it will save you in the end. The list needs to include everything from food and time schedules to guests attending, to decorations and table set up like how many polyester tablecloths and chair covers to be used, to party giveaways. Scheduling the event’s agenda should be included here, as this will keep you on track on the day of the party. Present opening is usually the main event of any birthday party, and when it comes to a toddler, this usually takes a little longer than expected.

When planning is done correctly, your little one’s first party will be a memorable success. And if you are planning a large birthday party and you are having trouble with all the logistics, you can also consider relying on a party planner. These professionals will handle everything for you, and you’ll only need to manage the guest list and the costs.